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Well, Netflix doesn't call them late fees either. But they can easily be calculated for Netflix as well:


The daily late fee at Netflix is $0.28 per day for 3-8 out plans, $0.35 per day for the 2 out plan, and $0.46 per day for the 1 out plan.

In all cases, it is significantly lower than Redbox.

For that matter, with quick turnaround times a single movie from Netflix costs $0.84 per DVD with the 3-8 out plans, $1.05 per DVD with the 2 out plan, and $1.38 per DVD for the 1 out plan.

I'd call that a per diem - like renting a plumber's snake or pnuematic finish nailer from you local home rental place.

I don't get $0.28. $18 for 3 disks is $6 per disk per month. $6 over 30 days in a month works out to $0.20 a day per disk.


I think that in order to have a late fee you need to have a due date. You need to have a due date because you need to have some beginning point for being late. It's all semantics, but I think Redbox is in the right. Blockbuster could (should?) have abolished late fees with a similar system.

Redbox codes

I agree, the Redbox system is just a "per diem" calculation. What I like about the Redbox is that it is an extremely simple model. Where else are going to find a new release in town for $1?

Also, I find that the movies I want are nearly always available. No such thing as "Long wait" or "Very long wait"...

Then, you throw in the Redbox promo codes and you can easily get movies in the 50 cents or less range.

If you are nearby a Redbox, definitely visit my site and get yourself a free rental. I think you will be hooked!



why is it that when i rented a redbox movie, it wouldnt work on my computer??? (my only means of watching a movie at the time)????


I do notlike the terms and condition of redbox. the surcharges

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One dollar is not a late fee no company can afford free movies so either pay a dollar when most movies now a days are only worth a dollar or go buy it for 15 or rent it for more

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