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Rachel in Tulsa, OK

The OKC center actually wasn't on there. Thanks for helping my make my first contribution to Wikipedia.


I added the Cleveland, Ohio center. This was also my first edit on Wikipedia.


Added Memphis, TN


Hi, I am new to Netflix and the return envelope they sent me has "Nearest Netflix distribution centre". Not sure what this means. It takes me 2 days to send a DVD back.

Ben Jeremy

Heh.... I've been collecting my "foriegn" envelopes (Returning two each in local envelopes).

Hawaii is the farthest one possible, and they sent me a movie from there (I'm in Michigan). It only took 4 days to get here, at least.

Ben Jeremy

PROACTIVE: I chalk up 2 day delays to the Christmas season. Before the holiday rush, I was getting one day delivery between me and the center (Out on Monday, Received and new sent on Tuesday, got movies on Wednesday)

Of course, that's ideally, but it was a healthy majority of the time before December, except movies coming from non-local sites.


I love getting DVDs from faraway shipping centers. I love getting throttled.

I live in the Long Island suburbs. And when I first signed up with Netflix, all my DVDs were shipped to and from Melville, which is only a couple of towns away. Naturally shipping was only one day each way. After a few months of this, they stopped sending my DVDs from Melville altogether. Now they send my DVDs from (among other dfistribution centers nationwide) Flushing, NY which is much further away and White Plains, NY, which is even MORE further away in upstate New York. I cant recall the last time I got a DVD from Melville. Mustve been like at least 8 months.

Anyways, at Wikpedia, it seems that the article is targeted for deletion.

"This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia's deletion policy."

If you people dont want to see this list deleted, better get over there


And vote against deletion.


Actually, since this information may be deleted from Wikipedia, it would actually make more sense keeping it on this web site instead of Wikipedia.


I found that page a few months ago when I was looking for the Louisville address. Later I repayed the favor by adding 5 addresses from my stack of kept envelopes. (I've received DVDs from 19 different DCs this year.) It is a useful resource that should not become lost to the internet.


I'm voting for a delete — sadly enough, WIkipedia specifically excludes directories, and that's simply what this is. It should live somewhere else, and this is a great site for it, but it's not Wikipedia content.

"WIkipedia specifically excludes directories"

WHY is that? Whats wrong with "directories", of this sort at least, being posted on Wikipedia?

"I'm voting for a delete sadly enough"


"it's not Wikipedia content"

Anal retentive traitor. ;-)


The Minnesota address is correct.

I have rarely received an envelope for another center. Been especially keeping my eye out lately.


Folks....just mail back 2-3 of u'r DVDs in one envelope & save all those locally addressed return envelopes.

When u get a return envelope that's to a further away address, throw it away & use one of the ones u've saved.

Been doing that for months....btw...I'm on the 8 p/m plan & they throttle me by not shipping on Mon & Tues.

plantronics cs55



Better yet, just cross out the foreign return address on the envelope and replace it with your local distribution center address. Seemed to work well for me!!


Anybody living in austin? Hows the shipping time? I live in Abiline and if I send DVDs back monday they receive wednesday and I get my second set back on Friday. Am moving to Austin next month and hope its faster there.

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