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From what I've seen, robots are actually rarely used in distribution-type centers. The cost of an automated distribution system is so great and the complexity is so high that having people do it is just easier and cheaper.

Thanks for the article link, looks interesting!

Why are there no sites that just buy a sh** load of discs like netflix does, and then let people buy the discs only. They could sell them for 4 bucks a pop and save consumers a ton of money. I think most companies dont care about saving people money even though this would be very simple. They could just buy 10,000 copies of every hit movie when they come out and not worry about obscure stuff...how could this not work?

Isn't that what comapnies like Amazon does? They buy 10s of thousands of discs, then put them up for sale on the website. No savings from them.


What? Where did that come from? And what the heck does it have to do with the NetFlix shipping centers?

No studio is going to sell someone DVDs for anything near $4, let alone less, regardless of bulk or lack of packaging. Buying at $12 - $22 and selling at $4 is not a recipe for a successful business.


Beats flippin burgers, but not by much.

"5,000 and 30,000 discs a day" and "There were eight employees working in the office Thursday afternoon" ...

I've heard the term quotas used with this before, could an employee handle 1,000 a day (2 per minute) ?

That would be impressive. It would also mean roughly 8$/hour * 8 hours / 1000 = 6.4 cents per movie.

Bring it on robots, you ain't conquering us yet!

The SNL robot skit comes to mind now.

No robots? dammit, helping the robots was the only reason I subscribed.


If a robot tears up they'd probably have to pay thousands of $$ to fix it. If a person tears up, it depends on how much a "help wanted" sign costs at the local K-Mart.
I don't think Aaron calculated robot upkeep into his dandy little equation--oil, power, mechanics, initial cost, etc.


So, this is how people make $$$ by stuffing envelops?

I thought this site was run by robots also? I am furious because I am a robot, and I take offense to all this anti robot talk.


Figures.. That explains why Easton, MD distro center is so slow. No Fire under their ass, and poor management.

hack me

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