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I am sorry, but are you proselytizing?

"Show me love" is about a budding lesbian.

I am not showing that you anyone under age.

To suggest this is sick.

Just my $0.02, and I will stop before I am
accused of being on my own soapbox.

P.S. besides the american audience might be
confused by the films original title:
"Fucking Åmål"


The Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made


The Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made

This list is drawn from the second edition of "The New York Times Guide to the Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made" (St. Martin's Griffin, $24.95), edited by Peter M. Nichols and published in 2004. For additional information about the list, read Peter M. Nichols's preface, or A. O. Scott's introduction.


That doesn't mean it's a good list for kids.


Goodfellas and Casino seemed to have been accidentally omitted. What the fuck?



WTH!? Blockbuster carries more of both lists than Netflix... :(

Mike C.

"Some Like It Hot" isn't a bad movie... but for 14 year old kids?

I'd rather see "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" on the list.


I saw A Clockwork Orange before I was 14. Didn't screw me up at all, but it did give me an appreciation for great art.

"I saw A Clockwork Orange before I was 14. Didn't screw me up at all, but it did give me an appreciation for great art."

I saw it as well and for MONTHS I had this raging desire to cut circles into clothing!!!


Noticed it didn't say who the experts were or what criteria they used, but to me the list only proved the experts don't have a clue as to what movies should be seen or not by children let alone for adults top picks. Similar list could be made by if they used faulty criteria such as a random picker of movies from a list of all movies. I didn't even bother to go look at the list of movies to see before I die figuring it would be more of the same random selections.


Agreed. This list is really messed up. Yes, some of these movies will be good for most kids to see, but others are mostly written on a theme to proment NEGATIVE development. Comedies and dramas about stereotypes (women, sex, violence)?? How does that help a young less than 14 year old to develop?

Ask Bjørn Hansen


If they've been brought up with any sense and critical thinking skills at all it seems like a fine list of movies to watch with the parents to make older kids (say 13-14) even more well rounded.

(At least judging from the movies on the list I've seen, including Show Me Love / Fucking Åmål).

- ask

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