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Hunter McDaniel

Must have been a general problem today, since I saw the same thing. First, my new discs were shown as additional entries in "movies you have out" preceded by "+". Later, the new entries disappeared (but did not go back into my queue). Only at the end of the day did the new discs replace the old ones in the "movies you have out".

I've been seeing this behavior for more than a week now. Received movies appear with a + for just a short period after they're received.

The running time will be back.

thats what it looks like when your on the eight out plan, cancel, switch to a lesser plan when u resubscribe....maybe the same for just switching to a lesser plan

D Bates

This is not a bug, it is just you lucked out and your top of the list videos were already in when your discs were logged in. The code on the envelopes let netflix credit your account with returned discs as soon as the arrive at the Po Box, but they generally do not clear your queue until they return to the distibution center. I have seen this happen a few times, but here lately it seems that I have to wait on my movies being shipped to arrive before they can be shipped to me so I wind up with basically zero movies shipped.


I've been seeing the same thing happening. I'll receive an e-mail stating that a disc has been received, but there'll be no evidence of that on the website. A few hours later the next title from my queue will show as a bonus rental with "shipping..." beside it. After that the bonus rental will disappear but the next disc to ship is still missing from the queue. Then the disc will be shown as received with that slot showing as shipping tomorrow. It isn't until after I receive the e-mail saying that the DVD has shipped (the same day, not tomorrow after all) that the queue finally shows all the correct info. Finally, about 6pm my RSS feed will show all the received and shipped discs for that day.

So far I'm still seeing new DVDs ship the same day as the last ones are received, so this just rates as moderately irritating for now.


I saw this the other day as well, not with four extra movies, only one extra.

Hunter McDaniel

Kyle, the number of extra movies would be the number you returned that day.


I had 2 pluses yesterday and I'm on the 5 out plan. I looked in the FAQ and the only thing I could figure is they were sending me movies in advance of receiving them. Today I looked at my queue and it's back to normal. I'm sure it was some kind of software problem.

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