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If I use a different address, different email address but the same credit card, could I still get the free trial?

I believe its only tied to your mailing address right?

Mike M

They are tied to your CC not your address.

What if you move, the person moving in gets screwed? Always CC's

Speaking of which, just got a new cc, Trial time :)

Mike M,
When you go to sign up for BBO, it reads this underneath

"Offer valid for new customers only; limit one free trial offer per household."

It is tied to your address and to your credit card.


It is not tied to your address. Credit card and name only. I have had a few free trials already. (but alas, no more credit cards) After a couple of days upgrade to 8 at a time.

are you saying you have to upgrade your account or only if you want to?


Does this work for Netflix also?

What if you change the address on your credit card? Could you use the card at one place and then switch it to another? (i.e., Home and then a buddies home?)

Not working

I just tried to do this and it does not work. I used a different credit card and they told me "our records indicate you are already a Blockbuster Online Member. Are you trying to sign in? Modify your subscription plan?"

Mike M

It is def tied to your CC#, not the address on the card!


Read the terms of use. One account per household. A household = address.

I have gone through 6 CC's, and they ALL say the same thing "you are aleady a member"

Mike M

Well don't know what to tell you then. I just signed up for another trial w/ my new CC, worked fine :)

What are you doing exactly, maybe I'm doing something wrong or some shit

I got it! Hehe

So what did you do to get it to work?


I'm starting up again with a free trial. Of course, I had to move!

(it's tied to my address... i've used many different credit cards... it did work for a different name @ my address with a different credit card... so maybe it's a name / credit card issue?)


hey check this out

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People. Change your billing address. As long as the billing zip code is correct, it will go through.


holiday2005 did not work, just got the 17.99 offer with no free trial.


I got it to work simply by using a different credit card, a different email address and a different variation of my name.


I stand corrected. Your code does work. The first screen DOES NOT act like you are getting any deal. It says $17.99 & no trial BUT if you continue to the 2nd page, you do get the "friens & Family" deal for 30 day trial and $14.99 a month thereafter. I did get it to work okay by changing my address and then once the account was made, went back and corrected it.

Thanks, good find.

Oops, forgot to add. I received coupons right away and they DID NOT say anything about games, only good for movies.


I am currently doing Netflix, but was thinking of switching. The 2 free in store rentals a month seemed appealing. Can I let someone else use them?


BB's revamping their site/system, do you think they'll catch up to users who have the same address and name but who used different cards?

Will they charge proactively for all those unauthorized free trials?

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