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Are they going after the camcorder people in the theaters only, or everyone (p2p, irc, newsgroups, ftp,) including Neflix and other rentals?

I cant believe that people who sell camcorder movies are a threat, the quality of those movies are absolutely horrible! Ive seen one years ago, the movie Mexico, and I didnt understand how someone could watch such a thing. Can someone explain why people still think its worth doing??

Also, the MPAA goes after people who download TV shows. I think this is utter BS, since TV shows are not that hard to record to begin with. Technically, TIVO and ReplyTV people could be targeted also.

In the end, this WILL bite them in the a$$. Since companys like Netflix are trying to distribute movies online more and more, the MPAA might distrupt this with these stupid lawsuits if they do indeed go after people on the internet.

Like you said, go after the people on the corners in New York, they should be easy.

I guess we have to wait and see...


I'd be surprised if Netflix customers were ever targetted as it is difficult to gather proof of consistent and egregious copying. Someone who accidentally sends in a copy has theoretically provided evidence, but in the court of public opinion, the broken barney tape excuse (however unlikely it is to be true) works well. It is much harder for someone who uploaded 500 movies for open public download to find a good excuse.

Burn the witches! Throw em in the river and see if they sink!


I don't blame them. Some folks forget when we see a movie it's not just about the actors and directors, but all the behind the scenes folks involved in the project as well. I was never for bootleg movies, and never will be. I say either rent a title, or wait to buy a legit copy, and stop cheating the folks who work so hard to put out the movies.

thomas doppler

I swear to god, the people of recording studios have graduated to the mass population of stupid people. How can these people even consider such an act.

Hey you knobs, did you ever consider that people could turn around and just stop buying your tapes in general. Threatening to sue your very customers that keep your business alive is sticking your pecker in the mulcher. You really want to criple your relations with the very people your in bed with.

How flipping lame are you people. SUE ME.
I'd rather go to a play than watch your precious movies your protect like they were the jewels in the queens crown.

Good Gawd ...

i dare you to come sue me, as if your gonna stop my friends who borrow the movies I rent and copy them. You cant sue me for letting my friends borrow them. if you do, you would be asking a person who doesnt have a bank account to give you an arm.

sincerely yours
The customer who has given up television for computers

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