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That sounds like cancelling and then restarting your membership, not a vacation stop/start like a newspaper. How does the billing cycle work?


How do you set a restart date and extend your queue being saved I don't see a way to do it. I quit the Throttle Flix scamsters a month ago, due to their blatant lying and discrimination. But I'd like to retain my ratings in case they ever decide to start being honest and fair with customers. (First Come, First Served would be fair. Letting new members and light users cut ahead of others in line isn't.)


I am planning a trip soon, so I just asked Netflix customer service this question. Here's their exact answer:

"We are able to place a hold on your account anywhere from 7 to 90 days.
During the timeframe, no DVDs will be shipped and you will not be

The DVDs currently out will need to be returned within 7 days. Your
Queue and rating information is saved for the entire time the account is
on hold.

Once your hold timeframe has ended, your account will be billed
immediately. The date your account is reactivated will be your new billing

If you would like to place your account on hold, please contact us
24-48 hours before you would like the hold to take effect. Please also let
us know the specific date that you would like the hold to be removed
from the account."


If you've already paid for the current month, they won't refund the unused portion, will they??? Their policy is not to give refunds for partial month. I don't see the point if they won't give you a refund or credit for the time your account is on hold.


I think you are right NetflixShill, they definitely do not return portions of your monthly bill. The only way this would be effective would be if your vacation was timed with your billing cycle.

One thing I have done successfully is when I am travelling out of town on business, I change my netflix address to my work address and watch them on the road (don't get me started on a separate rant about hotel rooms with no a/v inputs) or change the address to a friends address while I am out of town and they can watch some videos.


It'd be nice if they credited your account for the time you're on hold. They don't have to refund, but they should at least shift your renewal date so you get credit for the time you're on-hold. That would make this feature useful. As is, the hold feature's only good if your month ends the same time you want to put the service on hold.

Lord Jezo

I just asked BBO this same question this morning. Here is the response I got. Short version: no, you can't suspend your service, so I'll just cancel it at the end of this month and start again at the end of summer.

Thank you for contacting BLOCKBUSTER Online Customer Care.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you, James, and I appreciate you taking the time to submit your feedback.

Unfortunately we do not have the ability to place your account on hold. Since there are no due dates, you can keep movies out as long as you like, so you can go on vacation without worrying about returning your movies.

Should you want to proceed on cancellation, you may cancel your account by signing in and clicking on My Account, then selecting Cancel My Membership. The other way to cancel is by calling Customer Care at 1-866-692-2789 Monday through Friday 8:00AM until 6:00PM Central, and we will process the cancellation over the phone.

You must cancel your membership prior to your next billing date on May 28, 2006 to avoid being charged for an additional month, preferably cancel a day or two prior to your next billing date. To avoid further charges to your credit card, BLOCKBUSTER Online must receive your movies no later than 30 days past your membership end date.

Some customers use separate e-mail addresses to differentiate between a blockbuster.com account and BLOCKBUSTER Online Rental account. If you use multiple e-mail addresses, please ensure you are logging in with the appropriate corresponding address in order to successfully cancel your account.

Because we value you as a customer, we would also like to offer you other choice of plans options that may meet your needs based on your rental history.

1 at-a-time, unlimited rents for $9.99 plus tax per month
2 at-a-time, limited to 4 rentals a month for $11.99 plus tax per month

If any of these plans interest you, please let us know and we will be happy to update your account with the new membership plan, which will start on your next billing cycle.

I hope that this email has provided you with the information that you need. I appreciate your patience as I work to provide you with the best service possible.

Always here to help,

Customer Care Associate

Kent Wilbur

This feature is completely WORTHLESS as a VACATION HOLD. If you do not put your account on HOLD for a period of time that INCLUDES your billing date there is no value to the service. Even then in only moves your billing date to the date when you resumed your service.

The Netflix web site if VERY misleading about this feature. But here are some specifics. Assume your billing date is on the 1st of the month. You place you account on hold beginning on the 2nd of the month and ask for a resumption of service on the 31st. You will be billed the full amount of your account on the 1st and again on the next 1st. In short you didn't save a dime. Despite the fact that you didn't have access to live movies during the entire time period.

Example #2. Your billing is on the 15th you put your account on hold beginning the 2nd for two weeks resuming service on the 16th. You were billed the previous month on the 15th, your next bill will now be the 16th for the full amount of your bill. You saved 1 day of your account.

This feature me be good for suspending your account for longer periods of time, but as a vacation hold as the netflix site indicates it's a worthless feature.

Peg Personette

Please hold films from Nov 3 to Nov.7th. On vacation. Thanks. P P


It's worth it if you will not be using the service for a month or more.
For example, I have had my account on hold since they discontinued the social/community features. I don't use Netflix to stream or deliver movies but I still prefer Netflix to manage my queue, ratings and suggestions.

By the way, does anybody know what time zone Netflix is in so I know to make sure to cancel in time in the future?

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