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NETFLIX has improved! what kind of world does the poster live in. Up until the time I cancelled my NETFLIX account and re-opened it under a different name I was experiencing the kind of problems that that the poster is reporting about BLOCKBUSTER. I have never experienced those problems with BLOCKBUSTER. BLOCKBUSTER is slower than NETFLIX (of course, with throttling, that NETFLIX plus is negated) but I have never experienced throttling with BLOCKBUSTER and as far as I can tell they treat everybody the same.

Rob Emmerich

I think this is just the way BB works. I've only been a member for a month but have had all of the same experiences (though I've never actually phoned them, just lots and lots and lots of emails). They won't compete with NF in many markets, but those people w/ better turn around times - and are using the in-store coupons for games - will continue to use them. I wish I were one of those people.

Mike M

I have had NF and BB for the same amount of time, both on 3x plan. I have had throttling issues with NF but not BB at all!

Elaine Lombardo

I'm the poster in question here. I suppose I'm making this up? Blockbuster has CONTINUALLY messed up the queuing process for the last 2 months, by picking movies at random from the bottom instead of the top, by listing movies as being not available when they were (something I found out after I wrote that post - this was confirmed with a rep on the phone while we were both looking at my account), WAY too many days between receiving and shipping, and now a new problem - they keep moving my designated center around! I'm in Long Island NY, and first I was associated with North Carolina, then in Flushing, NY (which was fine), and now they've moved me over to Stamford, CT - this now brings a delay in shipping and receiving again. As far as a comparison with Netflix: I had issues with them for a while, but then my issues have apparently cleared up, and that's what I meant by "getting better". In the 5 months that I've been members of both Netflix and BB, both have had their ups and downs, but in the end Netflix has proved itself to be more reliable, easier, and less frustrating than BB. They've been picking my movies from the top of my queue, shipping faster, and more than 90% of the movies in my queue are available - all as opposed to BB. Overall, I can recommend Netflix to my friends while I can't say the same for BB.


Netflix is a 7 year a more mature service
and Blockbuster Online just started around 9 months
ago. Blockbuster without even getting their
service quality straight has its own agenda
which is to gather as much customers as possible
in 2005 at any cost. they putting their
corperate interest agenda first,
customer second. also the BBO 2 free coupons
are an agenda to get you back into the
wornout stores. But if you go with Netflix
who gets you the movies you want when you
want them, you dont need the fake coupoons
or be taken by a self interst BBO agenda.

But NF takes more of my money while given me less discs per week/month. By "shipping tomorrow" and no Saturdays, it gets even worse.


I am sticking with Netflix for one main reason - the fact that you can add upcoming movies to your queue ('saving' them). If I see a preview or somebody tells me about a movie they saw in the theater, I can go online to Netflix.com and add it to my saved queue list. You can't do this on Blockbuster.com

As I only watch 10-12 movies a month, it is tempting not to switch to Blockbuster.com because:
1) It is cheaper for the 3 out plan
2) They provide 2 in-store rental coupons (I have an XBox)
3) I don't use the 'friends' or 2nd list feature on Netflix

On Netflix's plus side, I firmly believe that they are better at shipping what you want, when you want. I get new releases on the day they come out.

What I am saying is that I probably give the slight edge to Netflix, but it isn't great. I kinda view it like long distance telephone companies - whoever provides the best services at the moment is who I am going with.....


Blockbuster's queue management is awful as they often send you discs way down your queue. But I've yet to get throttled by them so the overall value is better than netflix.

My recent problem with BB is this:

I had the tv series "The Greatest American Hero" (season 2) in my queue. There are 6 discs in this set. I had them all lined up in the proper order I wanted them sent to me.

SOME tv series episodes I dont mind watching out of chronological order because there is no one running theme, no recurring characters that make it important to see the episodes in their proper order (Twilight Zone is one example)

So, BB sent me discs 1 and 2 of Greatest American Hero in their proper order. However, when they send me disc number 3, I get only the flap with my address on it from the envelope. (The envelope containing disc 3 bounces back to BB without it ever reaching me.) I report on the BB site, the flap with the address on it, and BB
gives me the usual choice of resending the SAME disc (number 3) or the next disc at the top of my queue (which would be disc 4 of greatest american hero). I chose resend the SAME movie. What did they send me instead? Disc 4. (also discs 5 and 6)

I wrote a complaining email to BB about this. The next one they should have sent me was disc 3 (and 4 and 5). I also demanded that they send me disc 3 as I asked. Instead, they email a couple of complimentary e coupons (which is in addition to the usual two coupons a month I get) and tell me that I could go to the local BB store and pick up disc 3 there, or if they didnt have it, any other DVD there.

I told them to keep their damn ecooupons. I dont use them. I cant use them even if I wanted to. My car is off the road, I have to use public transportation to get around, I am handicapped, and it would be a real hassle to get to the store just to see if they got disc 3 of greatest american hero. And even if they do, it would be another real hassle to get back to the store a second time to return it. I pointed out that it would be much easier if they would just mail me disc 3 as I asked. I didnt sign up for this dvd by mail service only to rent from their store. So far I have been ignored.

PS: Yes, ALL discs of Greatest American Hero were listed as "available now"


My experience with Blockbuster has been excellent. In my queue right now I've had 4 dvd's shipped in the past 2 days ... the strange part is that I'm on the 3-out plan. I sent one back yesterday, they shipped another one out today so that I now have 5 dvd's showing as shipped in my queue.

It looks like Blockbuster is giving me extra queue slots. Most of my dvds are shipped from the first 5 queue slots whether or not they're on some type of wait. Only about 25% are on some type of wait.

So blockbuster gives me more queue slots than netflix, I get the dvds I want, shipping is quicker, and they charge less. I'm not going back to netflix ... ever.

"It looks like Blockbuster is giving me extra queue slots"

Your returning discs were scanned by USPS and BB (using the USPS scan data) shipped out their replacements due to that. I usually have 5 showing out most of the time even on the 3-out plan dur to them passing in the mail.


I've had numerous foul ups with my Netflix queue. I've had titles added to my queue that I've never requested. I've had titles deleted from my queue unknowingly which caused a mess that I'm still sorting through. Also, I've had the wrong title shipped to me instead. For example, I ordered All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku TV vol. 2. Instead, Netflix shipped me All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku Dash! vol. 2. Netflix at the time didn't even carry the Dash series. I tried to point out the mistake to Netflix but they ignored my suggestion. I gave up watching the series thanks to Netflix.

I try to watch my Netflix queue carefully to see if they've screwed anything up. What would be nice is if someone created a software that could manage your queue AND TITLES plus back it up in case Netflix botches it up.

Here he goes again. Manual the Netflix hating male nurse who likes to watch 45 cartoon dvds every month...

...and your point?



That was my problem...... I still haven't heard from them..... what is there 800 # for custr servc??


Looks like Netflix has started throttling my rentals recently. My movies used to be labeled to return to the distribution center in SF (where I live) and had a great turn-around time of a day. Now I'm lucky if they even send me what's at the top of my queue (they don't, even if it's been Available Now for weeks), and I'm even luckier if they actually send my movies out within 3 days instead of one. And now all of the return shipping labels are marked for the San Jose center (65 miles away), instead of San Francisco. Emails to "customer support" are returned with the same "this is how Netflix works and our answer doesn't have anything to do with your problem, because we don't care" BS. Thank you Netflix - you're convincing me that I'm spending way too much time watching movies, and if you keep screwing me over, I'll cancel and NEVER come back.

Mark Shrank

There are lots of movies you can get on BBO that can't be found on Netflix. And vice versa. Examples - try finding "Mummy Returns - Widescreen" on Netflix. BBO has it. Try finding "Wild Things - Unrated" on Netflix. BBO has it. Try finding "Thursday", "Last Days of Disco", and "Clean, Shaven" on Netflix. Again, no dice. BBO has them, even though they are out-of-print. You have to wait a while to get them, but you will wait forever on Netflix. Bottom line: I prefer to have both services, plus anything else that I can get obscure movies like local indie stores. This "BBO sucks, Netflix sucks" is silly. Apples/Oranges.


"Your returning discs were scanned by USPS and BB (using the USPS scan data) shipped out their replacements due to that."

My extra queue slots were not a result of USPS scanning. I had 4 sent out over a two day period. In other words, I had 4 dvds arrive at my house between yesterday and the day before. I had 4 dvds in my hand and I'm on the 3-out plan. I don't know if it was a computer error or the DVD guy sent me the wrong dvd and sent an extra to make up for it. Perhaps it happened since I never use my e-coupons b/c there's no local blockbuster. But all the dvds sent were on my list and I'm happy about it. I sent one back yesterday and now have 5 showing as shipped in my account.


CaT, I've experienced the same thing with Blockbuster. I think they anticipate how quickly you return movies, and sometimes send new ones before you have put the old ones in the mail. I don't think they are giving free rentals. They're probably trying to compensate for the fact their mailing centers are 200-300 miles from typical customers. I live in Cincinnati and they send my DVDs from Cleveland or Detroit area. Netflix delivers overnight in most areas while BB takes 2-3 days at best.


Do you share a computer with someone else, maybe even someone that also subscribes to NF? That is really strange that titles randomly appear and others are removed from your queue.

CaT & Frank,

I guess BB is using psychic means to send you more discs! It is either USPS scanning, as stated, or a shipping error.


problems Im having
Long wait time for movies.
Call center stays oped till 6pm & what a hassle getting throught.
There website is very very slow & crash.
Most movies in my que are very long wait.I wanted a refund back they told me no refund. I was Angery. after about a week I begged a a month free & got it. but after this hellwhold month is over. back to netflix.

netflix put my account on hold because I had more then one account open. with differnt passwords.
Left netflix to give them a try.
netflix so much better because.
Call center midnite hours.
Instant viewing on there site.
never had ( long or very long wait times.)


website crashes. causing my computer to crash comuicating with there. reporting the problems. the reason this happens is because if all the movies in your que slow it down the lady was saying. for crying out loud. I watch tv on my computer. serious tv. I download big movies off the internet in a hours from pay site like vongo, Blockbuster has ben hell for this month of may


I reported block buster to betetr buss. for not fixing crashing slow que, generating problems

Ken  Guzowski

Out of 45 movies in my BB queue only 12 are available. All others are long or very long wait. I have called customer service about this and the long turn around times and was told this by two different agents. They said BB is trying out a differnt way of selecting from your queue. If you have three movies pending to be sent out, and have long or long wait choices before an available choice at the top of your list, they will wait one day to see if that movie comes available before skipping over it to send a available one. Once it ships then do the same with the next and wait until the end of the week before shipping the last one. They told me that this gives a customer a chance to get a movie that has a wait status. To me this is a fancy form of throttling. I am paying $35.00 a month for their total access service with only three movies shipping in a week. What I am forced to do is move an available movie to the top of the list, which is something I do not wish to really see and the waits never get shipped to me. I really thinking of dropping this service.


I've been a blockbuster customer since 2006 and never had any problems until this past month. I returned a mailer in the store and I have yet to get another movie! I've corresponded via email with them several times and was continuing to get apologies with cookie cutter responses, free coupons, and treating me like I wasn't setting up my queue correctly. Now they have finally admitted a problem with the queueing system and after 2 weeks I finally get an email that the DVD I returned in the store on 9/7 has been received? Huh? It's 9/21!!! I'm not going to keep putting up with this. Even though they're messing up I'm sure they won't have a problem billing me ON TIME. I may be going back to Netflix... I liked the convenience of being able to return the mailer at the store if I chose to and picking up another movie while I was there. Obviously if they aren't shipping me anything I don't have anything to return to take advantage of that service. They need to get it together!


I've been stuck at 2 rentals for the entire month. Why am I paying for 3? Their customer support says I need to have movies available at the top of my queue. I have plenty of movies "available" and still nothing. Giving it one more week and then reducing my plan to 2 movies. Not paying for a movie I'm not getting.

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