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Netflix will never be a player in downloaded content.


TiVo's primary focus remains standard-definition video

That is an interesting comment considering last week Tivo introduced us to their HDTV Series 3 box. I thought the plans were put on hold due to the studios reluctance to embrace downloads.

reluctance on downloads? seem to be a number of studio announcements this month on plans to do exactly that.

download market is fast growing segment in entertainment industry. DVR is also quickly growing. dvd rentals are shrinking.

Davis Freeberg

I was surprised to see Denney make this type of statement. Particularly because the TiVo series 3 is all about HDTV. I suspect that he might be refering to forthcoming content arrangements that they will be making with Intel. Seems unlikely the Viiv would support and HDTV download.


TiVo was quiet during CES? Did you know see MegaZones pictures of the series3?


TiVo was quiet during CES? Did you not see MegaZones pictures of the series3?

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