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Interesting, but only because it marks what may be a new trend: independent films that get released on DVD through Netflix day-and-date with their theatrical openings. This would be great in my opinion for people living in cities that don't have access to art house-type theatres.


It improves my chances of having actually seen an Oscar nominee before it wins the award for "best foreign film".

Sergi Zallo

Pure Propaganda! Netflix should be ashamed...


Just watched the dvd from netflix... This film is to the pro-war people what fahrenheit 9/11 is to the no-war people. Though I am still glad to have watched both films.


This film makes Fahrenheit 911 look objective, what a piece of propagandastic junk!

Research the people responsible for making and promoting this film and you'll find nothing but repuke shills, a PR firm Bush used to sell the war, the former vice-chair of the young republicans, etc.

If you want to hear "ordinary" Iraqis (actually those would be the ones on the cutting room floor) saying how the rape and torture in Abu Ghraib was just fine and dandy, though own gov't says 80% of the detainees were innocent, it's a good film for you.

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