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I had the same ad on the two discs that I recieved today as well. I wonder if this is going to be more commonplace these days? I feel it is pretty harmless advertising.


I also had a barcode at the bottom of my envelope! Does anyone know what this might be?

"I also had a barcode at the bottom of my envelope! Does anyone know what this might be?"

Manuel? Throttleflix? Have a theory?

Nicholas Barnard

I've seen those before. Is it on the address side or the non-address side? It might be something as simple as that is the barcode Netflix's suppliers use to keep track of their shipment of mailers. Unless you see it on everyone I'd assume it is a fluke.


Blue-eyed Asian?


Is on the back on the envelope on the white border.

"Manuel? Throttleflix? Have a theory?"

My theory is that it's used to throttle the people who save up envelopes and return 2-3 DVDs in one envelope. The bar code will be used to verify how old the envelope is. If it belongs to a movie that has already been returned, Netflix delays scanning the movie in that envelope for 3 days.

BTW, this is exactly what they're now doing to me. I waited until Wednesday for Netflix to get DVDs returned Saturday night at the main drop. They they made me wait another day for new DVDs to ship. Netflix does this even when I keep the movies for 3-6 days. I am not going to take this lying down down. Useless greedy bastards. Quitting would be too good for them. They deserve to go down for their pathetic bait-and-switch tactics.

Death to Netflix! Long live Blockbuster, GreenCine, and NicheFlix.


The geisha was blue-eyed in the book "Memoirs of a Geisha"


I guess that's why they call it fiction.

Yup, this one showed up in the past 3 dvds I received...

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