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$10 says that if it's not negative or doesn't mention throttling, he'll be considered a shill, too.

I'm all for a new way to do movies. Better stories, and less reliance on special effects and over-priced big name box office draw.

I'm not saying special effects or known (good) actors are bad, but neither is enough to carry a movie, and the salaries are just plain obnoxious.

"$10 says that if it's not negative or doesn't mention throttling, he'll be considered a shill, too. Posted by: Jeff | November 29, 2005 at 04:33 PM"

Thank you netflix "Jeff"/"Cashfor Flow." You are right "Netflix customers have no right to complain," and how dare they win a class action by geting netflix to admit throttling.

Unfortunatey, you, of course, did not read the article. It has nothing to do with Netflix per se.

Yet you took this opportunity to whine, cry and moan once again about how netflix losing a class action is hurting your investment.


I wish I could afford to invest in Netflix, a settled (not lost) class action or not.

I always sign my posts when I comment here, a routine I've done for as long as I've been reading this blog. My identity is quite public. I don't need to hide behind an anonymous wall to present my views like you do.


I wonder which is worse, to be anonymous like that guy, or to misrepresent a story like you did Jeff?

As far as Netflix class action losses, they were forced to write a pretty big check to customers they ripped off. You may not call that a loss, but that is you.

You never seem to tire of denegrating legitimate complaints. You go to an article not even about netflix and are the first to mention throttling. and then are mortified when someone points out yo did not read the article.If everyone thinks you are shilly as a result, whose fault is that?


Frank, I didn't represent the story in any way, just made a speculative guess as to how folks who comment on this blog decide to comment on things. No mortification necessary.

And no, I don't tire of legitimate complaints. I do tire of the same old "throttling" meme that continues to come out every time anything positive or neutral is said about Netflix.

Everyone's going to think I'm a shill regardless, so I leave my e-mail address and name availiable so people can see for themselves what I'm up to. No reason to hide from anyone unlike many of the commenters here.


"$10 says that if it's not negative or doesn't mention throttling, he'll be considered a shill, too."

What does this story have to do with Netflix throttling? Why are all the threads comments started by people complaining about netflix lose of a class action?

I don't think this person even read the article before making their diatribe against Netflix's customers!?


Is it just me, or are shills and throttling the Netflix version of Godwin's law?

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