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I wasn't sure where that story was going, but it was nice to see that he had praise for the company at the end. Nice piece.

I haven't lost a disc yet. But charging $20 for one I don't think is that unreasonable. After all most new DVDs go for about $20.


Well I lost one once and they didn't charge me anything. They just said not to do it again and if it was a recurring thing then they would charge me. That was about 6 months ago.


I totally dig your blog, and this post. I'm not a movie freak (I do technology and cooking) but I admire your passion.

The $20 price tag is reasonable but returning your money if you find it is most excellent! NetFlix rocks.

Seattle Bon Vivant

I live in a Seattle high rise and recently gave my postal carrier--by hand-- my three Netflix movies to return for me as he was collecting our building's mail for the day. Netflix got two of them back the next day but never got the third (it has been over 2 weeks).

I spoke to my mail carrier and told him what happened and he had no explanation (the movie is an obscure and period French film I'm sure was not stolen by my sweet mailman) other than Netflix envelopes tend to stick to or hide in magazines or other mail pieces.

I gave it a few days to surface but when it did not (my movies take a day to get to their Tacoma facility) used the website's Report Problem feature->"I returned the DVD but Netflix hasn't received it" to advise them of issue. Now my rental activity page lists that movie as "Reported missing on 12/02/04" but as far as I know my Amex has not been charged $20. I'm wondering if perhaps Netflix has a different policy for missing in the mail films...

In any case, I love Netflix and this is the first time I have problems with a film getting lost in the mail. If they eventually charge me the $20 I think it is just fair even if it was not my fault. But I hope they do not. ;-)

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