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Mike M

So they send you AudioBook CD's. So everyone is just going to copy the cd huh? Love to do this but it seems a bit pricy.


If you can listen to more than 2 audiobooks a month, this is a great pricing model compared to Audible.

Curt Hibbs

I'm an audible subscriber. I love the selection and the users reviews and the DRM is easy to deal with.


Prepaid discounts is a great idea that I wish Netflix and Blockbuster would implement.


I tried Audible, but switched to Simply Audiobooks because the shipping was easier to deal with than tech and customer service problems at audible.
It's 3 days or so for the CDs to get to you, which can be a pain, but the price is right.

Greg Speck

Audible for 4 years. Fantastic!

The DRM killed Audible, non DRM is growing at ten times the rate.

Jennifer Flynn

I'm an Audible customer and I absolutely love their service. I would rather download DRM managed books and burn them to CD then have to deal with copying CDs that come in the mail. Plus, it's cheaper.

Pablo Montoya

I've subscribed to simablyaudiobooks and a similar service, jiggerbug for a couple months now. What's interesting about jiggerbug is that you also get two DRM audiobook downloads per month and their envelope is an exact replica of netflix envelopes. Turn around times for both services is s-l-o-w by any standard, so don't expect more than 2-3 turn arounds per month (where I live anyway. It took more than two weeks for simplyaudiobooks one time.) Jiggerbug has a tiny selection compared to simplyaudiobooks, and their price is the same.

Jason Davis

What about Booksfree. They have a huge selection and offer CD and MP3-CD audiobooks. They also offer paperback book memberships.


Booksfree is also good. They great if you like large science fiction or any unabridged books for that matter.

Audible and Simplyaudiobooks are forced by publishers to use DRM.

A great free audio book site is http://www.audiobooks.net. Looks like a small but growing selection of public domain audio books.


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