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I agree with this. I just cancelled my Blockbuster Online account today and I plan on opening a Netflix account before my Blockbuster subscription ends. It just takes so long with Blockbuster to get my movies! I live in Oklahoma City, and they send me my movies from Kansas City. Netflix has a distribution center in Oklahoma City, so I expect my 6-day turnaround with Blockbuster to magically morph into a 2-3 day turnaround with Netflix.


Yeah Blockbuster now has faster service than Netlfix in many areas.Blockbuster's selction is now larger than Netflix as well.

I am not sure how you "agree with this" Scott since you apparently did not read it. All the complaints are from Blockbuster bricks and mortar. duh

Charles Hunt

I`m currently using Blockbuster. They offer 3 movies at $14.99 per month vs. your $17.99. It doesn`t sound like much but it adds up. Any chance you will ever match the Blockbuster price??

C Hunt

Charles, how long have you been with Blockbuster? I tried them and the service REALLY sucked. Yes Netflix costs more, but it is very much worth it. I've been a member of Blockbuster a week longer than Netflix, yet BB has sent me about half the number of movies than Netflix has.


I agree that the three extra dollars for Netflix is worth it if only for selection. Blockbuster does not carry -- even online! -- NC-17 films like Henry & June or Bertolucci's The Dreamers. But it's inconsistent, as they do carry Storytelling, Bully, Kids, and Y Tu Mama Tambien (which just goes to show how randomly their moronic policy is applied). I simply do not trust Blockbuster; to me, they might as well be Walmart. But I also concede with some of the other posters here that Netflix seems to have slacked off lately. I used to get my movies in one or two days; now it takes three or four.


Okay, am I missing something here? I'm on the verge of cancelling my Netflix and going to Blockbuster, even if it is "only" 3 bucks difference. Now, with this supposed BBB "unsatisfactory" rating, how do I know that's for Blockbuster online rentals?


Well, I've been with BB Online for a several (6ish) months now, but tonight I've decided to cancel their service (well trying to anyway I just keep getting "error") When I started out with BB online the service was great, but recently it's gotten REAL BAD. So I swallowed my pride and went back to NetFlix. I rented Gigli back in Dec. and it is Feb. 17th and I got and email stating they just now recieved Gigli back WOWOWOWOWOOWO! Over two freakin' months to get the movie? and yes I reported it as and issue after a week back in DEC. But now the fact is I had to report another DVD issue last week and I still have one that hasn't showed up in the mail... Talk about a turn for the worst~ I also rented "Pink Flamingos" and two days after they sent the movie in the mail I got an email stating "Pink Flamingos isn't available for rent" hahah 6 months ago their service was great but now?? ~damnit~

B. Williams

I to am about to cancel my Blockbuster online DVD rental. I have only been a member for about three months and here is my experience.

Month 1. (including 2 weeks free). All went well. Turnaround time was only 1-2 days to receive a movie.

Month 2. Turnaround time to receive a movie starting to slow to 3-4 days. Emailed Blockbuster to complain. No adequate response.

Month 3. Now I am angry. 5 or more days to receive a movie. It is not worth it. Called Blockbuster to complain. Here is what they told me.

On Super Bowl Sunday they ran a TV commercial, which then caused about 26,000 new members to sign up. Blockbuster was not ready for such a large amount of new signups and it has caused a logistical nightmare. They are scrambling to purchase more movies to accommodate so many people. This also entails hiring personnel to process the orders, which could take some time. I give up. I am signing up with Netflix. Three dollars extra is more than worth it to receive a movie within 1-2 days. But I will still keep my eyes on Blockbusters as they are trying to work out a plan whereby an online customer can return the DVD to a brick & mortar store, by-passing U.S. mail altogether.

John E.

WARNING: Join BB Online at your own peril!

Joined Blockbuster Online 2 1/2 months ago. It started great, but has become a nightmare.

Out of 14 movies we've received, 3 discs were BROKEN upon arrival with NO VISIBLE damage to the mailer. That indicates they were broken before they were shipped to us!

Out of the 11 remaining movies, 3 more of them had glitches that made them unplayable to the end of the movie -- talk about IRRITATING! Is there anything more aggravating than investing an hour or more into a movie, and then being prevented from seeing the ending?

That leaves 8 out of 14 movies that could be viewed as received. Clearly, BB Online's quality control is severely lacking.

And to make matters worse, their customer service is an abomination. When I requested they credit my account to make up for all the defective and broken discs, they flat out refused. Nothing! Nada! Zip! Their attitude is "PAY IN FULL" even when they don't keep their end of the bargain and provide the product/service they say they will.

It doesn't matter to them that they ruined our plans on many evenings . . . repeatedly wasted our time viewing half-movies . . . and made us wait days for replacements for the defective discs.

REALLY! How many businesses can adopt that attitude toward their customers and stay in business for any length of time?

We've had to keep renting the SAME MOVIES over and over again so we can actually get a copy we can watch! Is it any wonder that we have only rented 14 movies in 10 weeks when we'd normally watch 20-30?

Proceed at your own risk -- You have been forewarned!

Me, I'm going to give NetFlix a try. ANYTHING has GOT to be better than this experience.


I agree with BBB's rating of unsatisfactory. I tried the two week free trial and it took 10days to recieve the first three movies. I then sent the movies back and cancelled the account. Two months later out of the blue I recieve three charges for $21.49 to my bank account. They are saying that i never returned the movies. What the heck is wrong with them. No letters, no phone calls, nothing. Even my local BB would send me a reminder in the mail if not a phone call.


I agree with BBB's rating of unsatisfactory. I tried the two week free trial and it took 10days to recieve the first three movies. I then sent the movies back and cancelled the account. Two months later out of the blue I recieve three charges for $21.49 to my bank account. They are saying that i never returned the movies. What the heck is wrong with them. No letters, no phone calls, nothing. Even my local BB would send me a reminder in the mail if not a phone call.


I'm still in my trial two week period with Netflix and the turn around is ridiculous. I am between the Chicago and St. Louis dis. centers and they can't get them to me on time. I requested my first three movies on a Friday morning. No shipping on Saturday(?) or Sunday and they went to 'shipping' status on Monday. Tuesday they were shipped and Friday they were in my mailbox.

A full week? When I'm in the free trial? Aren't you supposed to be trying to impress me at this point? I am going to try Blockbuster online, but I don't anticipate much better service. This online movie rental thing seems to be largely a bust on both ends.


After experiencing poor service from Blockbuster I cancelled my online rental after the third month. Here are the “Shady” procedures they use to attempt to recoup revenues as well as punish customers for canceling membership:

When I cancelled membership, Blockbuster immediately removed my list of movies in my queue from the website (before I could delete the movies myself). They then proceed to continue to ship movies to me. Their policy is that they will ship movies until your subscription expires. When you return the final DVD’s they will say they never received them and charge your credit card!! They will NOT send you an email notice of receipt of the DVD’s. It is imperative you protect yourself by doing the following:

1. Remove all movies from your queue BEFORE canceling your subscription with them.

2. Then cancel your membership in writing (online or snail mail) and include the statement that as of the date of written cancellation, Blockbuster is to cease sending you DVD’s.

3. Any remaining DVD’s you have in your home return them at once in a bubble mailer via postal “certified” mail or with “delivery confirmation.” Illegal credit card charges can then be easily removed as you have, at minimum, proof of shipping.

This is a small price to pay as Blockbuster is surely going to charge your credit card a month later for movies you have long ago returned. Each movie charge is $21 plus tax. As I previously stated, this slimy tactic is used to re-coup revenues for a service they really did not want the customer to use (that being a modest to heavy DVD user).

This was my experience with Blockbuster, but it appears that all the online DVD rental businesses are becoming cutthroat, conniving and deceitful. I see many complaints from different forums on Netflix, Wal-Mart, etc. etc. We consumers must protect ourselves from them all!


Blockbuster and another online service I use really do improper business tactics. I am literally getting screwed by both companies. With blockbuster, they never get here on time or get lost when I ship them back. The thing is that they receive some but not all even though I package all of them together. Hmmm how does that happen. My only assumption is the post office or blockbuster people don't screen enought good workers that they can pocket a few and know that the consumer will end up having to fight the fees. Now both companies are charging me fees that I clearly returned and have threatend that if I don't pay, they will send it to a collection agency. Anyone know as to what I can do to fight this?


i have been a netflix customer for about 8 months now, and i can honestly say i think they are doing one hell of a job, i have had one problem with them and we called them about a movie we rented cause we didnt receive it, so they sent out the movie we didnt receive the same day we reported it. now i will tell you this with all disc that you rent you should wipe them off with something soft, cause if you dont you will find that the disc feeze and then skip, but if you clean it they play just fine. i myself have never tried bb, but i wasnt to impressed with their customer service when you use to go to the video store and rent movies from them, so i would see no differnce with it now either from what i have been reading. i have family and friends that all get their movies now from netflix and they have not had any problems either. as far as walmarts movies i dont know about that either, all i cansay is my husband works for walmart and i know they sometimes sensor their music and dvds. cause they pride themselves on family...well this is my thoughts on this

C. Smith

I left Blockbuster (after poor service), and I signed up with Wal-Mart DVD Rentals about three months ago. Although their turnaround time to receive a movie was about 3-4 days, most were in very good to excellent shape and thus I had no problems with viewing them. I also did not have a problem with them getting “lost” in the mail as I did with Blockbuster and their game playing. Now that I am finally satisfied with Wal-Mart’s DVD rental, they just notified me via email that they will be merging with Netflix! Wal-Mart says that merging with Netflix will decrease the turn around time from 3-4 days to approx. 2 days because Netflix has many more distribution centers than Wal-Mart. Oh well I will see how it goes with Netflix, but after reading many disgruntled customers of Netflix, I am not too hopeful. But in fairness, I have also seen a lot of happy Netflix customers too. There appears to be problems in certain areas or regions of the U.S. But Blockbuster is another story! Blockbuster has problems everywhere!! To be continued....


I'm in the trial period for BBonline and the turnaround is abysmal. I live in Los Angeles and my return label indicates Santa Ana, CA (approx. 1hr drive). It takes BB approx. 4 days to acknowledge receipt of a returned DVD. Prior to trying BB i was a netflix user for about 4 years with little to no trouble. My beef w/ netlfix is that the longer you've been a customer the worse the service gets. They're strategy is to impress new customers and forego they're loyal base. At one point my household had 2 accounts with netflix and the newer account had access to all new releases while the older account would have them as "long waits". It was very frustrating and probably illegal. Anyway I got tired of being treated as a 2nd class customer and decided to try Blockbuster. To my chagrin, the service is even worse. Unlike netflix, the movies are "available now" but they take forever to arrive. Needless to say, I'm going to cancel BB and restart Netflix under my wife's name (hoping for more availability of new releases).


I was a loyal BB customer for 7 months.The reviews here are correct. When I joined I was receiving the movies the next day. I live roughly 3 hrs from the center and it is one day to receive mail from Houston. The delivery process was a minimum 3 day to receive after the first month. I lived with the service because you were able to cheat the process and have 6 or 7 movies out at a time by reporting DVD issues stating that you had sent the movies back but they hadnt cleared your queue. This became tiresome so I am now trying Netflix. So far I have had a 1 day delivery period. If they keep this up I will gladly fork over the extra 3$ a month difference.

r f gill

I had BB for a few month so I cancelled and join NetFlix but now I'm going back to BB. Yes BB is a 3 ring circus, a real mess, but NF are thieves. They steal from their customers. It's a pubic fact which they do not denigh. It's NF's company policy to reduce the number of DVD's sent out to customers who rent too many. It's happened to me and millions of others. Are you even a member? How could you not know this.

The URL I gave will bring you up to date

PS I saw you mention Walmart's online DVD rental, last time I checked they cancelled that thing.


I don't know who is saying that netflix is more expensive, but I was just in blockbuster tonight and the advertisement was $10 for the first three months then $17.99 after that, not to mention, blockbuster sucks.


I don't know who is saying that netflix is more expensive, but I was just in blockbuster tonight and the advertisement was $10 for the first three months then $17.99 after that, not to mention, blockbuster sucks.


Blockbuster is the worst company on the planet. Store manager Scott in council bluffs iowa at woodbury ave location is very rude. He refuses to give you his employee number or last name. He laughs in your face in the store and on the phone saying nothing will be done for you and that its your fault because they lost the movies you returned. Its not my fault of an employee stole them. They said they would look into it and get back to me. Then I get a letter in the mail from a collections agency. Hmm oh we took care of it alright. Scott should not be a manager. I was a manager of a huge corporation for 5 years. If I was the owner of that store and saw the way Scott treated customers he would be fired right away. Customer service “customer care” passes the buck and said the account was closed and I would be getting refunded. Thats not the case. I find out the account was still open even though I went to the store and they said it was closed as well as calling customer care to close it. Company is full of lies! They still have my $20 which I shouldn't of had to pay because I returned the movies. I didn't want it on my credit so I paid it. I still haven't received an apology from blockbuster and I haven't received one from the store manager. Netflix is the best thing out there. I encourage you to cancel your blockbuster membership and join a company that has great deals and great customer service. Netflix rocks!

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