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Before that, I don't remember. I think The Matrix pt II at an IMAX?


I'm a downtown Seattle dweller,,,,and really hope you liked it here!

but,,, where is SW pro: digital here? my info said it was only Digital in far away sunnyside and monroe!

Hey, anyways, last one I saw was Batman Begins at the IMAX, I'm a hardcore NF/BB user and don't like to go to the theater much, but Batman @ IMAX and SW-ep-III at the gorgeous Cinerama (saw it 3x) got me off the sofa!

I will be back to the IMAX for Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and I really hope The "Star Wars 3D @ Imax" thing really happens!

I think that theater-going will be a thing of the past if the experience does not prove worth the expence and trouble compared to the cozy , sweet, home theater systems we are most all eventually going to have!


Last Saturday I saw "Sharkboy & Lavagirl" and "The Longest Yard" at my local drive-in.

"Father of the the Bride" back in 1991, maybe 92 on New years eve. Can't remember for sure. I am 6'5" and have a problem with even the nicest of stadium seating due to the long legs. Anyhoo... Been with Netflix almost since it came out... early 99.

Last time I went to a theater was in 2000 when they really started their campaign to rape people's wallets.

Online rental services fullfill all my needs. Patience is a virtue. When people talk about new movies in the theaters I always feel out of the loop though. I have a 3 out plan with BB and Greencine.

Mike M

Saw - Land of the Dead, Bewitched, and Batman this weekend. I still enjoy going to the theater. Use my Studen ID (been out for 2 years) and use my AMC movie card and go on wed and get free popcorn. Costs me $15 for a date w/ popcorn, not bad.



Before that........wow........Return of the King?

Bill A.

Titanic, when ever that was. Haven't been since.

BTW: "summer weather (finally!)"

For you maybe, it's 95 degrees here in Florida already with a heat index expected to be 101 for the 4th holiday! Bring on Winter!!


The last movie I saw at the multiplex was E3, before that it was Matrix 3. In Chicago, we have a special theater with waiters that bring you food and alcohol. I much prefer that to the regular theaters. The last time I went there was for the Hostage. Before that, it was probably Kill Bill 2. Another good was to see a movie is at the drive-in. My wife and I saw Batman last weekend. With the new baby, my DVD viewing has declined and I expect movie-going to cease almost completely. When you think about it, a month of Netflix costs less than 2 movie tickets plus babysitter costs.


Last weekend Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Weekend before I saw Batman. I know I will be seeing Fantastic 4 when it comes out. Even with my home theater, I still enjoy the experience of seeing a movie on the big screen with a crowd of people who are there to enjoy the movie. The theater by my house which I have been to three times now (just moved) seems to keep the annoying people out so far.


We saw Sith this past weekend, now that the crowds had died down. With two kids, and despite attending a matinee, I was still VERY aware I could have bought the DVD for much less and enjoyed the film in my home theater, without talking kids and commercials.

Joe D.

Shrek 2 at the drive in, before that Return of the King at a regular theatre.


I saw War of the Worlds last night, movies like that I prefer to see on the big screen. It was good, but with a disappointing ending. Also saw Star Wars last weekend, then before that Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I still plan on seeing Batman in the theaters. I seem to only go to the movies in the summer, or I go to the theater at my college which is free with student ID, a sweet deal. I'm glad my loans pay for something worthwhile. As for the summer finally comment, it's been summer here in Tallahassee since March? April? I am dreading August when the air is as thick as a blanket.


I saw 'War of the Worlds' yesterday afternoon, and 'Batman Begins' and 'Cinderella Man' this weekend. I don't get this whole no going to the movies thing. I live for the cinema in the theater. Netflix just makes me want to see things in the theater more.


I feel terrible about this issue....as I love going to
the movies, but haven't had the time to go in years.

I have a six year old. Evantually, he will be able to
see the films that I want to see. Until then it is
Pixar et al for me. ...and nothing else. :-(

The key word for me is: immersion

I have a great TV and sound-system at home, but no home
theatre will replace what a theatre can do, for me.

Some "hard" films are easier to watch when you are
trapped in a theatre. I would love to see "Requium for
a dream" in the theatre. ....I am not sure that I would
not make it through this rough film otherwise.


Last three movies in the theater:

Batman Begins
Mad Hot Ballroom

All three are recommended. Batman Begins is the best of the series. SW EP III was highly entertaining, despite a couple crappy "tender" moments. Mad Hot Ballroom is a terrific documentary about 5th grade kids in NYC taking ballroom dancing classes in school, and competing against other schools. It's a formula that Bill Cosby figured out long ago: kids will always say the funniest things. We've got a great art-house theater here in Sacramento (two, actually), and they have books of 5 tickets for $25. Good any time except Friday and Saturday after 5:00pm. Makes seeing great indie and foreign films in the theater quite cheap.

Ask Bjørn Hansen

Mr. and Mrs. Smith last week and Blue Velvet yesterday.

We live in Hollywood close to the Arclight theater which is very nice. Never blurry pictures. Comfortable seats. Reserved sesating (buy your tickets in advance and show up five minutes before to your perfect seats). No commercials before the movie. Attentive staff.


- ask

batman in imax...much better than sw e-3!!!


As with any other rebate offer the business makes the money off the people who would not have bought the product but do with intention of sending in the rebate (refund in this case). Then never do because they can’t be bothered once they get it home or lose one of the gazillion things you have to send in with it.

“"Cinderella Man" has received generally favorable reviews but fallen flat at the box office.”

Which is exactly why I would make this offer to anyone who came to see this movie. Without incentive it would be a no brainer, I’m not going to see it. With the refund carrot dangling they get more viewers and a lot won’t bother the cost of a stamp to get there money back. I’ll bet they hope to break even.


Two weeks ago for Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the first movie in about 4 years. But I might go and see fantastic 4 if the reviews are good.


Ask: You have time for movies?!?!

Thank you for your contrib to Perl!!

Pinball Mars

The Smartest Guys in the Room (the Enron documentary) was the last movie I went out to see. This was a month or two ago. This movie came out on DVD and in theaters at the same time, and I chose to go to the theater.

Movie theaters will never die. No matter how vastly home video continues to dominate, people still want to go out. I don't believe our society can become so agoraphobic that movie theaters won't be around anymore. The numbers may diminish, but the numbers will never disappear.

Pinball Mars

What I think movie theaters need to do is to distinguish themselves more from each other. AMC, Cinemark, United Artists, whatever... It's all a freakin' blur. They even all sort of look the same. I think theaters should sort of become more like restaurants. Cultivate individual identity and inspire loyalty.

As suggested in another thread on this blog, movie theaters should serve food other than their usual stuff. I think more theaters should even become full service restaurants (with GOOD food and a bar). Something like that could help a lot in getting more people excited about going out to the movies again.


"Movie theaters will never die. No matter how vastly home video continues to dominate, people still want to go out."

Exactly. Just like refridgerators, fancy ovens/stoves, and microwaves haven't killed restaurants. People like to go out, even if it costs more than doing the same thing at home.


I hate those restaurant type movie theaters. The arthouse theater in Orlando was like that and it was impossible to watch a movie there without waiters walking in front of you and people dropping silverware, etc. That would drive me out of the theater more than bring me back.

john doe

25 posts and 24 of them talk about the "what was the last movie you saw" because author asked it.
Only 1 person actually commented on the article about amc giving money back for cinderella man.. hmm...

maybe not mix two different topics in one post? :)anyways, amc started it June 4th i think? cinderella man came out weeks before that, they've made as much money off of the movie as they can, if you go to cinderella man today it's probably empty.

No way in hell would they have this "guarantee" thing for brand new movies..... "war of the worlds, longest yard, bewitch eack!!, land of the dead" etc..etc..

Just like Hollywood Video's film library satisfaction guarantee, if you rent any OLD movie and do not like it, you can get another one free of charge.

John Doe

more about theatres.

Anyone been to the Arclight Theatres in Hollywood? Freakin great theatre. Users great you, walk you to your seats (all seats numbered), and introduces you to the movie etc.. No stupid pre show on the screen (advertisement slides or whatever).

There's other movie theatres in Los Angeles that serve champagne and diner too.


I know a way they can get more creative and bring people back: Run an effective business! I can't believe the news has had this running the past 48 hours about the turmoil that the poor movie theaters face. I hope they aren't looking for a government bailout like "poor" United Airlines. :) (I know, low blow).

If they want more customers, provide a better & secure experience. The ONLY reason I went to the show to see Batman when it came out was that it was at an IMAX, and the seats were reserved. Usually people who go to IMAX want to enjoy the movie and not act a fool, especialy for $14.50/ticket. I want to really see "The Longest Yard" but I hate the theater experience, unless I go in midday when hardly anyone is there.


Great article on Gizmodo today about this very topic:




Used to go to theatre movies at least twice a week. Then they raised prices and stopped "cheap" nights so I only see movies that beg for a big screen.
Regular dramas, comedies or indie flicks are seen via Netflix.
The last movie I saw in a theatre was Batman Begins. Before that, Star Wars III. Next up, WotW.


"I have a great TV and sound system at home, but no home theatre will replace what a theatre can do, for me."

No theater can beat a good computer LCD, 24-bit sound card, and a pair of premium headphones. It's tough to tell the difference between DTS and Dolby Digital when listening through the best column speakers. The sound quality is wasted with air dispersion and acoustical dampening of the room. No speakers can ever beat mid range headphones for audio fidelity, frequency range, and dynamic response. And no projection or CRT screen can beat LCD or plasma.


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