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If you find yourself keeping rentals for an ungodly amount of time you might want to re-evaluate your movie preferences.

"you’re likely to be happier if you keep the movies coming along in a steady stream, even if you don’t watch them (the latter may be useful information about your actual preferences, as opposed to the preferences that you would like to have)"


In Julie's case, purchasing "Finding Neverland" would be more economical than renting it indefinitely.


A Streetcar Named Desire, 1951 05/14/04 06/02/05

What do i win? :-)

Oddly enough, I've had Finding Neverland out since March 30th. I got it to watch with a friend and we just haven't been able to get to it.

180 days, I Am Sam, 10/30/2002 to 4/28/2003.

Hey, what can I say. I just never felt like watching it.


I thought I lost one, so I told them, and they debited my account for the cost. Then keeping up with cosmic irony, I found it a week later.

I'll have this Netflix movie forever.

"Spirited Away." 23 days.


If I find I have a dvd out for longer than 2 weeks, I generally copy it and watch it later. I figure I've already rented it, the money's been spent, the royalties have been dealt to all parties. What's the harm?


Passion of the Christ - 4 weeks

I'm a believer and the movie had a lot of signfigance to me personnaly. I had to screw up my courage to watch it. I stopped procrastinating when a friend of ours that goes to our church wisecracked that I was being a "Christian weenie" for putting it off. :)


~3 days.

John Stafford

18 months. Gulp.

Steve A

Over a month ... definitely. You know, you usually read about how people try to watch as much as they can in order to get their money's worth.

Not me.

I enjoy watching what I want when I want. Paying for the convenience is good enough for me.


"The League of Gentlemen" series 1: 20 days

I was renting series 2 & 3 from Nicheflix at the time, so series 1 was kept on hand in case I wanted to go back and check something. Of course, within a matter of months I'd bought all three which is what I should have done in the first place.

I've also had "A Very Long Engagement" from Blockbuster.com since July 14, making today day 20. My subscription cancellation e-mail said that outstanding DVDs had to be returned by September 20 (!), so I'm taking my time getting around to it.

Bill K

I have "The Man Who Would Be King" at home now. Shipped 9/27/00, Estimated Arrival 9/29/00. I'm glad it was on time. :)


Two mailing days at most.


I've had a rental for 249 days...and counting! I don't know why exactly. I think I got started watching a bunch of TV series rentals back-to-back and it just sort of languished atop my DVD player. On the plus side, I think it's keeping my average up so that I don't get throttled on my super-fast TV DVD returns.

Myself, the longest I've kept one has been a little bit over two weeks. The biggest problem is when a friend wants to watch something with me and then isn't around for a while.

Mark Morrow

Ray. I've had it since July 5th. Not sure why its taking me so long to sit down and watch it. Maybe I'm waiting for the right frame of mind........all I know is this one of the reasons I love Netflix :)


My average is about 2 months per video. I have the 2 out at a time plan with a max of 4.... I've never hit my max yet.

Netflix LOVES ME, and I love Netflix...

Just keep billing my credit card because when I do want to see a DVD I know I have one.


Two months for several episodes of Farscape. Mainly because my apartment flooded and I had to move in with my friend. For one thing, my mail was screwed up (about half of it got redelivered to her house, the other half was held for months), and for another, my friend had a 6-year-old and I couldn't watch them with him in the house. So I couldn't watch them OR send them back until I got back into my apartment.


My roommate has had "F for Fake: Bonus Material" out since 05/24/05. I've already watched it, but he's always busy. We have 6 at-a-time broken into three profiles (me, my wife, our roommate) and he is just really slow at watching movies.


Overnight at the most.

leunam si a gaf

I kept "Ghost in the Shell 2" for a month or so. I sent it in for a recall to get the bad "closed caption" subtitles fixed. DreamWorks sent a free mailer to return it to and I got it back in around 3 weeks. The original subs are really crappy. I'm sure the next renter who gets it will appreciate having it fixed. That's one of the great things about online rentals. DreamWorks really screwed up "Ghost in the Shell 2." They've made no real effort to correct all the discs sold. They just do it on an individual basis for people who are not satisfied. The new subs are much better. They are about 1/3 to 1/2 smaller, better translations, and no captioning of sounds.


is that wrong?


Road to Perdition (2002) 10/01/03 02/09/04 That's 131 days. That's about how long it felt watching it, too. Right behind it was So I Married an Axe Murder at 83 days, but I know I watched it more than a few times during those, eek, months.

If you're looking for an easy way to figure out your stats, check out my work-in-progress history/stat checker. http://www-dave.cs.uiuc.edu/cgi-dave/nfstats.cgi Money-wise, it assumes a 3-out plan, but the rental histories/days/averages should be right. You copy/paste your history in ... I didn't like those other stat programs that take your password or RSS code. if you like it, and have feedback on new stats I can generate from the report, please let me know.

I don't feel bad about the long Netflix movies. I still have stuff from the first month I got my TiVo on the TiVo, and that was 2002!

hsidlihc yrev

"The original subs are really crappy"

After a few minutes I tuned out the closed captioning. Hoaglund & Aley did a good job subtitling Ghost in the Shell 2. Even if I purchased the movie I wouldn't have bothered replacing it just for the subtitles.


The longest I've kept any netflix rental was 15 hours. *Shrug* I rent movies to watch, not to keep.

Back in late 2003, I kept Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo out for about 2 weeks, but that was because I was writing a paper on it for a film class. Generally, I tend to keep DVDs for 1-3 days - that way, I have time to watch them while also being able to have discs constantly coming in and out (library discs are another story - there's a fair number of discs I've checked out and returned without watching them, but it doesn't bother me since I'm not paying anything...)


"After a few minutes I tuned out the closed captioning."

Good for you. I enjoyed the movie more with the captions 1/3 smaller and no captions of sounds. Also, there are many changes of the translation in the new subs, that adds more detail or clarifies certain things.

"Hoaglund & Aley did a good job subtitling Ghost in the Shell 2."

Who cares. DreamWorks put out a screwed up disc with caption subtitles, which NO OTHER ANIME STUDIO WOULD HAVE DONE!!! Every other anime either has dialogue-only subtitles or it has two subtitle tracks - one for voice, another for voice and sound effects. I hope the bozo at DreamWorks responsible for this fiasco got their ass canned. MORONS.

"Even if I purchased the movie I wouldn't have bothered replacing it just for the subtitles."

Why not? Can't you stand to wait 2-3 weeks, without having the movie in your possession? I would replace it just to send a message to the company. Hit them where it counts, right in the wallet. Maybe then they won't be so stupid in the future.

It always annoys me if movies are subtitled for every sound. If people can't hear, they can turn on the closed captions on their TV. Forcing all DVD viewers to put up with that, when they only want to follow the dialogue, is annoying. Make 2 sub tracks and everyone would be satisfied. I loved DreamWorks lame excuse, that they did this so as to increase compatibility with old players. What kind of fools do they take us for? Having subtitles without captions would not have any effect on player compatibility whatsoever.

I urge everyone who buys or rents "Ghost in the Shell 2" to send it back for replacement if the subtitles are captioned for sound. Do it for the common good. Send them a message.


Probably about 6 weeks. I stopped keeping DVDs for a long time if I'm not in the mood to watch them. I can always add them back to the queue later.


I have had the "Neverwhere" BBC series since March. Or April. And I am not home to send it back and won't be able to until...Sept. I think. No wait, turns out, according to my account, I've had Veronica Geurin since Jan 6th.


I've had Serendipity since I opened my Netflix account way back in 2001! can't bring myself to watch and can't bring myself to send it back.


The Road Home (2001) 33 days


I had Duck Soup for about 3 months

People like you are the reason I have LONG WAITS on my movies!

Either WATCH the damn things or return 'em!!! You can always rent them again later (you see, that's how the service works).


Elektra - 6/2/05 until yesterday - just couldn't get around to watching it.


I rented Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels in December of '04. I just returned it recently. Yes, I'm a slacker. What can I say? Good movie.


.0001 seconds


"People like you are the reason I have LONG WAITS on my movies! Either WATCH the damn things or return 'em!!! You can always rent them again later (you see, that's how the service works)."

Agreed. Stop renting DVDs and buy the damned things, if you're gonna keep them for months without watching anyway. It's cheaper to buy you fools. Rentals are only a good deal for those of us who can WATCH them quickly.

Sheesh! To the person who kept "Serendipity" since they joined in 2001, get a life! It's a crappy movie that isn't even worth seeing once. Send it back and get some movies that are actually worth your time. You obviously don't want to watch "Serendipity" if you've kept it FOUR YEARS tying up a slot in the Q. Just pick a movie without John Cusack in it, and chances are it will be better.

Jeez! Take your meds much?


Never more than a week.

I usually send them back the next day.

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