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I use redbox at least three times a week. I have only had a few problems with returning DVD's. The one thing I noticed is that renters don't return their DVD in the right direction and with for a successful return notice. I have even seen people return their DVD, walk away and the machine spits it out because they had it the wrong direction, and someone else took their DVD. SOLUTION: RETURN YOUR DVD FACING THE RIGHT DIRECTION, WITH THE BAR CODE FACING OUT THEN WAIT FOR THE SUCCESSFUL RETURN SCREEN.

Desiree johnson

After reading Bridgettes experience with redbox it sounded all too familiar! They did the same exact thing to me charging me $26.95 for a movie I returned a day later. Also did the same to my uncle charging him $78 and only offered to take off $10 frm each rental! We'll never rent from them again! -Desiree Johnson


Redbox is CRAP! I guess the saying is true; you get what you pay for!! Every time I rent a movie from a redbox something always seems to go wrong and then I am ultimately charged in the end. If I go across the street from the redbox where there is a blockbuster, I get FULL customer service satisfaction as well as an actual person to talk to and ask questions to. I do pay more for the blockbuster movies, but the relief in knowing that I’m getting what I’m paying for is enough for me!


Redbox lies, they supposedly say "no late fees" but if you turn it in one minute after the required time they charge you for having the movie an extra day than saying its not a "late fee". Id rather just watch movies online than pay hidden fees, every single time i decide to use Redbox.


About the bridgettes experience and most related comments,Ya'll kept those 3 movies 25 days,they charged you 1 dollar a day for 25 days(because they still hope you'll return it),when you still didnt return them ,they figured you were going to keep them,so thats why you got charged 78$,thats 3 movies valued to them at 25 dollars,and the fact that they refunded you 10$ each movie,is more then generous,considering you never returned them.

Irate renter

I am a very upset redbox customer! I've rented moveis from redbox many of time with no problems untill recently when my apartment was involved in a meth lab explosion caused by my neighbor. I have called three times pleading my case and still have to pay $15 each for 3 movies left in my apartment.only by the grace of god is my apartment one of the ones that is still standing and only had water damage,but yet i was told that "I should just consider it a loss." by the apartment company. The true lack of compassion that i have seen by redbox and Belgrade enterprises is shocking to me. So a warning to all you renters...IN CASE OF DISASTER, GRAB REDBOX MOVIES FIRST!... laughable right?


Hello I redbox will probably not be around in the long run. Ive rented two movies from different machines and both movies did not play. I checked my player and it works good. If you think about it after being handled by so many people the job of the owner is to replace bad ones..but what if he or she doesn't then in about a month or more they will be out of buisness because of bad dvds. I dont like the idea of having to go two different redbox stands to get the same movie because of damage.

 Honest  Chris

~~~~~~~~~~~~~BE WARNED!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Their customer support does NOT exist , other than to repeat the contracts the lawyers have drawn up to get and keep your money even if their Kiosk malfunctions!
( I'm not the only one to have this happen with NO 'real' support to get you money returned!)

Sometimes you will return a movie and it will not register racking up a huge bill with NO HELP from their so called support.

Other times you will rent online only to find the movie is not in the kiosk, with no noted reservation confirmation at the kiosk, but you will be charged and the support will lie about the movie and the reservation being at that kiosk.

Once they have your money they will not give it back if they or their Machines/servers/connection.has f*ck-up.

I ask you;are the bad reviews I am going to post everywhere really worth not giving a steady customer back their 1.09??????
This is what happens when greedy lawyers are in charge of customer service policy.
I might as well be taking to out-sourced support India.
**ewwwwww (**entire body shudders)


there are full of shit and fuck them

Mica Krieger

Will not use Redbox again! have rented six times from the kiosk near my house. It routinely will not accept movies for return, thus I keep them for several days before I can return them. I call customer service each time, and while they are always helpful, and have given me promo codes for three free movies, I am quite tired of having to monitor my e-mails. They charge me for more days about half the time, so I write down when I rent and return. This last time, they are charging the credit card over $8 for a movie I kept only four days due to kiosk malfunction. They are willing to charge me only half of that. I think that they probably make millions since most people will not check e-mails and call customer service every time there is a problem.

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