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...and now we would like to ask you some questions submitted by our readers. Manuel from California asks "How much is Netflix paying you?".

Mike K

I've been very clear on this. Netflix and Blockbuster pay me a flat rate for people who signup through links from my site. This is the only way I get paid from either company. Affiliate programs, such as Amazon's, are used by many bloggers to help offset costs and compensate us for the time spent on our blogs. Google Adsense helps, too.

I have also linked to companies that do not pay affiliate fees, such as http://www.Greencine.com and http://www.Peerflix.com.

I am not a consultant or employee of either company. I also pay full retail price for my memberships to Netflix and Blockbuster.

- Mike


Not to be confused with Manuel in Warren, MI.

which one is the male nurse who watches 40 cartoon DVDs per month?


I'll say it again, What's next Mexican jokes? Yes, I'm the manuel that watches anime. I'm also the same Manuel that spent 3 years in the Army working in Field Artillery and 6 years in the National Guard as a combat medic serving our country (including sorry asses like you). I'm also the same "male nurse" who works in the ER helping people that have been shot and stabbed. I don't find any humor in your statement.

This is the whole purpose of hackingnetflix--sell netflix and bash anyone who complains about it. All the Netflix shills sit here waiting for anyone to say anything bad so they can trash them.

[Comment removed due to racist nature by Mike K]

Manuel, you don't even allow people to comment on your posts on your blog. You put so much energy into complaining that this site is not "fair" and yet you don't even give that option on yours.

A couple questions for you. Do you think that it is possible for people to be happy with Netflix at all? Perhaps you have had a bad experience, much like I have had a bad experience at Taco Bell. That doesn't mean I am going to be trying to make everyone in the world stop eating there. To each his own.

I see plenty of negative comments towards Netflix on this blog. In fact, it sometimes seems like that is the majority (until you note that its the same people over and over again). Just because there are fans of Netflix posting here, doesn't mean that Mike is getting bought-out. Be sure of your facts. Make sure you are not libeling here, or on your site for that matter.

Step-up, Manuel, allow an open forum on your site. Also, if people send you positive emails on your "give me your opinion" section, are you going to post them? Or again, in your mind is it not possible for there to be happy Netflix customers?

Mike K


Get a life. I let anyone post here, and unfortunately somebody took a shot at you. I don't delete your posts -- all negative, btw, so I'm leaving both. I'm not responsible for what people say here, but if I start deleting comments it will begin with yours.

If I was a "shill" for Netflix why would I have posted a story about your site and even linked to it?

When are you going to start talking on your site about Blockbuster? They are a mess and I could easily take a lot more shots at them, but I'm holding back. If I was a shill I could post something about them daily (for example the graphics on their site are a mess right now). How about delivery times? Movie availability?

You have a gift for looking at anything (like the PRWeek story) and seeing only the negative, twisting what is said to promote your vendetta against Netflix and (now me). It's your right to post what you want, but I'm wondering what Netflix did to you that caused you to be so hateful. Why don't you quit and just use Blockbuster?

My guess is that you love the attention and enjoy talking to the press. Ego seems to be your primary motivation. It's in your best interest to pick a fight with me, and I refuse to play your game.

You've really gone too far when you suggest that people "Got burned by Netflix?  Get Even!  Netflix Underground blogger has some great tips in his article How to Get Revenge On Netflix. " You're suggesting that people find ways to exploit Netflix. What's next? Fraud? Illegal activities?

I do not appreciate you posting my name and where I work on your site. What is the purpose behind that? Calling me a shill and telling the press that? I've only been fair to you and you keep attacking me.

You think you're doing the public a service but I think you've completely crossed the line.

Your personal attacks on me and this site are getting old. I have been a subscriber for more than 2 years and I like the service. It's still better than Blockbuster, but I believe that Blockbuster will get better. The Netflix business is not perfect, and while you've had problems with it, I hardly think it's worthy of a class action suit. Broken disks? Availability? C'mon.

If you don't like getting attacked by people that are sick of your drivel, stop asking for it by posting the same stuff over and over. You're picking a fight and then whining when people actually respond.

I will again dare you you to be fair and honest on your site.

- Mike

Mike K - Your diatribes against Manuel are just as lame as Manuel's diatribes about Netflix.

You've created a pretty good blog. It's somewhat informative but mostly just entertaining. Hopefully you're making some money from the site. Good luck.

By the way, why do you care that Manuel posted your name and company on his site. Through the PR story, you're doing the same thing.

After reading the PR story, Mike Kaltschnee does come off like a bit of a Netflix shill.

First, Kaltschnee acknowledges that Netflix was "testing a new design via feedback on my site."

[Edited by Mike K for sexual content]

Third, I thought that one of the main characteristics of blogs was independence. Kaltschnee acknowledges that he held off posting a story at Netflix's request.

If it acts like a shill....

Mike K

I agree. I should have ignored Manuel, and I probably made a mistake in responding.

The story was supposed to be behind a login, and was not intended for the general public, so my name and job were not supposed to be publicly available. Manuel has a different reason for posting my information.

To clear up your two comments:

1. A user sent me a new design element he saw on Netflix.com (he was part of the test group), and I couldn't see it. I confirmed the new design test with a contact at Netflix, and they offered to send a better screen shot. I posted the better image, and they said they were interested in the user feedback. Reporters often confirm stories, and many have good relations with people at a company.

2. I had a source within the company that gave me Friends List story illegally, and I was worried about getting sued (like ThinkSecret is getting sued by Apple). It was a hot story and in the end I waited less than 24 hours to post it. I posted it just before Reed Hastings announced it, so I still had the scoop.

If this makes me a shill, then most of the mainstream media are shills. You can spin a story how ever you want to, but I try to tell both sides of the story, not just some twisted version.

The sexual reference was uncalled for and I'm still debating about deleting it.

- Mike


Your fairly thoughtful points are nearly drowned out by crudeness. Anonymity appears to have a similar effect as alcohol.

This blog is independent. Your counterexample is not convincing. Journalists frequently delay the publication of stories. Relationships between "media" and "news sources" are often forged through trust, good common sense, and responsible reporting. All sides benefit from this process.

There is no pressing reason why Mike should have posted the story early. Independence does not require him to do the opposite of what Netflix requests. His approach creates the potential for a relationship that brings more information to the readers of the blog then would otherwise.

Manuel's personal attacks against Mike were unprovoked, irrelevant, and wholly childish.

It's unfortunate that giddy little gremlins can be so disruptive. It is neither the right or the priviledge for anyone to participate on this site, and I have suggested to Mike on several occasions to employ certain governance techniques of banning and\or elimination of anonymous posting.

He hasn't. He's more of an optimist then I.

I think Aron is just bitter b/c he's lost so much money on NFLX stock. It must be frustrating spending so much time talking about NFLX on this and other boards, only to have a 50%+ loss to show for it.

You and your stooge sidekick CashForFlow were talking up NFLX 20 points ago, when NFLX was at $20-30/share. NFLX is now at $9/share.

Quit acting like you bring something to the table. If anything, your value is as a contra-indicator.


I'm sorry you have decided to be purely destructive. I think you will eventually be embarassed by your behavior.

I have a policy against creating a dialogue with your type, so I'll let you have the last word. I'm sure it will be polite and insightful. ;)


Anybody on here enough to keep track of my general opinion knows that I'm pretty much anti-netflix pro-blockbuster. But the site is fair. I've never been personally attacked even though my ideas have been. But that's what makes a good blog. It's also the basis of science, people disproving the ideas of others. Without this, I don't see how any site can be fair. All others on this site appear fair as well to both companies.

But a male nurse that watches 40 cartoons a month is a funny line. You're a great patriot manuel, but have a sense of humor. At least your last name isn't Focker.
But anime really is kinda cool. If uncensored and unedited, many carry an X rating and aren't shown in the U.S. Most originates from a perverted Japanese culture that treats women as sexual objects. The one that comes to my mind is the naked woman that's folded up in the suitcase who is the only one that can fly the plane or something. It's shown edited in the U.S., she has a bathing suit on, but I can't remember the name. Anime porn is also a multi-million dollar business in Japan though I've honestly never seen one.


hentai - anime porn, anime has always bugged me. It never seems to make enough sense, have rules, or follow its own rules. It ends up being some stressed out people sweating and screaming against a fast moving backdrop. I have Akira in my queue, I think I remember liking that one. Some of my problem may be that I don't know enough to pick the winners.

I posted the first post and the mexican joke. Jokes It doesn't take much at all to derail a thread on this site. I didn't even know the post was connected to something posted at Manuel's site. I don't mind the hit and run anonymous posts. Threads shouldn't turn into soap operas over them.



"I have Akira in my queue, I think I remember liking that one. Some of my problem may be that I don't know enough to pick the winners.'

Try the anime 'Ghost In The Shell' if you enjoy 'Akira.' Be forewarned that the plot can be very complex at times.


Actually, what fuels my revulsion with Netflix are Netflix shills. My initial post gave no reason for personal attacks. In fact, I was attempting to make you aware someone was impersonating me. What's interesting is that you delete a portion of someone's post commenting on your relationship with a female Netflix executive acquaintance yet condone an obviously racial slur. It gives me a better idea of what kind of people I'm dealing with as well as your sense of morality.

Mike K


I do owe you an apology for not removing the racist comment at the same time I edited the other comment. I planned on fixing it later, and that was a mistake. I really can't stand racist comments.

It's gone.

Let's go back to talking about movies, eh?

- Mike


Your perception of Japanese culture and anime are distorted. The word hentai (you used to describe animated porn) means weird or strange. I don't think many Japanese watch "weird" anime. Japanese take sex very seriously. Even a simple kiss is considered a bit much. TV in Japan is watched by a broad audience just as it is here in the US with programming ranging from children's shows to adult oriented material (i.e Maury).

If you'd like a more accurate portrayal of what mainstream anime is I would suggest any of the films by Hayao Miyazaki. If you'd like to learn a little about Japan's history watch Rurouni Kenshin. If you'd like to learn a little about Eastern folklore watch Saiyuki--Dragon Ball is also based on the same legend. Gungrave is one of my personal favorites but there's many more I recommend:


Chris & Ren, I wouldn't base Japanese culture by the porn sites you visit.


I don't care one bit for Jap (racist term) porn. Hentai (perversion) - has been used as the term to describe pornographic anime. I don't pretend to know much more beyond that.

I'll check out some of the things on your list. I questions the list though when you list things like "Dragon Ball Z" which I've found to be maybe the worst thing I've ever been exposed to. I know the stuff I saw on Comedy Central was probably dubbed, or a new american version.

I saw "Ghost in the Shell" before, I'll give it another chance. "Spirited Away" was the most recent anime film I watched. I rented some Evangelion stuff awhile back, but it is hard to follow any series that has a bunch of discs when the rental service only stocks a few random ones.


Ok, I have my anime starter kit assembled. I'm assuming these all have subtitles since they are Region 1. I hope noone wasted effort dubbing them in English either, I hate that.


Anime isn't for everyone. If you don't like it then you don't like it. Dragon Ball Z was one of the first anime I saw on Cartoon Network. I thought it was a good fighting anime although I like Dragon Ball better. I'm not sure what your tastes are. For comedy I recommend Tenchi Muyo, and the Ping Pong Club; serious drama, Jin-Roh, and Grave of Fireflies; ultra-violence MD Geist, and Fist of the Northstar.

If your hatred for Japanese is due to WWII, rest assured they have a morose obsession with nuclear bombs--they often include huge explosions with mushroom clouds in their anime. In the military I worked with a tactical missile that had 100 times the destructive power of the bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima which killed 120,000 people.


Heh, I don't hate the japanese. I just used a racist term as a slight jab because everyone hated my lame mexican joke. Personally, I think racial humour can be funny. (stuff like on the Chappelle Show)

Check out films like "Atomic Journeys" and "Trinity and Beyond" for a lot of footage and information on nuclear weapons.

I never really looked into anime enough to consider the different genres. I'm not too sure about how well comedy would work with subtitles. I mainly go for the sci-fi/fantasy as animation really lets them take it anywhere they want (not limited by special effects in a live action film, for instance). I don't like films that are just filled with "hey, doesn't this look cool" sequences without a story. I don't want to see people throwing energy balls at each other and screaming "I am now 100 times more powerful than you. AIEIEEEE!" type films.

I added a few earlier. I'm playing it safe and renting films that got 7+ stars on IMDB.


I did make a mistake when I said they were representive a Japanese culture, I meant subculture. They do represent the male dominated society of traditional Japan which still has an influence in some of the country. But to say that they in no way represent Japanese culture is like saying rednecks don't exist in America. They do, but only for a small percentage of the population. Hentai might be weird but I've never seen one. But battle, hatred, language, and the treatment of women leaves a little to be desired in most animes.

And some are for children, but most of the time it takes heavy editing including air brushing scenes and changing words (even after translation). I have talked about this issue quite a few times with a friend who use to live in Japan and I'm in no way trying to insult the culture. I think it's quite fascinating how an ancient tradition of battle and male domination is shown through anime and how the culture persists in some localized areas.

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I see plenty of negative comments towards Netflix on this blog.

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