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Ted Coloncowski

The bickering that goes on at this site are trivial compared to this disaster.




New Orleans has always been a bowl....

Now it has been transformed into a giant bowl of cocoa puffs.


For once, Zachary has a point. I mean, what was so great about New Orleans except for a bunch of dumb college kids to get drunk over Mardi Gras and Spring Break, flashing their crappy fake tits for beads and throwing up right in the middle of the sidewalk? Ever heard of Sodom and Gomorrah? They got what they deserved. Florida, too. Any state that would elect a moron like Jeb Bush governor, who rigs elections to get his brother in the Oval Office, NEEDS to be erased from Earth.


Shills are more offended by throttling than the comments left by scum above.

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