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Dave Winer

I will be there Mike.

Dennis Hays

I'll be there, as well.

Dave Pentecost

Yep, me too.

Mark Meisel

I'll be there.

Bill Seitz

Me too

David Parmet

I'll be there as well.


count me in ;)

Jim Bernesby

I'll be there also.

Ben Ko

i'll be there

Tristan Louis

Planning on making it, barring any unforeseen circumstances.


Alex Jacobson



I should be there as well.

Greg Galant

Looking forward to it.

Bill Koslosky

See you there.

Fran Babiss

Wouldn't miss it. It's history in the making.

Austin Pauls

I plan to be there.

Morgan Friedman

I'll be there


Planning on it, looking forward to it.

Greg Gershman

I'll be there, along with Michael Miller. Thanks!

Lee Isles

I'll be there

Jeff Solomon

I will be there (bringing bells).

Ryan Saghir

I'll be there as well.

Michael Miller

I'll be there.

Britt Blaser

I'll be there, with a guest: Huw Gilbert.

Paul Hardwick

I hope to be there

robert spychala

i'm there!

Nathan Weinberg

I'll be there, presuming it runs at least two hours. When is it expected to end?

Aleksey Dergachev

I'd like to come.

Mike K

I believe the event will last about 2 hours.

- Mike


I'd like to come.

Mike K

I'm sorry, but I have to close the registration at this time and submit the names.

Hope to see you at 7pm tonight.

- Mike

Mike K


You're on the list. E-mail me if you have any questions.

- Mike

alex kayser

i'll be there

John Smith

Yeah! keep on moving


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