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They have been showing up for about a month I think. NF still does not have Get Shorty 2-disc Collectors Edition or The 5th Element 2-disc Ultimate Edition, both are at BB.

Hunter McDaniel

When the feature itself spans two discs, they are sent out at the same time (in separate envelopes) but only count as one of your three out. If the second disc is only bonus material, then it requires a separate rental.


I have Schindlers List right now, on two DVDs, and they only counted as one entry ... any bonus DVD is a seperate entry though...

I rented Children of Paradise which is spread out over two disks, and they sent them as seperate discs (counted as two).


I rented Schindlers List which is spread over two dvds and it only counted as one selection.

Ask Bjørn Hansen

I believe their system already supports sending two movies at once like that.

I forget which it was, but I'm pretty sure we got some other movie that came in the same "two discs at once" way.


Ask Bjørn Hansen

I submitted my comment ~7 hours ago but typepad was down or something so it didn't get through. Now when I got back to the computer I just reloaded the submit thing without seeing that others had already said what I said. Sorry about the duplicate! :) -ask


Complements the recent upgrade to 35,000+ titles.

With slow-as-molasses 4-6 day shipping and receiving, "shipping tomorrow", having to wait 6 or 7 days to report a missing disc, no Star Trek Original Series Collector Sets...

Yeah a real "complement" there!


Yes, I also rented a 2-disc single movie, The Godfather Part II.


Gangs of New York (2 discs) shipped as a single title in two envelopes.


Yeah, this two-disc-one-title thing is definitely not new. Most recently for me I got La Belle noiseuse on two discs, though it only counted as one item with my "3 out at a time" limit.


Thanks for the information. I didn't know Netflix was going to have the LOTR Extended Editions until I read it here. They're now in my queue.


I'll have one of the LOTR Extended Editions) They ship both at one title.

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