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Sorry to see him exit the scene. I completely agree with his reasoning though.


I really don't know what service RAVEN is talking about but NETFLIX does throttle. I have cancelled my account and opened up a new twice now and everytime the throttling stops when I open the new account and starts up again when I have had the account for about six months.

"Netflix is the anti-Christ"

Yep, the Devil has won. They drove Raven away and shut his blog up.

Carl Cravens

I haven't been driven away. I started A Netflix Odyssey to talk about my personal experiences with Netflix performance. And for the last year, Netflix performance has been almost perfect for me. It doesn't give me very much to talk about. I log sends and arrivals, and returns and arrivals, and they're all moving like clockwork. A minor bump here and there, but nothing unusual considering how the Post Office works. I just ran out of things I thought interesting enough to talk about, and I prefer to make a decision to stop blogging than to just leave it hanging. (Besides, I've got so many other projects going that I could use the time.)

I did leave the Netflix_Operations_Discuss Yahoo Group because I got really tired of the arguments about throttling, and the people who think Netflix owes them something worth more than what they're paying. I don't enjoy selfish people.

I'll still be reading Hacking Netflix and Netflix Fan. Heck, Mike and Becky reported that Wichita had a distribution center before _I_ knew about it.


Raven, you're a nice guy who has always brought civility to the discussion. I'm sorry you aren't blogging any more, but I'm glad that Netflix is providing you with reliable service. You will be missed.

You're still one of the "big three" in my books Raven. You stayed unbiased and refrained from judging. Thanks for the reporting.


Trash like Zachary and Badass are turning this site into a cesspool.

I hope your number of hits approaches epsilon.

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