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I guess that settles the debate on whether Netflix is still advertising "unlimited" rentals.

Unlimited as long as you don't go over 3-rentals-per week on the 3-out plan.

Unlmited = limited. lol


Well, I guess that it unlimited in a sense...

...while it is practially impossible to bust the one-disc-per-rental-per-week
barrier, it is true that there is no limit on how few discs a users can enjoy.

So "unlimited" == "rent as few as you want"


Wong Kuo

Well, this is precisely the reason why customers should *NOT* accept the current class action lawsuit settlement. Yeah, it's a hassle to "opt out" of it. But Netflix will not stop its false advertising and fraudulent business practices ("unlimited," "all the DVDs you want," etc.) until the legal system forces Netflix to do so.


i dont see the problem with advertising with the unlimited tag.

to me, it means that i can rent as many movies as i can get, watch, and return in that month period..

why does it bother some of you so much??


Max: Amen!

I really don't understand why people are so hot about throttling.

I remember the early days of the Internet when companies decided it was a good idea to sell as much as possible at a loss, to get as many customers as possible. THAT worked out so well.

I would rather netflix stay in business make a profit and offer a fair product... Funny to me around 12 movies for $18, or a buck fifty each seems like a fair offer.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe you can get 12 movies from Hollywood video for less, and maybe Hollywood video will come to their house and pick it when they finish watching their movies.

Maybe Hollywood video will have a great supply of the latest Bollywood hits and classics.

Of course my Hollywood video requires me to drive 6 miles... But maybe all this whiners have better video stores than I do.


I think the problem is that they are not delivering what they advertise. I am definitely not getting new discs shipped to me in a timely manner, nor am I able to get most new releases because I mail my discs back in a timely manner. Is it Netflix's right to run their business as they see fit? Sure. But they had better be upfront in their advertisements. Unlimited rentals don't exist at Netflix.

"Maybe I am wrong, maybe you can get 12 movies from Hollywood video for less, and maybe Hollywood video will come to their house and pick it when they finish watching their movies."

Hollywood MVP costs $15 a month for 3 movies at a time, 5 days rentals, all older movies, and most new releases. MVP Premium costs $25 to $30 2-3 out, no due dates, and every new release. Blockbuster Movie Pass is $25-30 a month for unlimited, 2-3 out, every movie in the store, and no due dates. Neither MVP nor Movie Pass has throttling. You can go twice a day and swap 3 movies if you felt like it.

Blockbuster Rewards is $10 a year. You get a free movie rental on sign-up, a free rental every month, 2-for-1 Mon-Wed, and 1 free for every 5 paid. All free rentals must be older movies, except for Rent-5-Get-1-Free, which can be a new release or game. This gives an average price under $2 if you rent Mon-Wed. If you just use the free coupon, the average price is ~77 cents.

I would never pay more than $1.50-2.00 for a movie rental. That's my limit and always has been. I would rent on dollar-days or dollar coupons or 2-for-1 coupons. Only suckers pay full price for movie rentals.

BTW, I also have a Hollywood Video within a mile and a Blockbuster within 2 miles. One is next to a grocery where I go at least once a week any way. The other is on my way to work. So it's not that much of a hassle to pull in and drop off some movies and get some more. Instant gratification is better than all the throttled unlimited movies from Netflix.

"i dont see the problem with advertising with the unlimited tag."

Unlimited = Without Limits. But most of us notice a limit of 1 movie a week per slot. For example: 3 a week on a 3-out plan.

"to me, it means that i can rent as many movies as i can get, watch, and return in that month period.."

Your "meaning" is meaningless. That's like saying unlimited life = living as many days as our body lasts. Unlimited menas as fast as we return a DVD, we get a new DVD. Their policy of degrading service and pretending not to get DVDs in a day or two at most, is costing us dozens of DVDs a month.

If they didn't have limits, we could get up to 33 a month on a 3-out plan. 22 shipping days, give or take, one day delivery, watch same day, return same day, one day delivery back to them. In reality, we would be lucky to get half that. They throttle 50-65%.

50-65% reduction is not unlimited, you dumb shill. Unlimited does not mean "as much as you get." It means "as much as you CAN get, if there were no artificial limits/delays." Netflix doesn't give unlimited service.

I think Netflix is conspiring with the post office to reduce the flow of DVDs. I noticed that the post office got rid of the 9:00 PM pick-up within the last month. Not the last pick-up is at 7:00 PM. For years, they would pick up at 9:00 PM at the main branch. They suddenly change to a 7:00 cut-off.

It seems the only way around their throttle crap is to "return DVDs 15 minutes after we get them", as the saying goes. ;^) I think the USPS is in it with NFLX. Why else would they suddenly stop picking up mail at 9:00 PM, after doing that for DECADES? NFLX is their best customer. They could go to them and say, could you stop picking up mail at 9:00? It's letting our heavy users return things too fast.

I wondered why my mail was taking an extra day, until I checked the pick-up times and saw they had cut off the 9:00 collection... So all my mail wasn't being picked up until the next day. Who does this change benefit? Netflix and other online rental businesses. Who does it harm? Postal Customers who want their mail to go our between 7:01 and 9:00.

Searching for "David Selznick" gives NOTHING on Netflix. He produced "Gone with the Wind", "Rebecca", "The Third Man", and a dozen other highly rated classics. But there's no way to make that connection through Netflix. Nor is there any way to single out "Merchant-Ivory" movies, "Simpson-Bruckheimer" movies, etc. There's no complex search for people working together, common cast/crew, etc. IMDB could easily give you a list of all Merchant-Ivory movies, Hope-Crosby, Laurel-Hardy, etc.

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