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jeff throttle

Protest throttling by printing your own throttle t-shirt or pasting a banner on your home page...

"They don't even have "Toy Story" and BB does"

Hey I just noticed this as well as I had Toy Story in my upcoming release que for along time. I looked at Blockbuster and it is availalbe from them. I assumed from Netflix it wan't out on DVD yet.

I checked both sites adn looking at quite a number of US and foriegn films Blockbuster seems to now have a better inventory.


"Blockbuster seems to now have a better inventory."

A better inventory except its edited. It doesnt matter with a film like toy story but if you want something more adult you run the risk of spending money on their crappy edited copy.

F Netflix. If they cheat me by throttling, why should they expect honesty on the other side of the transaction.

I'm going to keep a DVD this month and claim that it got lost. Also, anyone know a good civil attorney?


The lawsuit talk that comes up here every now and then is cute.

You guys who want to milk 15 DVDs a week out of Netflix on your 5-out plan are the minority. I don't think a lawsuit would make a big PR splash because most Netflix users can't relate to your plight.


Yeah, I'm annoyed by it - but really the lawsuit talk is a bit much. It's like anything else - if you are really pissed just quit their service and tell all of your friends they suck.


Unfortunately its not just the 15 a week guys who are getting lied to. I'm sure netfix has tried to plug every hole but you know this country, if theres an angle to sue it will eventually happen.

Netflix begins to throttle once you hit 12 dvds in a MONTH. Rather than affecting a "minority", throttling is affecting a significant share of users.

This thread will be great for assembling a class of of plaintiffs.

I've copied the comments from this thread and will contact the law firm of Alexander, Hawes, and Audet (www.alexanderlaw.com). 800-921-1776.

This firm is located in San Jose and will probably be familiar with Netflix.


This is hilarious. You people are REALLY upset. But I understand... I just weighed my 8oz pack of M&M's and it was 7.9oz!! I am TICKED OFF! Funny thing is this pack was FOR SALE. I paid 20 cents less. But I shouldn't get any less! It SAYS 8 OZ! I think its pretty clear that the company is trying to save money here.

Alright I now have a purpose in life. I'm off to spread the word. Good luck all those screwed royally by Netflix. We are on the right side of justice and the ONE TRUE PATH.

repeat until true.

Netflx's homepage clearly states "Rent all the DVDs you want for $17.99 a month"

In addition, the following statements appear on Netflix's "How It Works" page:
"We rush you 3 DVDs from your list".
"Rent all you want".
"you can rent as many DVDs as you want for just $17.99 plus any applicable tax a month. You keep a revolving library of up to 3 DVDs at a time and can exchange them for new available DVDs as often as you like."
"When you finish watching a movie, simply put it in its prepaid envelope and mail it back to us. After we receive it, we'll send your next available movie."

Consumer law requires disclosure. Netflix is pulling a bait and switch. It baits people in by offering "rent all you want". Once it gets the user's money, it switches to "throttling".

If the e-mail from customer support is genuine, then it confirms Netflix's deceptive practice.

If a company wants to cheat the public, then screw that company. I will likely not gain much money from the class action, but it will be nice to see Netflix have to cough up $10 Million for attempting to screw people around.

I will contact 3 separate law firms on Monday. If none wants the case, then I'll stop. But I will detail the contents of Netflix's homepage to these attorneys as well as the information gathered on this thread.

Take care.

feel cheated

New here. Everyone here is right. On the free trial it took 1-2 days to recieve the dvds and about a day for NF to recieve them. One time it took less than a day. I was pretty impressed. I decided to join and now it takes 5 days for NF to recieve my dvd's. I've only been a member for 2-3 weeks. I'm going to cancel after this month is over and try blockbuster.


It is interesting to see a company discriminate the customers based on their usage and claim to be fair. Imaging going to an all-you-can-eat buffet and you can eat more than other customers (i.e., faster mailing time) so you can make more trips to the buffet bar. After the first two trips, the waiters suddenly stop you and ask you to wait for another 30min before you can get more food, or force you to wait after other customers when new dishes are coming out. And when you question them, the waiters say that because other customers eat less so they deserve better services. What kind of logic is that? I am paying the same amount of money as other customers, and the services other customers get should not affect the services I get. If netflix think they are losing money because of some users are able to rent more due to fast mailing time, what they should be is to set a better price point, instead of reducing the services and claim to be fair.
Anyway, with all being said and done, I've just dropped netflix because blockbuster has improved their service in my area dramatically since last time I tried them. And now I am able to get the same amount of DVDs while paying less. And hey, I can get new releases much faster too! Of course blockbuster is losing money, but I'll just enjoy it while I can before everyone rolls out capped services.


Bogus analogy. It's more like the buffet runs out of mashed potatoes and so a line forms for the mashed potatoes. Then, when the wait-staff brings out a new pan of it they force the line to organize so that the people who have eaten the least food are in the front.

Then the people who have eaten non-stop since 8am get out their cell phones and start calling lawyers and newspapers. Most of the people at the restaurant point and tell their kids to "never grow up to be like that person".

It's not enough to simply cancel your service and tell your friends.

Netflix must pay, in order to prevent them from cheating future customers.

This blog is great for aggregating consumer complaints.

I'll do some DD this week, by contacting 3 separate firms to inquire whether they're interested.

The e-mail from Netflix customer support, if genuine, makes clear that Netflix throttles and even worse targets certain customers.

The analogy to buffets is a great one. What Netflix is doing is tantamount to preventing a fat guy from eating all he can at a buffet. If you don't want to let the fat guy eat all he can, then don't take his money.


Indeed. It all starts here. The grassroots movement to punish Netflix will begin here. You've already shown the determination and cleverness required by posting anonymously on a blog. Take the reigns of this budding movement, fearless leader. I will get behind you!


I feel it happening. The company is disintegrating already.


Oh baby this is progress!

And what have you accomplished?


Wait, if I join the movement do I have to cancel my Netflix account? Not sure I'd do that..

So what have you accomplished "Aron". Losing money on your investment? Hero of this blog? Real genius.


Now, if I have already waiting in line for the mashed potatoes for a long long time, why do other people who eat less can suddenly cut in the queue and get the food faster? For example, I had the movie Ray in my queue long before its release, and 2 weeks after its release the status is still long wait. And yet new customers can get it immediately, is that fair?

And just for the record, I did not abuse the service (since a lot of people think throttling is a way to punish users who abuse the service). I don't watch TV so DVD is the only thing I watch. Whenever I receive a DVD I was able to watch it within a day or two and return it fairly soon. And yet I've never returned a DVD the same day I received them (THAT, is abusing the serive). Because I live just 1.7 miles from the DC, I have 1 day mailing time, and this gives me at least 3 DVDs a week if not more had netflix not throttling me. So there you have it, I did not abuse the service and yet they still throttle me just because I have fast mailing time? Talk about fairness!

Another interesting thing about netflix that I've just noticed, it seems like they are now pressing a lot of their own DVDs (those grey rental only discs). For a TV series, this can increase the number of DVDs. For example, Without a Trace is listed as 7-disc on netflix, but only 4-disc on blockbuster. That means you have to wait longer to complete the series from netflix then from blockbuster.

Aron is 1 of around 3 Netflix cheerleaders on this blog who are clearly biased and are trying to salvage their investment. The other 2 schmucks are skebenin and cashforflow.

No matter. I will contact at least 3 law firms this week. 2 pieces of info are needed. First, the contents of the Netflix homepage, where "all you can rent" is plastered everywhere. Second, the contents of this blog, where Netflix Customer Service acknowledges that it intentionally slows downs service to a certain group of users. In addition, complaints from dozens of people regarding recent throttling.

Sorry Aron, but Netflix will end up having to cough up a few million.

Will keep the blog informed of the interest level among law firms.


Well let's see you walk the walk. If you are interested in a PR assault, I'd recommend teaming up with Manuel or someone with similar motivations and some ability to put together a website. Maybe a canned Blog service such as Blogger or TypePad would be a good start.

I'd also recommend you improve your research. Perhaps you can join in on this ONGOING lawsuit rather then start a new one(from Netflix Q3 10K):

"On September 23, 2004, Frank Chavez, individually and on behalf of others similarly situated, filed a class action lawsuit against us in California Superior Court, City and County of San Francisco. The complaint makes false advertising, unfair and deceptive trade practices, breach of contract and other claims relating to our statements regarding DVD delivery times. The complaint seeks restitution, disgorgement, damages, and injunction and specific performance and other relief. "

At some point when you are making some progress you can lighten up the repeated anonymous postings here and keep people up to date on your own website.

Just a thought. Let me know if you need more advice.

Not interested in a website.

I just want to see Netflix pay.

How much have you lost so far Aron?


Well I'd say I've lost a total of about 45 minutes, but it was kind of fun in a useless sort of way. Take care.

That's what I thought. No credibility.

Again, how much have you lost Aron? Too ashamed right?


Netflix's method of processing DVDs is described in their help file. They explain what they do, and assuming they don't go beyond what is stated, I think most people would consider it acceptable. Again, you have to look at the value you are getting for your money. Personally, I got 18 DVDs in my last month on the 3-out plan. I did experience "throttling", but the value is enough to keep me on. If the service degrades because they can't keep up with new subscribers or because of something like intentionally lowering the quota for the discs a distribution center can ship in a day, then I will quit. Even if I received 18 movies, if I found out they were doing things behind the scenes to limit me outside of their stated procedures, I would be upset.

All the analogies are kinda worthless, they can be twisted in so many ways. What if you eat all of the corn and go back for seconds and the corn pan hasn't been refilled. They are limiting you by making you wait. Should they have every pan monitored every second and have reserve cooks just waiting to be called into action should there be a run on corn? People should look at things and consider if the delays are reasonable, everything has delays.

It's not enough to simply cancel your service and tell your friends.

Netflix must pay, in order to prevent them from cheating future customers.

Netflix's homepage claims "rent all you want". This is pure bait and switch, as it clearly attempts to slow down certain users by targeting them for slower service.

Everyone but the 3 stooges (aron, skebenin, cashforflow) realize that throttling is occurring and that its a deceptive and dishonest practice.


By the way, "all you can rent" is much more convenient than "all you can rent* (assuming the postal service cooperates, we have your disc in stock, we have enough employees to process the discs, acts of god, stolen discs...)". You can attack almost any marketing statement ever made.

If I have any problem, it would be giving new users a high priority for the first few months and then lowering that priority. Even then I don't see it as a "bait and switch", if you get 3 months with 18 discs and a month and then on the 4th month you only get 12, you didn't lose. You paid for 3 months of great service and got 1 month of OK service (by your standards, which is based on the exceptional service of the first 3). You can cancel if you feel the service is no longer worth it. The problem is that the service experienced during the free trial may lure people in who would otherwise try Blockbuster.

Right. You've acknowledged that you've been throttled, and you agree that Netflix attempts to lure people in and then switches on them.

As I said, I'll contact law firms this week and will keep this blog informed. I don't have a problem with delivery times, per se. My problem is with the false claim of "rent all you want" at the same time that Netflix takes actions to throttle users.


I don't see this as a huge issue. I'm content to ride it out knowing that any cap imposed would give me worse service than I currently get. I've complained at times that I felt I was being manipulated and would prefer a capped service that is more predictable. I feel like I've argued both sides at times.

Netflix would have every reason to impose the harshest pentalties on me based on my habits. I get 1 day shipping and return my discs the day I get them which means they get my returns the next morning. With all this, I still make out really well.

Most people just see the convenience and value the service provides. They aren't filing lawsuits demanding to know the operational details of distribution centers.

Exactly. Bait and switch. "Rent all you want" to lure you in. Throttle after you've paid.

Aron is recruiting members for his death squad to go into the mountains and combat Manuel's Anti-Netflix guerillas. The fate of Netflix's stock price depends on his success.

Aron and the rest of his band of 3 stooges?

They each apparently poured their life savings of $100 into Netflix stock and are down 50%.

Each claims that Netflix doesn't throttle. No credibility.

Aron disappears every time you ask him how much he's lost.

My complaint is that after almost 2 years with them, The most I can get is 10-12 discs a month because I only get 3-day delivery. That is if I turn them around the same or next day. I am not one of the 85% (Netflix claims) that get 1-day delivery.

Even with that, 50% of my discs say "shipping tomorrow". Does that make me a heavy user with an average of 8-10 discs out a month? This "shipping tomorrow" stuff started about 6 months ago. I am slowly getting less for my money. It would not be so bad of I had 1-day delivery but I don't.


Like everyone else I'm dissapointed that Netflix is throttling its customers. But let's back up a bit... if it weren't for Netflix, we'd still have the Blockbuster monopoly, and we would be paying $4 a movie with stiff late fees. (Even being throttled, I'm paying less than $1.50 a movie!) We would also have the inconvenience of having to drive to the store for movies. Before Netflix there was stagnation and no innovation and Blockbuster loved it that way.

Now you guys perfectly know well that there is no such thing as "unlimited movies" with a mail order service. Please! Get real. You knew that signing up. It's unlimited only to the extent of the resources of Netflix and the postal service. I can see where the resources of Netflix could be strained at present, they're in an all-out financial war with their competition, and a one-day delay still isn't that bad. Throttling is simply wise allocation of available resources.

If Netflix goes down and Blockbuster becomes a monopoly again, we might be back in the same position as before--$4 movies, big late fees, inconvenience. So I don't mind if I'm throttled a little, so that I don't help to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Look at the bigger picture, folks.

the bigger picture is that we are getting lied to with this bait and switch.



Don't blame Blockbuster for Betfllix's problems. And, yes, Neflix proved to be a worthwhile alternative for a variety reason: price, selection, etc. And, that, my friend, is the point. They were worthwhile before they started down the path to hell in recent months. I'm not a Blockbuster supporter, but I don't have a beed with Blockbuster as they have always delivered what they promise. For 4 dollars you rent certain movies for a set time, and if you're late, based on a time frame outlined when you took to DVD or tape out of the store, you pay a late fee. Nothing wrong with that. Netflix, on the other hand, has changed the game of late. I know if, but that's why I cancelled.

Many people resent Blockbuster for years of late fees. But at least Blockbuster disclosed late fees and consumers knew what they were getting into.

Netflix's bait and switch of promising "all you can rent" and then throttling you once they get your money is outright deception. If this isn't false advertising, then I don't know what is.

This type of arrogance and dishonesty needs to be punished. And that's why I will definitely follow through with contacting law firms this week.

I'll try 3 different firms, each time laying out what Netflix discloses on its website, the acknowledgement from Netflix customer service that it intentionally slows down service to a certain segment of its userbase, and the multiple complaints lodged on this blog.

If 3 law firms don't want the case, then I'll stop.

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