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It would take hours to peruse the entire selection.

Hunter McDaniel

The store in question (Video Station) is a local institution which has always had an amazing collection. Even though I do most of my rentals from Netflix now, I'd be sad to see them go under.


Scarecrow Video in Seattle has well over 60,000 titles. You peruse small subsections, or you follow recommendations from the staff, or you go in knowing what you want. Remind you of anything?


It's the only video store I still use, though sadly much less than I did before Netflix. They're still essential for the foreign and/or PAL-only releases, or things that haven't made it to DVD, or when I want more movies at a time than Netflix will provide for some reason.


It was odd this weekend when I went to both looking for a DVD that Netflix has on permanent "Very Long Wait" for me. This DVD isn't really art-house or popular, but a TV show in that "middle" area that The Video Station might not stock. And, in fact, they didn't have it. But, they took down my info and the DVDs and said they'd think about getting it. The Hollywood Video *did* have it...but I decided not to rent it from them. Frankly, the $0.99 rental for five days and all is nice, but I guess I don't like them trying to price out the Video Station.

Oh, and at 1130-1200 on Saturday, when I was at both? The Video Station had lines to checkout, and the Hollywood had one other person inside.

Dave Taylor

Actually, they could have 250,000 videos in their library, it still seems like there's not much good to watch. One of the real joys of Netflix is that I can let it remember what movies I want to see in the future with my Queue, whereas I'm completely unable to keep a running piece of paper with video titles on it

Folks, not all 58,000 are there at once.

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