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Congrats on the mention in the New York Times. Looks like your audience is about to become a whole lot more liberal.

I couldn't give two shits about Whoopi Goldberg (is that even her real name?) since she got drunk at a democrat fundraiser and made comparisons of Bush to female genitalia.


I'm not sure why anyone would want to buy these movies if nobody knows what they are. i am not sure i'd want to pay $10 to see a movie i have absolutely no knowledge of. Seems a little steep. Maybe $5 to take a chance...


True to HackingNetflix form, another competitor has been smeared.

Does anyone else hear that? It sounds like a fly buzzing. Wierd.

Mike K

Manuel - You're just as bad as he is, but I let both of you comment. It's the price I pay for letting people say what they want (I would love to delete both comments, but I won't). So don't get all uppity about how he slams a Netflix competitor when you just post negative comments about Netflix.

I wouldn't be surprised if Netflix eventually picks up IndieFlix movies. They've shown a strong interest in independent films and are the perfect distribution channel for a company like this. - Mike

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