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Why does Wikipedia delete entries like this ?? I suppose that's answered at their site, so I'll head there in a second...

As for hosting a list here, simply require more than one "submittal" per location. If a few people submit the same info, consider that confirmation. Then again, when's the last time NF has added a shipping location ??

A list for Blockbuster would be nice too, by the way. I've looked in the past and never found anything.

"A list for Blockbuster would be nice too, by the way. I've looked in the past and never found anything."

It's lame that neither service publishes a complete list of their shipping locations. Customers have the right to know this info, and it would their throttling more obvious. For instance, sending movies from Hawaii to someone in New York. What are the odds that nothing closer had the movie???

Even though BB says you can send up to 2 movies per envelope, I have successfully sent 3 in an envelope on several occasions. It is full for sure but it works.

I have a drawer full of empty envelopes in the event they ship me a movie from a far off distro, I just send it back to my local center and let them worry about getting it to the correct place.


How about if you asked people to send you a spare envelope with the address on it as confirmation? I always try to send DVDs back to my local DC, doubling or tripling if necessary, so I have a sizable stack of envelopes with other addresses on them. I thought of using them to wrap a gift this Christmas, but I don't know anyone who would appreciate the joke. ;-)


Wikipedia isn't really the place for such a list. Yeah, a list like that would be great, but it doesn't really belong in an encyclopedia, does it?


This information would be safer here than on Wikipedia. At least here if someone submits a shipping center address, you could confirm it before adding it to the list. At Wikipedia, anybody could add or change any information at any time and it would appear on the page immediately.

I've received over 100 DVDs from Blockbuster during the last six months, and all the return envelopes have been addressed to the local center. BB won't ship you anything that takes longer than three days, and I really like that policy, must better than the evil wads at netflix.

With Netflix the DVDs came from all over the place and were returned to all over the damn place.

"I thought of using them to wrap a gift this Christmas, but I don't know anyone who would appreciate the joke."

You could always use them as a substitute for when you run out of Charmin. Watch those sharp corners though! Owww, paper cut.

I counted 71 (give or take a few) locations on that list. Aren't there only 5X locations? I think someone's trying to get some DVDs.

Also, whenever I get any DVD from another location, I send them back to my local one. Let them figure it out. I lost enough days with one-way shipping, I'm not going to throttle myself by 2-3 extra days.



If you are going to vote in this, please sign your name after your vote -- even if you do not have a Wikipedia acount -- by typing four tilde marks after your vote.

For example, if this was a vote for the Presidency, you could type:

* LaRouche. ~~~~

Also, please add your vote to the BOTTOM, not the TOP, please. Thank you very much.

Of course, I do question the whole ethical correctness of stuffing a ballot box, but, whatever. If you're going to flood it, at least minimize the work the Wikipedians are going to have to go through.


I recently switched back to Netflix because BB was shipping me movies out of St. Louis. I live in GA and I know they have a shipping center in Atlanta, because I received a few movies from them. I called BB and tried to find out why I wasn't receiving movies from the closest distribution center, and they acted like it was some big secret. They wouldn't even tell me where the closest one was. Very strange.

I don't see why it should be a secret at all with either company. We should be able to go on their website and see a complete list of their shipping locations with PO Box, city, state, and zip code. Why are they hiding the information from customers??? It's not like people couldn't scan envelopes and compile a list through sites like Hacking Netflix.


It was deleted this morning.

"BB won't ship you anything that takes longer than three days, and I really like that policy"

THAT is their policy? Are you sure? It seems to me that the policy of BB is to send me movies that will take a minimum of FOUR days shipping.

"It was deleted this morning."

Dammit. Ok Mike. Ball is in your corner. Have everyone send you the addresses of the distribution centers so that you can have it up on your blog here.


I'd be happy with a list showing the city & state. I'm NEVER going to return a movie to a center other than my local so the actual address doesn't matter to me. I would just like to see how many closer locations they "skipped."


Here's a list of mail centers I found today. http://netflixfan.blogspot.com/2004/01/known-netflix-distribution-centers.html Pretty extensive list looks like.


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