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I will never purchase any device that automatically changes the content of a film. I don't believe that a filmmakers work should be should be altered without his consent. I find the idea that their work could be put in the hands of others revolting. I enjoy and even prefer directors cut of many films - as long as they have a rating. Blockbuster supplies the EXTREME unrated versions, and ONLY the EXTREME unrated versions of several of the films I wish to rent. As much as I am against editing technology, I Refuse to rent the Unrated versions of any film. My objection is not as much with the content - let them make the film in the way they want to make it, nor is it that it's supplied by Blockbuster - let them supply it, my objection is in not having a choice - just let me have one.
I do not think of myself as being prudish or unreasonable, or supporting censorship in any way. I simply object to not being given the choice. I still do not believe filmmakers work should be altered. But for the versions shown in theaters, the filmmakers Chose to configure their work in such a way as to receive a rating understood by the masses. They Chose to remove some scenes from their film. It was their Choice to do this for the theater versions. I want the ability to choose the rated THEATRE VERSION the filmmaker himself created. My choice should not be put in the hands of others.


I don't really follow. If a place like Blockbuster chooses to stock only 1 version of a film (due to economic reasons?), I would prefer the version to be the most complete version available.

I don't get what constitutes an "extreme" version. The films that get edited down from extreme are extreme in nature. Violent rape scenes aren't being edited of the theatrical versions of Disney movies to obtain a G rating. The R movies are edited to conform to some arbitrary ratings standard in order to get into theaters. The review board determines what types of sex, language, violence are acceptable. We have to put up with that in theaters but thankfully have more options on DVD. As I said, if a rental service doesn't see the benefit in stocking multiple versions, I prefer they go with the complete version.


FYI, the "Who's Your Daddy" movie marked R on the site arrived yesterday, and the disc was the unrated version. However, "This Girl's Life" really was the rated version. Hopefully the Denise Richards movie is just a clerical error, like Who's Your Daddy is.



In most cases the director's don't necessarily choose to cut out scenes. The production studio says "we won't release your film unless you take these three scenes out" or "you need to cut out 15 minutes because the test audiences thought it was too long".

The Unrated version of a film is a version that simply didn't go thru the ratings process. It doesn't necessarily mean that the Unrated version will show blood, gore, and T&A, but that could be the case.


I don't really care what the director intended. I would like to see the concepts proposed, if they have some value, but not with strung together vulgarities and a noun in the middle. I wouldn't cancel my membership just because a company carried a filthy version for the people that like filth. But you crazys would cancel yours if they carry a clean version? What a bizarre twist.


If the parts you consider "filth" are part of the story then I want them in there. Even if I wouldn't necessarily miss the 4 seconds of violence cut out of a particular scene, I would be bothered just knowing that there is another version out there that is more complete.

What are the films that the "clean crazies" watch that become wholesome family entertainment after a few curse words are dubbed over?


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