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That's the drawback about NF not working the weekends. They don't count them at all. BB & WM both ship on Sat and BB also works on Sun. That's one of the reason I am moving to BB.


Only three more days until I cancel Netflix. It was a very frustrating month. It took them some 30-40 to add me as a customer, they shipped for free for th trial period and I milked them for what looks to be about 65 movies. Notice how this number keeps going down because of those bastards at netflix.


I guess I too am classified as a "pig" in Netflix's database. I started on 3 at a time and averaged six discs a week. Things started to slow down considerably in my second month. I'd usually get 4 a week. I didn't think too much of it at the time as I hadn't read anything about throttling. I upgraded to five at a time. I consider myself lucky to get 7 movies a week. I usually get six and I live 20 minutes from my distribution center.
Personally, I don't care about the new releases issue since I only rent old stuff. However, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect 8 to 10 movies a week on the 5 at a time program. Especially when it's usually the weird stuff that apparently nobody rents. Currently 68 of the 70 discs in my queue say "avalable now." The other two have been on "very long wait" status in my 1 and 2 spots for over two months!
I tried out Blockbuster and Wal-mart in the hopes that I could get better service. Blockbuster only managed 3 a week and Wal-mart a whopping two every two weeks!
I'm stuck with Netflix for now. Dirty pukes.

I hate both you two!!!!

I can only get 3 movies a week (12 a month) yet I see "shipping tomorrow" all the time. It takes 3 days to get my movies but 4-6 days for NF to get them back!!! Don't tell me they are not sitting on them!!!
Add that to the fact they they don't work weekends and I get really screwed. 2 more weeks and I can kiss them goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I too am experiencing the evil THROTTLE - how do they know at 10:30 AM that my flicks will ship tomorrow? 8 out at a time and I average between 38 - 45 flicks a month. Plus my distribution site is 20 minutes away from the house. BBuster sucked and so did Walmart. I mail all 8 back on one day and the returns trickle in the whole next week! They are only going to screw themselves in the long run. I should just drop down to 5 out at a time and ee if I get better service.


I still appreciate netflix if only for its selection of independent and foreign films that are not available at my local video stores. I wouldn't even know where the heck to find these movies if not for Netflix. I definitely wouldn't have seen any of them otherwise. And, even with throttling, it's still cheaper per rental than evil Blockbuster.
That said, I too have had the same experience as everyone else. My two weeks free trial and first month of use were wonderful. I received the movies faster than I could watch them, they were shipped the same day Netflix received the previous batch, etc etc. After that though, I guess I must have been flagged as a "heavy user" because the following month (December) was utterly slooww. Movies were now being shipped the next day and sometimes the day after that. They started taking days to get to me. I felt like a heroin addict without my heroin when I would come home to an empty mailbox. Since this was during December I just figured things had slowed down b/c Christmas and stuff, but in January, things didn't really improve. However, in Feb and now March I was gone for vacation and work trips and therefore didn't watch netflix too much and now it's back to original promptness.
The real problem is that netflix lends itself to becoming an addiction. Seriously, I NEVER used to watch tv or rent videos, but now the thought of unsubscribing is out of the question... what about all the movies in my queue? I think I would feel a huge void. And before they started limiting me, it was cutting into time I used to spend exercising, talking to friends.... The 15 videos a month or whatever is in the end probably a healthy thing, as at least it ensures that we don't abandon our other hobbies or social lives in order to constantly watch movies.......


I've subscribed to Netflix for over 2 years. Since the beginning of 2005, approximately 75% of the disks sent to me have been shipped "tomorrow." If this ain't "throttling," I don't know what is. Apparently "corporate" has told the local worker bees to put a 1 day "hold" on shipping new disks to me in order to forcibly limit the "unlimited" disks I get.

I'm not an especially heavy renter. I average from 12-14 disks per month. My local distribution center is 15 minutes from where I live. Netflix receives disks back from me 1 to 2 days from when I get them.

Here's the latest example (that got me annoyed enough to come post here!): I mailed a disk back to them yesterday (Thursday). They got it early this morning (Friday). By noon my Queue indicated the next disk would be "shipping Monday." Hmmm!! So now I have to wait 4 to 5 days to get a disk I should be getting tomorrow (Saturday). And, of course, this is at the same time that Netflix continues to solicit customers by advertising 1 business day shipping.

If I had any other way to obtain the indie and foreign flicks I like then I'd instantly cancel Netflix. For now, though, I guess I'm stuck with their lies and cheating behavior...and my attitude toward Netflix is getting increasingly negative.


To comment on the "addiction" aspect of Netflix; I think the people addicted to the idea of "unlimited" have the hardest time with Netflix...

But seriously, I never really watched movies or anything else on TV. I just couldn't bring myself to sit down at a certain time. Things like TiVo did a lot of solve that problem for me, but I still can't stand commercials, reruns, waiting a week for a new show, censorship, station ID logos on the picture, and more.

There is hope for you, maybe after a few years of dedicated viewing you will get through Netflix's library of 35,000 movies and will be able to again lead a normal life.


I experienced Blockbuster sending an extra DVD. I was renting slowly, didn't have much time to watch DVDs, they would send me movies on my queue before I had returned all 3 movies out. I thought about it, seems to make sense to just send a return out rather then put it in storage if no one is ready to recieve it, all around a winning solution in my book.


Ok, more suspicious netflix activity... So I had about 5 or 6 movies that were listed as unavailable in my queue. (These included some new releases -and by "new" i mean came out over a month ago- and some foreign). i put one of the unavailable movies in my number one slot. netflix skipped it and sent me my #2 choice instead. And now, suddenly, all but ONE of the unavailable movies became available, all on the same day! These movies are all totally unrelated, too!



Every Monday, they would receive, ship movies. Even if the movie was 3 or 4 days out, it would still ship, in most cases.

Now for about a month, every Monday, all movies ship Tuesday, which also may include 3 or 4 days out.

They say nothing has changed--says that teenage girl on the phone who went to Netflix fuck the customer on the phone school.

Netfux can lose stocks this month.

Jennifer-Detroit Subs

Great service. Movies received day after it was shipped.
Received 1-2 completely broken discs out of every 3. Some are completely broken in half. Never received a single flawed disc in 3 months, now at least half are broken? Shipments are also taking a day more.
Severe throttling. On WED, it says "Your next movies will be shipped THUR. Checked on THURS, and now it says "Your next movies will be shipped on MON." One whole week of NO MOVIES shipping.
Cancelled service. Returned my last TWO movies in the same envelope. They charged me for the ONE movie they allegedly did not receive ($20+). If they got one, then they got the other one because it was shipped in the SAME ENVELOPE. There is no way for me to contact them to contest the charge. No email, no phone number. I am currently contesting the charges with my bank.

For all of you who want to cancel Netflix ASAP, completely clean out your queue first so you don't get anything else. Return the last of your DVDs and wait for it to show up in your queue as returned, and then cancel. Then they can't charge you for the last "LOST" DVD. Apparently I am not the only one this has happened to, this seems to be their M.O. when people cancel.


We've been members for 2 months. First month was beautiful now, now only do they not ship same day, they don't receive the DVD into their system the same day they receive it.

For example I mailed a DVD back this past Saturday morning. Monday they didn't receive it though I know very well that USPS delivered it. USPS had no problem delivering overnight (it's a local delivery) during our first month but now mysteriously, it always takes an extra day. ALWAYS! So Tuesday, they receive it and tell me they will ship on Wednesday which is another lie. The DVD will not ship until Thursday and then it will be delivered overnight by Friday morning or Saturday if the USPS takes an extra day (which they never have so far thanks to them for doing a great job with overnight local deliveries and returns). So Netflix is not being straight with its customers. Sure, us heavy renters should be penalized by a day but to me it's much more than a business day that we are talking about...


We've been members for 2 months. First month was beautiful now, now only do they not ship same day, they don't receive the DVD into their system the same day they receive it.

For example I mailed a DVD back this past Saturday morning. Monday they didn't receive it though I know very well that USPS delivered it. USPS had no problem delivering overnight (it's a local delivery) during our first month but now mysteriously, it always takes an extra day. ALWAYS! So Tuesday, they receive it and tell me they will ship on Wednesday which is another lie. The DVD will not ship until Thursday and then it will be delivered overnight by Friday morning or Saturday if the USPS takes an extra day (which they never have so far thanks to them for doing a great job with overnight local deliveries and returns). So Netflix is not being straight with its customers. Sure, us heavy renters should be penalized by a day but to me it's much more than a business day that we are talking about...


I was throttled by Netflix before I knew what throttling was. I canceled.

A friend cancelled because he wasn't using it enough and was wasting money.

He received an email asking him to come back. I sure didn't.

Chris Perry

I scoffed at everyone in a post a few weeks back, but today I broke the elusive less-than-two-bucks-per-rental-in-90-days barrier, and Netflix has effectively shut me down for a bit. I've gotten no movies in a longer period of time than is usual, and movies I sent back days and days ago still aren't marked as "received" - and I live 10 miles from my distribution center.

Chris Perry

I've also reported my last two discs as damaged - I wonder if this has anything to do with anything.


I live in Lexington, KY. My movies ship to/from Louisville, KY. An hour away. I get my movies from Netflix in one day. But when I return them, it takes two days always. So one could safely assume that they recieved it since the USPS manages to get it here in one day but they always take two days getting it back? yeah right! Netflix...shame shame, do a dance, you've got bee's in your underpants!

Wong Kuo

I've posted several negative comments about Netflix's throttling practices and I consider their continued advertising of "unlimited" rentals to be fraudulent and illegal.

That said, I want to report that service (for me, at least) suddenly improved in April. Although Netflix continued to "ship next day" for most of my rentals, I saw an uptick in disks last month: 16! I'm on the 3-out plan and live a few miles from my local DC.

Since the beginning of 2005, Netflix has done one thing or another to limit my rentals to 10 to 12 per month. However, as noted, I did get 16 in April. Since that's about all I have time to watch, I'm surprised and pleased. If this keeps up (a big "if," I know!), I'll be quite satisfied with their service.


I occasionally mail back two DVDs in the same envelope, and several times there has been a day or two difference in when the disks were marked as "returned" in the system. Anyone else have the same experience? This obviously points to an artificial rate limit on incoming returns...


I heard about throttling several weeks ago and started noticing that it was indeed being done to me. I understand business practices and revenue but it does make the netflix glow wane. After several email comminications with their customer service (whcih sounded almost cookie cutter to what was described above) I got this telling info:

"We have not actually placed any "delays" on your account as we have always quoted that we promise to ship your next DVDs out within 24 hours of receiving them. I am happy we could offer you same day processing thus far, but as we only have so many hours in a day to process shipping (ie: pulling of titles, packaging, labelling, taking to USPS, etc.), we do need to balance the more frequency users to those with limited viewing needs.

Your shipping will, most likely, never go back to shipping same day as, as explained before, we have always promised "within 24 hours" and will will continue shipping your DVDs to you in the originally guaranteed time frame."

So there you have it they're following their agreement - within the same day. Of course that also means that theyre choosing the latter half of the day (That would be the next day for us common folk).


If Netflix acknowledges receiving a movie on say, Monday, what legitimate rationale could they have for mailing it out several days later, like Thursday? I'm not talking about "receiving" it (so they can't correctly blame the USPS), I'm talking about Netflix "sending" it.

If they try to rationalize it with their alleged policy of giving lighter users higher priority, then how in the world can they anticipate receiving it back in time from a light user in order to "send" it to me on Thursday?

They also try to blame the distribution center being so far away from me, blah, blah, but why can't that far away center send it before Thursday?

The only explanation is that they have the DVD, but sit on it in order to slow me down.

My solution so far has been to open 2 (3-out) accounts. It's the same price as 6-out but I don't experience the throttling as much.


Throttling is crap! What would you do if went to your favorite restarant, and they tell you the wait is 20 minutes, since you come every Friday. Where as the guy that has never eaten at this place gets sitted instantly, and gets the best table. Does that sound fair? How often would you still use the service? This will bring them down. Nobody minds waiting if it's fair, but when it is not then it's discrimination. Everyone will move to On Demand movies.


Netflix promises unlimited rentals and then restricts a customer recieving. This is false advertiseing and consumer fraud. Everyone who feels this way needs to write everyone who might make this right. Congressmen, Senators, Consumer protection agencies, state consumer agencies...you get the drift. I suggest that we find a lawyer and make a class action suit against them.


For my trial period I got movies right away 2 days after shipping (6 a week), after my trial period began, I had to report the next 3 missing. I got 2 sent on one day and still waiting for the 3rd one on my queue to arrive. I thought it was the postal service losing the movies and even called them to make a report. Tonight I got on here and looked around to find that alot of people are having issues with this service. At least now I know what to expect and possibly find another better "truthful service."


Hello - I joined Netflix in May of 2005, and have been using very heavily to watch television series from the 80's and 90's (no requests for new releases). I too have noticed a significant slow down on my turn around times over the last several months, and now I have discovered why.
I have some comments, both as a user and an attorney (albeit one with no experience at all in class action litigation).
First,as a consumer. I can accept that this is, even with the limitations imposed by Netflix, a better value and more convenient, etc. than the alternatives. I can understand why Netflix's position is what it is. However, I do not like being lied to, either directly or indirectly. Be honest and clearly state that there are practical limits on the number of dvds that can or will be allowed to rented on a monthly basis. The reason that they don't, of course, is that the psychological and marketing value of the word and promise 'unlimited' vastly exceeds that for allowing a fixed number, however large. Obviously, I would like to see Netflix succeed, because it is so much more convenient than the alternative, but I also want honesty and we should insist upon it.
Second,as a lawyer, and after scanning the notice of proposed settlement , I have the following comments. It does not address the problem. If the tactics engaged in are as suspected, than the deceptive practices are continuing and will continue. The modifications to the 'terms of use' are meaningless. Without having researched the issue, my instinct is that they would be actionable.
Having said that, does anyone have any evidence? The long form notice of proposed settlement mentions that there were 5 or 6 depositions over approximately a week, and presumably the production of internal memorandum, strategy statements, etc. Even assuming that some are arguably trade secrets, a lot would not be. Does anyone actually know what the evidence shows. Have the deposition transcripts been posted online anywhere? Have the important points even been set forth in a pleading to which we might have access. What is the actual extent and scope of the tactics employed, not as you have independently sussed out, but as admitted by Netflix in testimony or proved by experts. Is this information available to the class members, and if not, why not?

Donna Ferguson

I have been a Netflix customer for more than 4 years without a complaint until recently. I pay $30
a month for 5 at a time. A few days before my monthly renewal, I had 4 open slots in my queue. On Mon they would be shipped on Tue, Tue shipped on Wed, Wed shipped on Thur & Thur shipped on Friday. I didn't
get a movie shipped until Tuesday of the
following week. Now
that is BS. I kept emailing trying to find out what was going on but all I got was the gibberish that they shipped my next one as soon as possible.
I am really mad now
that I know my thanks for being a good customer for 4 years is being put at the bottom of the totem pole. I will switch to Blockbuster online when my renewal is due & use the coupon
in the store less than a mile away.





Was wondering if anyone had this issue with Netflix. I rent roughly 12 dvds a month. I recently sent back my movies and they supposedly were not received, now it has been three days the shipping center is less than fifteen minutes from my home. When I emailed Netflix they claim missing DVD in the mail. I am ready at this point to cancel my subscription I can go to a video store to rent these movies and infact rent as many as I want at any point in time.


I recently went from Blockbuster to Netflix. During the 2 week trial period DVDs were shipped like clockwork. Since they charged my credit card two days ago the shipping has really slowed. They wait a day to ship and now they come from a farther location. During the trial it was only a two day turn-around. Now it is a five day turn-around. I can't wait for my month to be over so I can go back to Blockbuster.


Yeah it really sucks. I have been at netflix for about a month and they've started throttling me. Sending my movies out of order (or series out of order), sending them all the way from Denver, taking almost a week to ship them out, etc. I've decided I'll just rent all the new releases from blockbuster store, and the rest I'll stick with netflix. Once all the movies are out of the my queue though, I'm done.


I never received any movies during over 2 months ago. Eventhougt you take evry months 10$ in my account. please i want to cancel my account with netflix. Also i need to talk with custmer servers. this is my number (206)3497348 or send to me Netflix number



It is fair, but not fair. Netflix is supposed to be unlimited rentals for the set price. Personally, I think $8.99 is a great deal for what I get, since I am a heavy renter (even though I only get 1 at a time). But for those who just don't rent very often, well its not fair to the rest of us just because certain users don't watch as many movies. If Netflix is losing money on us heavy renters, then they should charge more, and I'd pay $12, $13 as opposed to $9 to get faster, better service.


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