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Shilly McShillenstein

... waiting for manual labor's response ...


"It was AOL's decision to add the banners to the blogs, and to blame Netflix is bad journalism."

What the hell are you talking about? Where did that article "blame Netflix"? It was made abundantly clear that this was AOL's decision to place the ads, and the people interviewed were complaining about AOL, not the advertisers. Netflix was simply used as an example to show the juxtaposition between "nature and spirituality" and renting Hollywood blockbusters. I think anyone not obsessed with defending Netflix would pass over it without a thought.

It's interesting that when someone mentions throttling, which is a legitimate issue for discussion, they're immediately swarmed by foul-mouthed posters urging them to f-off and 'get a life'. But when worthless crap like this is posted, there's not a peep.

My response to this alleged 'victimization' of Netflix is this: get a life and let Netflix defend themselves. If they don't want to be associated with stories like this, they can pull their ads any time they want.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Manuel wrote on his site that the Netflix ads were being displayed on AOL journal pages. He also asserted, as usual, that this site would not cover the story because of biasd. Manuel is a pathetic anime-obsessed loser without an ounce of credibility. He attacks everyone who disagrees with his yellow journalism. Hacking Netflix called his bluff, so it'll be nice to see how Mr. Objective Journalism responds.

Yep, came from Manuel's site. He just makes stuff up such as:

11/6/05 - Send a letter certified mail with return receipt to Netflix to opt-out...
11/19/05 - it looks like the address Netflix used is bogus. No receipt yet.
11/22/05 - I finally received a signed returned receipt from Netflix.

Yeah, bogus address indeed, where's the apology manuel?

11/29/05 - The Netflix credo must be "by any means necessary"...

No, that's YOUR credo manuel!


"foul-mouthed posters urging them to f-off and 'get a life'"


GSG, you forgot to mention the required references to soiled panties,
but you hit the nail on the head regarding the sensitivities of this group.

...but yes, Manuel is predictable and tiring in his methods.

Writing this, it does occur ot me to ask why anyone, especially anyone
who likes Netflix would ever visit his site to read his "stuff"?

I refuse to use the S word!


"Writing this, it does occur ot me to ask why anyone, especially anyone
who likes Netflix would ever visit his site to read his "stuff"?"

They're trolls. Manuel loves to feed them or bait them. That's why he attracts so many.

"I refuse to use the S word!"

Shill? That's another reason Netflix lovers swarm around negative stories, because they have to spread the light to all us savages, who are living sinful lives as heavy users.


Netflix is a ubiquitous web advertiser. I don't think it's unfair for an article about banner or popup ads to use Netflix as an example. Singled out? Netflix deserves the poke. We'd all rather read an article written that way than one that steadfastly avoids the use of anything specific for fear of some lawyer's strongly worded letter.

"Now, her personalized Web page that includes her thoughts about nature and spirituality has become a platform for advertising a product or service which may not be complementary."

Yes, please, let's all let our hypersensitivity to everything completely suck all joy and character out of the world.


There's nothing wrong with using Netflix as an example. The problem isn't Netflix, it's AOL putting ads on the sites of people who are already paying for the privledge.

But anyone still using AOL after all these years deserve what they get. They've had horrid, abusive, overpriced service since day one, so if people can't bother to find another ISP, I don't think their complaints are worth much, even if they are valid.

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