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That would really be great to just swipe the barcode of a movie at an in-store kiosk and bring up the user ratings and critics reviews. That's one of the best features of online renting. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a little while to weed through all the reviews and I can see this becoming an issue when you have a couple of people waiting behind you to use the machine. You'd probably need 2-3 kiosks for this to work smoothly.


I work for Hollywood, and I've noticed several upgrades in our POS system, all labeled "Online Subscription Programs"--none of which are currently active. When I spoke to our tech support line, they said they were not allowed to talk about that option.

I don't know if Hollywood is making a move or is just keeping their options open, but something's up....


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Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a little 'to weed through all the reviews and see it become a problem when a couple of people behind you waiting to use the machine. You probably have 2-3 kiosks to run smoothly.

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