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I think it's lasting that long... But now they're just giving updates in 15-minute incremements.


How can netflix justify saying they charged our account the new rate on the website and our bank statement says they charged the old rate? It seems as if they are lying on their death bed and amazon has delt them their final blow. Yet another company Amazoned.


Anyone know why these 'outages' occur?
BTW- My bank statement shows the new rate (which is actually a rollback to the 'old' rate) .


Was worried there for a second, thought it was only me who couldn't get on. Problem fixed at last. I'm still at my same rate: 3 out at 15.99.

Hey Artsi1, if you got charged after November 1st, remember it includes sales tax. =)


Is the netflix website down or is my computer just depressed?



Its been down over 19 hours now (stars ratings, recomendations, friends lists) does this happen often. I had just joined couple of days ago and till now was very impressed. Like the site here very enlightening.


This is an old thread. It was down a couple minutes for me the other day. It doesn't happen often.


why is netflix down all the time? It's so annoying.

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