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ok so what happens if you upgrade your service and then downgrade it before your next billing cycle, do you get it free?

For example if I was billed on the 15th I upgrade on the 16th, then downgrade on say the 5th of the next month, do I ever get billed for the upgrade or do I get a free month at the higher service level?

IF they upgrade you, you will get the month free. But, it seems your account can only get the in-month upgrade once, after that, if you ever try to upgrade again they make you wait until the next billing cycle.

Make sure you dont cancel then upgrade, as they will rob you of the money you had paid for the rest of the month. Blockbuster doesnt do this though.

Correct. If you cancel with NF, it's CANCELLED right then. BB lets your month run out and then cancels it. WM takes a day or two and then they cancel right away like NF.

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my daughter pays for my netflex accunt. I don't know how much she pays. She has renewed the account several years in a row, Houw van I get into my account to add new movies on my new computer?
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