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Mr. Carlon

I just received my 2nd scratched dvd of Independence Day from NF, still cannot watch it. On the other hand, BB has been goos to me and the USPS scanning is working great. Also, NF still has not received a disc I sent back on Monday, 20 miles away.

I planning on dropping NF this month and going solely with BB when my NF is up.

vox populi

"Also, NF still has not received a disc I sent back on Monday, 20 miles away."

Yes, that's one of their cute little tricks. Blockbuster lets you REPORT discs missing after 3 days. Netflix makes you wait 6 days each way, so they can add 12 days to your turn-around if they feel like it. Blockbuster sends a new disc as soon as you report one missing. SAME DAY. Netflix drags their feet as usual and makes you wait a day or two to get a new disc. NFLX punishes you for their own mistakes, sending broken, scratched, and wrong DVDs. Bad service all around. What a gyp.


Ok, I made the leap of faith, with a little bit of problem, but it was resolved. I emailed them before I cancelled Netflix and said I had a trial previously, and asked if I could still get the 2 month deal. I was told "No problem." I cancelled Netlfix, forwarded the email, received the promo code, and then it wouldn't let me make an account, stating I had one previously (this was from last November). So I received an email with a phone number. To their credit, the lady was EXTREMELY nice. However, she said there was no way I could get this exact promo. She said what she could do is bill me for one month, refund it immediately, and then give me an extra month, for a total of two months (because I was a returning customer). I asked about the free DVD, and I was told that my account couldn't have that because I was not a new customer (but she was real nice about it). So I negotiated and asked for 2 extra in-store coupons and I wouldn't fuss about the free DVD. She agreed and set my account up.

So, I'm happy. While the 2 coupons may not be the equivalent of a free DVD, I don't collect DVD's anyway, so having two extra coupons to rent games or movies during the holiday is a nice deal. I really enjoyed the customer service experience. They emailed me back quickly, although it was incorrect info (prob someone new), and the phone call was quick and resolute. So far a good experience. :)


I quite them both, i had them both at the same time and netflix definitly had it's act together more so then blockbuster. But then again, i joined blockbuster 2 months into them starting up. I quit them both last January. The best deal to me is the blockbuster movie pass. Two movies out at a time and don't have to worry about getting them to the mail.


The greatest thing about BB Online is that you can get obscure alternate versions that Netflix and GreenCine refuse to carry. Examples - "Akira - DTS", all SuperBit DVDs, "The Mummy Returns - Widescreen" (everyone else, including stores, only has the pan-and-scan version).

Blockbuster does more than anybody to satisfy hardcore audio-philes who want DTS 6-channel, instead of the lame stereo Japanese track on other "Akira" releases. Blockbuster carries all the SuperBit DVDs for those who like twice the bitrate, DTS 5.1 and Dolby Digital 5.1.

Try getting any of that at Netflix. Just do a search for "Superbit" and you see "we were unable to find an exact match for superbit." Just another example of how Netflix is lazy and refuses to carry the releases that discerning viewers want.


I signed up for Blockbuster Online, and requested The Aviator. I recieved Disk 2, which is the special features & crap, but not the movie. I reported this error to Blockbuster and they promptly sent me "The Aviator Disk 2: Special features".

Although this is annoying, I am more annoyed by the fact that they do not post a customer service number, so I can speak with someone about this.


Serves you right for putting the crappy bonus disc in your queue to begin with. I remove bonus discs or don't add them in the first place. I rarely waste my time with extras except trailers and tv spots. I've only listened to one DVD commentary all the way. Waste of time. I'd rather watch new movies or re-watch favorites.


BTW, Zachary is a liar, it's Netflix that doesn't publish a customer service phone # any where on their site. Blockbuster's number is 1-866-692-2789, Mon-Fri, 8AM to 7PM Central, easy to find on their support page.

Zachary is a self-admitted Netflix shill with 25% of his net worth invested. He has lied about Netflix on many occasions, claiming that they have "24-hr live support" (try 9 hours) and a phone number listed right on their support pages (he declined to provide a link or screenshot to support this claim, which others have found to be false).

Note the link in Zachary's signature, to netflix.com. How pathetic can you get, dude. Go back to investing your life savings in NFLX, you lying piece of crap.


I tried Blockbuster last fall and hated it. Movie selection was poor, very frequent long wait times, not very fast turn around times, etc.

I tried them again almost two months ago (still using them and I'm being serviced by the same distribution center as last fall) and the service quality has increased tenfold. They've gotten the turnaround problems fixed. Plus they ship and receive on Saturdays unlike Netflix, as well as ship you a replacement disc the same day if you have one damaged/unplayable which Netflix used to. (They now wait until they have received the disc.) And now staggering of discs like Netflix.

The only major problem that still remains IMO is the terrible website.

Bush Sucks

BB can afford to make their website better, but Netflix can't afford to stop lying, end throttling, and improve service. NFLX has you wait SIX DAYS to report a disc as missing, and then they must receive a wrong/damaged disc before sending replacements. NFLX is lazy and greedy. May they go out of business.


I became a member of blockbuster 1 month ago . I have had numerous issues with them ever since . Starting with it showed a certain movie had been shipped to me when it wasn't . Next came the problem that i had several available movies listed in my que , but after several reminders thru phone and thru e- mail , they had not shipped me a movie in 11 days . Then when i called the 1- 800 customer service no today , given by the store , was told it was a toyota dealership no . And have you seen their website , they haven't even listed a 1-800 number there . I am withdrawing my membership .

Blockbuster Employee

I hate Blockbuster Online and I hate selling the Stupid 9.99 Mousepads. The website is horrible to navigate. They shouldn't have even started the website, 'cause they can't even pay thier employees. Raises are crap and Late, But we had enough money to launch Online and Pay our CEO millions in bonuses? WTF. We are the ones busten our you know whats in the store.

G Cleveland

I have been with blockbuster for the two week free trial and dropped it because of slow turnaround then they offered me to come back for 1 dollar for the first month and i cancelled out of that too. they still havent made any improvements on availability. personally the service sucks there are times when i only have one movie queued to be shipped when i have the three at a time plan. the customer service fails to fix any of my problems and just plain sucks. the two in store coupons are nice but isnt shit compared to netflix 1 day turnaround in order for me to stay with blockbuster they would have to give me 24 of those coupons because thats about how many more movies i get a month from netflix with the three a day plan. netflix has more shipping centers better customer service, better availaility, better details and description on titles, and is far better than blockbuster. I hate blockbuster their customer service almost sucks as much as Aol's!


i live in jersey. at times when i send the movie in the morning blockbuster already gotten my movies and already shipping my next movies. so it takes about 2 - 3 day at worst. all i need for blockbuster is to steam through my Xbox 360.. i hate Netflix. it took them 6 - 7 days to get my movies..

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