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Thank you so much for sharing this. Netflix just now started to hold back my shipping days. This is a great oppurtunity to compare services.

David Kim

I have been a member of netflix for more than 5 years. Recently, i switched to blockbuster, but i'm thinking of switching back. sure, the monthly fee is cheaper and there is really no difference in the service regarding the most recent releases, but netflix has better selection and netflix seem to have more movies in the stock.

i have about 100 movies in my queue in blockbuster and over 50% of the movies are unavailable "long wait," "short wait," and "very long wait." these aren't some obscure movies but movies like 'amistad,' 'basketball,' 'lethal weapon.'

and worst of all, they don't have the unrated version of the film 'dreamers' or 'star wars: clone wars.'


Thanks Mike, but no offense, 1 free month is no big whoop.
I started with Blockbuster almost from their start & got a free month with that subscription. After several months, I complained that their stock seems non-existant with the long/short waits, and they gave another free month.
I used to use NetFlix & loved it. I cancelled when I moved from NY to another (distant) state. I saw the seemingly great Blockbuster deal and jumped on it. What a headache. Nothing seems available & I need to constantly manage my Queue so that I have available titles in the top 3. I keep the long waits I really want as #1 & 2 to keep me up on the list. I had "Stop Making Sense" as my #1 pick for months with a "Short Wait". Suddenly it became "Long Wait". That's when I complained and got a free month. I think Blockbuster bit off more than they can chew. With all the used DVDs they have for sale at the stores, you'd think they would be able to backfill titles without a problem.


I was an netflix subscriber for about a couple of years, at firs the shipping time was great, hardly ever took them more than 2 days to get my movies, but lately I had to wait even 2 weeks to get my movies, im switching to blockbusters now thanks for this code ill use it to see if it is the same or better now, I complained with nexflix several times but got no reply, I’m very disappointed with them and I hope I have better luck with blockbusters


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The Chris

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Love you guys! ;-)

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