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I wonder if this is from a local Block Buster store, and the earlier post was correct and they can't afford to do postage paid for 1,000's of BB stores.

Blockbuster must be out of their minds if they think I'll be paying the postage. I'd rather keep the movie and report it stolen.

Nick Lazar

This is great! I hope they can start sending some of the "Long wait", "Very Long Wait", and "Coming Soon" movies from my queue. They've been promising to start using all the local Blockbuster stores to ship hard-to-find movies early in 2005. Stop being a cheap skate. If it's not a mistake, pay the postage. Or wait and send back two DVDS in your next postage paid envelope. Don't be a jerk.


The return address isn't to a local BB so I think that can be ruled out. There is no way a local store could supply a dvd to a customer and then have it returned to a distro center. That wouldn't make any sense. Soon the local store would be empty.

Cheap? How can you call him cheap?!?! So we need to now add the cost of the book of stamps to your monthly bill? That isn't right if it becomes the new policy.

Someone probably dug into an old box of outdated envelopes by mistake.


Almost looks like the Netflix envelope I received yesterday. It came from Netflix's DC center at Photoshop:


manuel is this board's pinnochio

manuel has way too much time on his hands.


Manuel that's a good one, I was worried that my poor quality picture would stir a debate if it was real or not...

My scanner is not working so a picture had to do... I am so intrigued as to how this happened! Later next week I will be calling again to find out what really happened...

The reason I called Blockbuster was more out of curiosity than being cheap. I wanted to make sure that the correct way of fixing this was sending two sleeves into one envelope...

Which I forgot to mention 1 thing, the lady at Blockbuster almost ended the call before I said "Would you like to know the title of the movie so you can track which distribution center is sending these out?"

We will see what happens!


a) Next time remove the "Business Reply Mail" box that states that the addressee will pay the postage. That's a dead giveaway.

2) After looking at your website I notice that you are a Netflix conspiracy theorist claiming to show the truth behind Netflix's evil business practices. If you expect people to take you seriously you shouldn't post such silly forgeries.

Don't forget to to write about how I am a Netflix shill or undercover Bush administration agent who's directive is to tell all the people how great my Netflix service is and how I always get all my movies fast and I never get broken discs and...because, as you already know, there are no actual "satisfied" Netflix customers who could possibly be posting on this board only people employed by or possibly bribed by Netflix to say all the things that get said on this board.



I've made it perfectly clear from the beginning that Netflix pays me to post here. I just wish they would send the check, Netflix keeps giving me next-day shipping delays. Damn throttling!

Nick Lazar

The person I was calling cheap was the guy that said he would rather STEAL the movie rather than put a stamp on the envelope or send two in one postage paid envelope. Personally, I can't believe they would make you pay the postage even if it went to one of their stores. But I'm hoping they start sending out DVDs from the stores soon, because there are a lot of movies you can't get anymore. They're out-of-print or in high demand. BB Online would have a huge advantage if they had inventory support from all their physical stores. They promised this for 2005.


Why all the Netflix-hatin', Manuel? In the SEVEN years that I've been a customer of theirs, only a dozen discs have been lost or damaged. Also, 90% of the titles I want are available and, when they're shipped, they get to me the next day. I have nothing but the highest praise for Netflix and my life would be drastically different without their service. As for Blockbuster, you get what you deserve if you use them.

"when they're shipped, they get to me the next day"

3 days each way for me from Duluth; ship on Monday, I get on Thursday. This is after 2 years. Been with BB for 3 months now, get 2-days each way (also from the Atlanta area) with USPS scanning, I get 2 shipments per week.

Yep, I certainaly get what I pay for, AND MORE with BB!

Netflix broke the agreement by not providing me with free postage BOTH ways. I keep the DVD in lieu of damages.

Nick Lazar

How did Netflix break any agreement? It's a BB Envelope. Furthermore, the agreement states that they own the DVDs and if you lose an envelope you can send two in the next envelope. An honest person would return it. Apparently, you are not that kind of person. Luckily, it hasn't even happened to you (yet). But you will get what you deserve sooner or later, if you are nothing but a scoff-law. I'd have no sympathy if they sued you for $10,000 due to the number of DVDs you no doubt report as "lost." If you can rationalize stealing to save 37 cents or whatever, you'd certainly rationalize it to save the cost of buying the DVD (or burning a copy for yourself even).


I've seen that type of envelope before, however it came with an actual stamp on it instead of the standard postage prepaid markings.
They probaly just grabbed the wrong one and forgot to put a stamp on it.

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