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Hey, just found this blog. Good job. Always looking for a heads up on what's going on at NFLX. I'm a subscriber now for about 6 months, and I've almost caught up for about 3-4 years of movie watching. I feel violated spending $9 per person plus snacks at the theater. I'm sure eventually everything will be viewable on demand over the net. But this works great for now. Lovin' NFLX!


I suppose Donnie Darko is another ad-hoc exception to the "We don't stock rereleases" rule.


Hey just found your site --- I have been loving Netflix for about a year now. Ticked off at blockbuster for dipping into their Kool-aid, unsucessfully I might add. Tried the 2 week free trial and had a horrible experience --- took a total of 8 days from selection (netflix only takes 2 maybe 3!). Plus they have these very nice cancellation charges.

Anyway off topic ---- gotta see the Director's Cut for Donnie Darko. Not a big fan of those things generally -- but I'm curious to see what his cut has to offer.


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