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I am on the 3 out plan and have been a Netflix subscriber from March until present day. With the exception of one disc in mid march I've haven't had a problem until the end of July. I usually only get 3 discs a week; even with 3 distribution centers close by; there is no way I'd be able to do what some people have been posting about "same day drop off, same day receive, same day sent out". I find that really hard to believe. Anywho I average 12 discs a month and the 3 discs that I get I watch on the weekend and drop off early morning Monday same post office same time every time. But as of the beginning of August Netflix seems to be only receiving two of the discs I return and I then have to wait for them to receive my 3rd disc and by the time the weekend roles around I only have 2 out of 3 discs out. I like sending and receiving 3 discs everytime; something is wrong here. It's just a pain to have the one stray disc straggle on in the next week. Just recently with a TV show set of discs I've received all discs damaged and one disc damaged & mis-labled; but since I'd already had some labeled damaged I chose to go with the mislabeling on the 1 disc. I reported one disc as being sent back but they had not received it yet and it took TWO whole months before they had a "received it" on my account.

There is no way I can be pegged as a heavy user with the 3 disc out plan and I only average barely 12 discs a month. So I guess it's true as you stay on the service worsens. Maybe they think people will be so enamored in the beginning that they won't notice the dropout in the quality of service later on. Well I have and it looks like it's time to cancel and try the dreaded BB; brick & mortar pus online equals better chance.

"There is no way I can be pegged as a heavy user with the 3 disc out plan and I only average barely 12 discs a month"

Did you bother to read any of the earlier posts?
12/month pegs you as a Netflix pig, and complete throttling.


I have been a NF user for almost 3 years and have noticed much more 'shipping tommorow' lately than ever before. (my overall monthy total remains great though, see below)

I used to average about 16-20, in the last couple of months though, usually a bit less, 12-16 (3 out plan)

Still, I feel Netflix is a great convienience, bargain, and website , just not quite as reliable or dependable as before.

I joined BBO almost 1 year ago and have been comparing the two.

I will probably choose to keep whichever gives me the most economical plan when my BBO price goes up.

(important to me is that 2 free coupons used for expensive in store video game rentals could be worth w/ tax $16! to me, even more than my monthly BBO plan)

(also important to me is the actual QUEUE order in which dvds are shipped , NF seems always spot on, while BBO seems totally RANDOM)

HERE ARE MY ACTUAL #'S (3 out on each)
JUN = NF=14 /// BB=13
JULY= NF=14 /// BB=13
AUG= NF=16 /// BB=12

Almost all DVDs were sent back the next day after reciept, and strange as it may seem, while i had more 'distant center' Netflix return envelopes in august than ever before, my numbers were surprisingly a bit BETTER!

Mike Harris

I am on the five-out plan, and I must admit that I'm displeased with the turnaround time as well. There is consistently a one-day pause in between reception and shipping, and turnaround often seems very slow.

"That means, if I can watch 100 DVDs per month, they have to send me 100 DVDs per month."

Wow! That's really bonkers!


I am currently on a 5 out at a time from NF. I have a distribution center 30 miles (roughly) away in Cleveland, OH plus one just opened in Dayton. My last 30 days had 21 or 22 rentals in it.

Overall I can't complain about how the Cleveland distribution center handles things. It does seem that YMMV depending upon what center you get. If I mail a movie Saturday from Akron they will receipt it on Monday and get the next movie out to me that day. If I mail them from work, which is in Cleveland, they get things going the next day with no problems. Mostly.

I have noticed some problems when I send more than 3 movies back at a time. I mail 4 movies at the same time, yet magically 3 get received one day and 1 the next. Last year when I bumped my plan from 3 to 8 for a month I noticed the same issue - they work well with 3 at a time, but more than that they do not exactly work as advertised.

One other issue I have noticed is around long holiday weekends. They may acknowledge the receipt of all my returned discs on Tuesday, but typically they will send out one on Tuesday, and the rest on Wednesday. This, in my opinion, makes some sense as it allows the maximum number of people to get at least 1 new disc.

As for the people who say "get over it" - the reason we are here is to learn about Netflix. Even if I was limited to 20 a month on my currently plan, it is still a bargin compared to the local video store (which just went up to $3.50 a DVD regardless of how long it has been out). It appears that different distribution centers handle things differently. That is nice to know (although it would be better if people would a least list a city/state so that we have an idea of what distribution centers we are talking about).

At one point the "magic number" was something around $2/disc where NF started to lose money. I realize this is a numbers game - I get 20 a month (loosing money) where someone else gets 10 (making profit) and hopefully they have more profitable clients than non profitable ones.

People with SUVs complain about the price of gas. I tell them to stop and get another car but people don't. We can likewise complain about NF and not switch services.

I just joined Blockbuster again. When I originally did it they were distributing from Flint, MI and frankly I was saving money by renting films at the store EVEN WITH THE FREE COUPONS. Now they seem to have a center in Cleveland so I will be seeing how their service is. NF still has a better selection.


i don't know if it's intentional throttling because when i signed up for a trial 1 at a time netflix account my first selection seemed to be stuck in 'shipping tomorrow' status for a few days. it took exactly 1 week for me to receive it, despite the fact that they have a distribution center in my city and i had loaded my queue with about 20 titles. i canceled and signed up with blockbuster online with the 3 at a time account and so far they have been pretty quick. netflix does have a better selection, though...


I'm on the 4-at-a-time plan. I've been a Netflix subscriber for more than 5 years, but only in the past year or so have I been a high-volume customer (for the first 4 years, I averaged under 5 discs/month).

Lately, though, I've been getting 18-20 discs/month (except this month, when I've gotten a personal record of 25 discs). The percentage of "shipping tomorrow" has steadily increased in the last 12 months. In the past 6 months, I've gotten "shipping tomorrow" for 74% of my returns (89/121).

It seems like a lot of people here are guessing about their numbers. For a better estimate, I recommend http://www.tallrock.net/RentalStats/index.html . You input your rental history from Netflix, and it will tell you (among other things) how many shipping delays you had.

One caveat is that it seems to underestimate the number of shipping delays in some situations. For example, I often return two discs on Monday, and Netflix sends the next two on Tuesday. I also return two discs on Tuesday, and Netflix sends the next two on Wednesday. The program can't tell which shipments are replacing which returns, so it counts this as two discs received on Monday with their two replacements mailed on Wednesday, and two discs received on Tuesday with their replacements mailed on Tuesday (i.e., it counts this as two 2-day delays and two same-day shipments, instead of four 1-day delays). I'm kind of a geek, and I keep close track of my rentals on an Excel spreadsheet, so I know exactly which shipments are replacing which returns. For me, it calculated 60% delays in the last 6 months, vs. my calculation of 74%. It is still excellent as a quantifier of Netflix shipping delays, though.


I've been a Netflix subscriber for about 2 years. One year in Connecticut, currently in Illinois, outside Chicago. 3 at a time plan, average 12-15 movies a month. I've haven't noticed any pattern in shipping late. Sometimes they're delayed, sometimes not. Same erratic pattern on Netflix receiving them. I can say 1) It's a longer turnaround in general here in IL than it was in CT 2)I think I'm definitely discriminated against in getting new popular movies. The only way I hae a chance of getting one is to put it #1 in the queue prior to release and make sure Netflix is getting at least one disc back on the Monday it's coming out. Otherwise its weeks to months before I can get it.


I'm on the 3 out plan, and average about 15 a month. As I posted before, I called Netflix to complain about my slowing shipping times. They say they have 24 hours to get a movie out. I did talk them into knocking my monthly fee in half. I may just call them each month to complain.

I used to sound like Hal (one of the first posters here)--all happy as can be with Netflix. That was until I was pegged as a heavy user. Enjoy the honeymoon Hal!

I'm thinking of quitting and reupping later. I mainly joined to watch all the Sopranos and Sex and the City. Done that so may quit.

Wong Kuo

Anonymous wrote: "this is not the case exactly. if you are on a three out plan you are entitled to about 18 disks."

No, Netflix promises "unlimited" rentals to its subscribers. I'm therefore "entitled" to unlimited rentals (not to about 18 or any other figure).

Greetings. Blockbuster Store employee here. I've noticed alot of people mentioning that Netflix is losing money on them because they're higher volume renters. I hate to tell you, but movie rental places do not lose as much money as you think. a 3 out plan costs 17.99 at Netflix, if you average 13 rents a month, that's roughly 1.38 including postage, so 1.01 they make. They only pay about $15 per dvd, and possibly even less with the bulk amount that they're buying. So they only need to rent it out 15 times for them to make profit on it. Working at a small store in a small town, we have certain copies of movies that rent 30-50 times while still on the new release wall (a year after release). And we're just a small store serving a small community.

A place like netflix rents to several million nation wide. So sure, they're going to get more than 15 rents out of a movie. They do make their money back, and if they're some kind of revenue sharing program with the companies, they'll destroy some of the disks and send them back to the companies for credit after a while, Making them even more money. These companies may complain that they're losing money on you, but do not be fooled. They make their money, and they make a lot of it.

tres bette

"I mainly joined to watch all the Sopranos"

I quit after watching Sopranos seasons 1-4.
Season 5 was "long wait" and I wasn't gonna stick around for that. Several of my "Friends" had immediate shipment upon release.

* In the middle of Season 2 (disk2), they suddenly sent me Season 3 Disk 1 from way down on my queue.

* Season 3 Disk 4 was snapped in half. The envelope looked pristine.

Generally the Sopranos DVDs all look they had been used for air hockey.


I went from 3 per time to 5, back to 3 and now get 4. I saw more movies when I was on the original 3 shipment plan than the current 4. I tallied my movies last week as to date shipped, date received, date returned and date checked into Netflix. Films I shipped back on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - all were checked in on the following Monday. NF shipped out 1 new film on Monday the other 2 on Tuesday. Either their volume is greater than employees which is causing a slow down or they are deliberating spreading out the films. I love the company, love getting the films by mail, but the turn around is making me unhappy. Will stay with them until something better comes along but my personality is such that once I do leave there won't be any going back.


I'm on the 8 out at a time plan and usually go through 35+ movies a month. I seem to get the "shipping tomorrow" on about 5-6 discs out of the eight. Go figure ....


I'm on the 5 out plan near Houston. The movies I return in the middle of the week Netflix acknowledges them on Monday before noon but ships them on Tuesday. I guess they don't send out discs in the afternoon?


My lifetime average is 13.5 movies per month on the 3 out plan (since Nov 2001), 14.6 this year, 17.3 since June. I have been keeping accurate records since June 1st and trying to return them as fast as I can (2 of 3), my wife doesn't care as much (1 of 3). We have managed 16/20/16 the last three months. 65% of them have been delayed, with an average of 0.7 days delay.

For me, the number of movies delayed based on the day Netflix receives them are:
Mon 100% (19/19)
Tue 69% (9/13)
Wed 71% (5/7)
Thu 0% (0/1)
Fri 8% (1/13)

I have not had a movie ship on Monday since 5/16/05.

While I can understand that return volume on Monday will be high, it appears that a conscious decision has been made to prevent shipments to me on Mondays. The only good bit of news is that they aren't doing the same on Friday, so I at least get to have those movies for the weekend (for now).


I came across this website after doing a search on "Netflix Problems."

I've been a Netflix customer since 4/04, and have been on the 3/month plan. I get probably three movies a month, maybe less. I am definitely not a big renter, but I hate Blockbuster, so Netflix is my only option.

My problem has been that all of my movies came from/returned to somewhere in Georgia. I'm in Alabama. Typically, if I mailed a movie back on Monday, they'd receive it Wednesday, ship my next movie out Wednesday, and I'd get my movie on Friday. That was peachy.

However, since July, any movie sent to me has a return address of either Brunswick, NJ or Panama City, Florida. I have no idea why. And guess what? It takes fourteen days for my movies to be received by NF. I haven't gotten a new movie in two weeks. I reported it once, but I don't want to be marked by them, so I'm waiting. If the shipping doesn't speed up, I'm going to have to go to Blockbuster...I really don't want to do that.

I don't know what happened to my wonderful Netflix - that Georgia facility was awesome!


I'm on the 4 a month plan since April 2000 (with a special don't jump to Wal-mart/Blockbuster price), and since they opened a distro center about 45 minutes away from me, in Hartford, most times I get my movie in 1 day, two max. The return, on the other hand, can occasionally be very slow.

Prior to my getting a DVD burner, though, I rented maybe 1 DVD every month or so, because I would get movies and not watch them(stupidly, I know.) Now if I do twenty movies in a month, that's a light month.


I am a recent netflix customer. I heard all of this talk of throttling and tried it out in July. I would recieve 3 at a time watch one and return all three the same day. sometimes I would watch all three but thats not the point. For the first 3 weeks it was one day to ship the next one. I ended up getting almost 30 movies. Then all of a sudden it took netflix over a week to recieve the 3rd movie no matter what day it was shipped then it was two movies that would take over a week. And these would kind of alternate which basically would mean I got about 15 a month (Which isnt that bad now that its not the summer). But anyway the point is they do still throttle at least for extremely heavy users (which during the summer I am). I also tried reporting a disc as missing (since it had been more than six days since I sent it.) and it was sent the next day. I'm trying to see if this resets their cycle for labeling me a heavy user or not. Now that I'm not returning the movies as fast I wonder if they'll adjust their recieving time accordingly. I can post my account stats if anyone wants (i'm writing this post of the top of my head). Other than that I'm pretty pleased with netflix.

"They wouldn't be able to track my usage until they had logged in the receipt."

It'd be a simple matter to make software that scans a DVD, without updating its ship status. This must be what they're doing to heavy users, because it's not possible for movies to take more than a day when they're going to the same city - esp if you drop each disc off INSIDE the main post office. The post office is not that incompetent. I am sure the USPS resents being accused of delaying shipments. But the facts show they are not at fault. They don't delay returns for Blockbuster. They don't delay for light users. Why don't one of you explain that to me for once? Better yet, wake up and smell the throttling.

If your returns aren't received NEXT DAY in the same city, you are being throttled like a $2 hooker. Face facts. Stop denying their dishonest and unethical practices. They say "Unlimited rentals", with "x-at-a-time out", but then they CHEAT you by pretending not to receive movies. You have ZERO out, then have all your returns, they are STEALING from you blatantly. If you want to delude yourselves by pretending that the post office just has selectively bad service (for Netflix users), go right ahead. Personally, I prefer going with the more plausible theory - they LIE to your face about when DVDs are received. They take your returns and send them out again, while waiting a few days to actually admit receiving them. Sometimes, they do this at very convenient times, like when you try to quit. Thus, they can bill you fraudulently for lost DVDs. It's only a matter of time before NFLX goes down in flames, with these crooked and illegal business practices.

And don't feed me the "love it or leave it" crap, or say that they have the "right" to throttle. I HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE X DVDS IN MY POSSESSION OR IN TRANSIT BETWEEN MYSELF AND NFLX AT ALL TIMES. If they receive DVDs from me and fail to send new DVDs the SAME DAY, they are stealing from me and denying me the service I am entitled to. If they want to impose limits, fine. Just say it right up front in big bold letters and at the top of my queue where there's no chance of me missing it.

"Just as a strategy I would avoid calling or contacting Netflix ever, you are likly to get you account flagged for further throttling."


"If you recall the slashdot study people who responded to the Ntflix "has xxxx arrived yet" emails immediately were throttled for responding."

I would have assumed that just from common sense. They are asking how fast the movies arrive, so they can throttle you more. You shouldn't tell them anything. Don't answer their surveys. Don't call customer support. Don't write them emails. Just get even with them by posting your experiences online. But don't give enough specifics that they could identify you. Generalize and change the names to protect the guilty...

"It seems like a lot of people here are guessing about their numbers. For a better estimate, I recommend http://www.tallrock.net/RentalStats/index.html . You input your rental history from Netflix, and it will tell you (among other things) how many shipping delays you had."

That's not accurate either, since it ignores receipt delays, and has to guess about which return slot matches which new shipment...

Malnurtured Snay

I'm on the 3-a month plan. I rented 11 movies in August, but that number had more to do with ridiculously long shipping and recieving times -- two weeks ago, it took Netflix until Friday to "recieve" three titles I mailed the previous Monday. This Wednesday, I mailed three titles ... only one got back (and I got a disc today in the mail), but the other two are missing.


Allen Cole

I am on the 3 out plan. My rentals for the last three months are 12, 10, and 16. 12 movies per month means that I it is taking one week to turn around movies. It takes a day to get a movie and a day to watch it. This means that it takes an average of 5 days for them to receive it. Allow two days for the weekend. The netflix advertizements that say you get your movie the next day should perhaps include a disclaimer that it takes five days to send the movie back.

When I first started with both netflix and blockbuster I stopped the blockbuster service because the blockbuster round-trip was eight days and netflix was four.

I wonder how many movies can netflix ship per month and still make money?

"ridiculously long shipping and recieving times"

The reason for those ridiculously long times is probably the "nearest facility" envelopes. Stop using those. Save up envelopes addressed to your local DC (preferably same-city). Get rid of the envelopes for other cities. Then, send back 2 or 3 movies in a local envelope. That should solve your shipping delays. They are going back and forth across the country.

Was on 8 out program and got my movies next day after they shipped and they received them the day after I sent them back. Dropped down to 3 out and Netflix would receive them the day after I sent them and then all 3 movies would say shipping today...then later in the day..shipping tomorrow. It is like that every time I send movies back. I watch my moves and then send them right back, so I'm a heavy user. As long as I had 8 out, their service was great. On the 11th I'll be back on the 8 out. We will see how their turnaround is after.

NFLX sucks regardless of whether you're on a 3-out, 8-out, or whatever. They expect us to keep DVDs for 10 days to make it profitable. The faster you return, the longer they delay admitting receipt and sending your next DVD. They try to keep you at 7-day turn around or greater. Paying for the more expensive plans gets you throttled more.

You're clearly just a lying shill, trying to suggest we'll get better service by signing up for a more expensive service. WRONG! You get throttled MORE on those plans, 'cuz you are basically announcing that you watch lots of movies. You get the fastest turn-arounds on the 3-out plan from ThrottleFlix. Esp if you cancel every couple months, and re-join with a different credit card and email addy.

Netflix: Enjoy the Throttling, Bitch! If you return a DVD in less than 10 days, you must be copying them. We will thus limit you with delayed check-in and shipping. Your abuse of the system through gluttony is not allowed. When we say "unlimited", we really mean ONE SHIPMENT A WEEK PER SLOT (at most). Sorry.


I'm pretty sure that the only time I see "shipping tomorrow" is when the dvd is being shipped from someplace other than the Hawaii distribution center.

The only problem I've had with Netflix was that returns of dvds received from mainland distribution centers went back to the mainland, rather than to the Hawaii distribution center. I now double up dvds and return them all in the Hawaii-addressed envelopes and everything is again copacetic. (I try to always have an extra Hawaii envelope handy.)

Lately it seems that about 1 in 3 dvds come from the mainland, but I'm ok with that...so long as it doesn't get much worse.

"Lately it seems that about 1 in 3 dvds come from the mainland, but I'm ok with that...so long as it doesn't get much worse."

But why should ANY DVDs come from a distant location, if they don't have to? There is a strong suspicion that they ship from distant locations purely to throttle customers. I've seen them ship obscure titles locally, while sending popular common ones from 3,000 miles away. They can lie and say what they want.

Dave, I'll send you my Hawaii envelopes I get in case you need extras. Perhaps that could be a service we provide to each other.

I live in Louisville, KY and normally get return envelopes for our local distribution center. I'm *not* a power user - movies sit on my DVD player for 30/60/90 days sometimes before I get a chance to watch them - I like Netflix solely for the convienence and hatred of Blockbuster.

Lately I'm getting farther and farther away envelopes, and I have no reason to believe the disc itself actually CAME from that location (since they all arrive on the same day).

Today I got my first Honolulu, HI envelope. You can be sure I won't be using that.

I emailed support about this issue and their answer for me was that they sometimes need the discs back in other cities. When I commented that that made no sense (how do they know which disc I'll put in which envelope?), and I requested extra Louisville envelopes, they said they couldn't offer that, and apologized for my trouble.

So I'm sure I'm "flagged" now, but I'll be doubling and trippling my usage of the Louisville address. Has anyone tried to just put a label with whatever address they feel is closest? It *is* addressed "Nearest Netflix Shipping Facility" after all - I'm just correcting it so USPS can get it there easier.

"Has anyone tried to just put a label with whatever address they feel is closest?"

You need the address and bar code from those envelopes, or else it would go where the bar code says - unless they sort by hand. Either make a copy of the label and bar code or use shipping software to print up new labels. It will also work fine to save up local address envelopes and send 2-3 movies in each one. I just toss the envelopes to other cities. The "inventory adjustment" excuse it total Bull, as you said. They have no way to know which movie you would put in which envelope. Plus, they can adjust their inventoy by mailing it to the person themselves.

IT's ridiculous to expect customers to waste their return time sending movies across the country for Netflix. If they want their DVDs sent across the country, I suggest they load a truck or ship on their own time. Not mine.


FWIW, after using Netflix for about a year, my service had dropped from a 3 day turnaround in the first six months to 5-7 days.

I closed my Netflix account for 60 days and when I signed up again, guess what - excellent service in the two months I've been back.

Throttling? IMO, the answer is yes.


Another Hawaii user here. I've been on Netflix for about 3 years. When they first opened the Hawaii distribution center it was great, one day turnaround. However since they started using the pre-printed envelopes, I've been getting more disks mailed from the mainland with a return address to the mainland so it's almost like we were back to no local distribution center. WTF? So far I've been doubling up on Hawaii envelopes, wasn't sure if you could triple up but seems like some people have done it so I'm going to do that next time I receive a return envelope to the east coast. I also like the idea of doubling up and saving spare Hawaii envelopes, with these two ideas I'm never going to send a disk back to the mainland again. I can sort of understand receiving some disks from the mainland since Hawaii may not have every single title they offer but when folks on the mainland have to mail a disk to Hawaii when every other distribution center is closer, that makes no sense except for throttling.


All the "Shipping Tomorrows" (12 this month) are bad enough.
The business of shipping from the opposite coast, or mainland to Hawaii is downright rude and insulting.
The Shills such as Aron think anyone who objects to this nonsense is "shorting" the stock.

Enjoy the Thottling.

Edwin D. Ellinwood

I have noticed shipping and receiving delays. For example just last Thursday I mailed back three disks, one of which was the wroing disk in the sleeve. On Friday they "received" the error disk and I received the correct disk (which I added to position one in the queue) on Saturday, but they did not acknowledge receiving the other 2 until today (Mon). 3 out plan and I return the next day. Too many rentals I suspect. It seems they deliberately begin to slow me down as the month progresses. I'm laid off, watching 3 movies a day is easy!


here is the oregon center address. now if someone could post the pittsburgh one before my next film comes in the mail.
PO Box 14300
Salem, OR 97309-5019


ok i called to ask what was up with that lawsuit i had gotten email about months ago and to change my credit card number, i thought it would be faster calling than online since i had tried to do it online 3 times and account was showing frozen even though card is a debit and money is in account. well now i have been expect next choice to ship, well pick the day i started waiting on the wednesday last week and now it say thursday hmmmm, beyond throttling this is purposeful. they did unfreeze the account though. oh yea almost forgot the best part...i am using a gift subscription prepaid for this month !!!!! so the card was only for the security if i damaged lost etc...
i found this also
Netflix "Throttling" Defined

Consumers will come across the term "throttling" when researching Netflix on the Internet. In 2003, Netflix stated that it loses money on customers paying less than $2.00 per rental. To counter this loss Netflix created an inventory allocation and delivery system that curbs users from paying less than $2.00 per rental. Thus, frequent users will experience long shipping delays, especially for new releases. The Netflix Turnaround Calculator is an example of throttling.

Inspect Netflix Movies When They Arrive: Broken DVDs & Wrong Titles

As soon as your movies come in the mail take them out and inspect them for cracks. Unlike GreenCine, Netflix movies arrive in the mail without any protective packaging: just plain paper envelopes. There's been a couple times when I've had Netflix movies sitting on the table for days only to find out it they were broken when I tried to play them. Or the DVD may be the wrong movie. Now you'll have to wait that much longer to see your next movie.

Broken DVDs will play if the crack is on the label surface only. After watching a Netflix rental I discovered the DVD was cracked. I was surprised it played but noticed the crack was only on label side of the movie. Cracks around the periphery are okay too as long as they don't cross the metal surface (see picture).

"Rent As Many DVDs As You Want*" Netflix Legal Disclaimer

A frustrated Netflix customer e-mailed me that he called 3 different lawyers and all refused to take up his case because of the online agreement Netflix has.

Delivery and Return of Rented DVDs

We reserve the right to allocate and ship DVDs to you in any manner that we, in our sole and absolute discretion, determine.
In determining priority for shipping and inventory allocation, we give priority to those members who receive the fewest DVDs through our service.

Basically, this says they don't have to ship you any rentals and makes them impervious to any law suits regarding service. It also says they'll slow down your service if you rent too many movies.

Oh, Netflix also says by becoming a subscriber you can't sue them unless you do so on their home turf and on their terms.


You and Netflix agree that the United States District Court for the Northern District of California and/or the California Superior Court for the County of Santa Clara shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute between you and Netflix relating in any way to the Netflix service or Web site or these Terms of Use. You and Netflix expressly and irrevocably consent to personal jurisdiction and venue in these courts.

Don't Count On Netflix

Chances are the night you plan on watching a movie, Netflix won't send one. I purchase a few movies and keep them as back up when Netflix doesn't deliver. Don't forget your local video store on the corner.

Voice Your Complaints!

Contact the following agencies for assistance with your Netflix issues. Be patient. It took a month or longer to hear back from them. Both the BBB and the Attorney General contacted me in writing--the FTC sent me an e-mail.

Silicon Valley's Better Business Bureau
California Office of Attorney General
The Federal Trade Commission

Samantha V.

We've been using Netflix for the better part of 4 years, switching between the 2 and 3 at-a-time plans. We have moved several times and have been very happy with the service until recently. Netflix always receives the movies within a day or two of us mailing them back. The delay is in getting the movies after Netflix says they've been shipped. I get the email saying they've been shipped and I should receive them the next day. I don't get them until 2 to 3 days after the date Netflix says they'll arrive. And in fact, for 2 weeks we didn't get any of our movies and had to report them as lost in the mail. We ordered replacement shipments & those never arrived. Netflix customer service said that the movies were definitely shipped from their facility, and they basically said they didn't know why we weren't getting them. Now we're getting them, but a few days late. We are only on the 2 at-a-time plan, and I wouldn't think we'd be considered high-volume users if we're only getting 2 to 4 movies per week. And if Netflix were purposely delaying the shipping because they consider us high volume, wouldn't the shipping date just be later? It sort of seems like this is a USPS issue. If anyone has any thoughts on this, I would greatly appreciate it.

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