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Actually, we had a Blockbuster close down here in Boulder. They had a couple stores near The Video Station, a massive (~55000 video, lots of art and foreign) independent, and they just couldn't compete. So, they had to consolidate the two, and even then, the Video Station is still DVD rental in Boulder.

Recently, though, Hollywood, who left Boulder a while back, decided to reopen a store here with every DVD priced at $0.99 v. the $3-4 Video Station has to charge. I'm hoping people will support the independent...

f blockbuster I hate them with a passion man! long live netflix


I used to live in Westwood and hated this Blockbuster location. The parking around it was non-existant, and the nearby Hollywood Video had a much better selection and rental terms. I can see why they had a problem keeping local business. And even worse, the staff was incompetent college kids, they actually once charged me late fees on two DVDs that I KNEW I had returned on time, right before they closed up for the evening.

When I got a letter a month later demanding late fees, that was the beginning of the end for my relationship with Blockbuster. How fitting that this place has now shut down, I feel it's poetic justice. :D

Netflix Throttling Victim

Why don't you shills stop patting Netflix on the back, and kissing their ass? They are a bunch of throttling WHORES. They send their unprofitable customers broken and scratched DVDs, deliberately, then delay sending out a replacement until they receive the original. They say they ship replacements immediately (the next day), but if you don't get the bad DVD back overnight, it will be pushed back, again and again. They lie like this right to your face.

So, enjoy the throttling. Enjoy the lack of cult movies like "Brazil", "Blues Brothers",
and "The Killer". Enjoy the lack of foreign region DVDs. And enjoy the lack of alternate versions, like "Basic Instinct - Unrated", "Ghost in the Shell: Special Edition", and "Eyes Wide Shut - Uncensored."


Why would you close your business on a rumor? Isn't that your livliehood.

Movie Lover

"Why would you close your business on a rumor?"

Because small independent stores can't even competitive against Blockbuster, UNLESS they focus mainly on obscure hard-to-find videos. There will always be a place for the indies, though, because they carry movies that NFLX and chain stores do not. Every video rental operation has titles that another does not. But you can't beat BB for mainstream movies.

"Eyes Wide Shut - Uncensored."

Your ideas intrigue me. I would like to subscribe to your DVD rental service.


I've seen about two or three close down in the Atlanta area. I recall when the one on Cobb Parkway closed down, folks were not too happy. But now that Netflix and the Blockbuster DVD by mail is doing decent, I seriously doubt folks even care when the blockbuster store closes now.


Throttling victim is hilarious and probably correct. So many shills so little time

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