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Well, I like this deal because I'm a Comcast subscriber with Starz and Encore. :) That said, I can't seem to see *when* this will happen? This is cable-land, so I'm guessing next May?

Hmmm...does Starz even have any movies worth watching? I haven't had any paid cable movie channels in years. Last I saw starz/encore or whatever, they mostly played old movies that got too much tv time already.

I think I'll stick with DVDs for now unless they can offer new releases like BBO/NF can.

Hunter McDaniel

The only advantage of VOD over Netflix is instant gratification. The disadvantages are high cost and much more limited selections.

This really doesn't have much appeal for me. For the cost of Starz I could add two more discs to my Netflix plan and be much better off.


how much money did you loose trading netflix stock?

My situation may be atypical because my cable co. charges only $6/mo for the Starz channels, with Starz On Demand included. Currently, Starz On Demand has several dozen movies at any given time. Some of the recently-available ones, such as Returner, Infernal Affairs, Barbarian Invasions and the 2003 Zatoichi, are movies that I would ordinarily expect to be available only from a service such as Netflix. I hope my cable co. can do a deal similar to Comcast and increase the On Demand selection. That would be great.

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