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I bought clerks about 3 years ago, and it's on a grey dvd.


The first reply is right. I bought the same DVD set when it was brand new. That was about four years ago and it was on grey DVD. If studios have not followed that "trend" in the last four years I doubt they'd start now.

If the release of the Clerks tv show on grey DVDs was to keep the price low it was probably because the show had struggled and Kevin Smith had to cut that cost to get it released on DVD.


As I've commented here before, most (if not all) Miramax DVDs are grey. Netflix and its rental ilk don't own the market on grey DVDs.

Adam Fields

Are grey DVDs cheaper because the ink is cheaper, or because they don't have to pay royalties on the art?

I would say cheaper because they need only single color printers and can buy gallons of 1-color to get a better price. Yes, they could save on art as well I guess.

The Clerks 10th Anniversary Edition has full-color DVD's... granted, they are all black, but they aren't the cheaper-to-produce grey variety.

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