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Wow, this slope is getting slippery...

What you watch on TV.
Where you watch it (bedroom tivo, LR tivo, mobile)
When you watch it.

Then add to that all the data in your netflix account.

All that's missing is Google to tie the whole thing together with gmail and then they pretty much own you.

RayRay Tampa

I have TiVo and I have been using Galleon program instead. It does the same thing Bitrazor.com is offering and so much more. I use my TiVo to check my Netflix Queue and check the local movie listings along with the weather, while listening to MP3s or Shoutcast all from my TiVo (TiVo must be connected to your home network to access the internet )Galleon is a free open source media server for TiVo® which allows you to enjoy many kinds of content and interactive applications right on your TV. The server runs on your home computer and organizes your media collection so that they can be viewed on your home network. Galleon also brings Internet content and applications to your TV.

Winner of the "Most Creative Application" in the TiVo Developer Challenge Check it out here



Hey, I found your blog off google, and I had a question for you. I wanted to see if you knew of a plugin for blogger that would post to my sidebar movies that were mailed to me from netflix. Do you know of anything?


It works pretty well - though it's read only. It would be awesome if you could modify your queue...

I love that it runs as a service - wish the Tivo desktop would.

Install is a little manual, but nothing more difficult than unzip, editing an xml file, and running a script from the command line.

Dave Carter

Works as advertised, though I wish it wold give availability status of items in my queue (possibly this is not provided by NetFlix in the RSS feed).

BTW, although the documentation doesn't explicitly state this, it works just fine under Mac OS X if you follow the UNIX instructions (and correct their typos in said instructions...)

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