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How about using cardboard instead of paper sleeves so people (like me ) dont recieve 3 DVDs craked in half in a row. I hear this can be due to sorting machines....well one would think cardboard would be a better prtotection on a dVD than paper.....think about it.

Angela King

I had signed up for two free weeks, and I was billed before the two weeks were up. I feel that there was false advertisement. I was also under the impression that if I signed up for netflix for 4.99 a month that I would get a movie sent out just as soon as they received the previous movie. Did not happen. I am very unhappy with the way things are starting to turn out with netflix. I've never heard anthing bad from friends. I guess I will be the first to shed bad news to my friends and family.


Join the Mob


I've had netflix for about a year now and have never had a problem. I did receive my first scratched dvd yesterday, and they are sending me a replacement and an extra dvd as a bonus. I also lost a dvd and they didn't make me pay for it, and sent me another of the same movie so I could watch it. I always find the customer service people to be beyond friendly. I think a reason they don't use cardboard is that it would be more expensive to mail.

Sorry for your bad experiences though!


Not a comment but a question - I tried to instant view "Botany of Desire" (it's about plants, people...) and it was truncated at 18 minutes. Even though I deleted it, I can't get new downloads to go past 18 minutes on my PS3. Is there a way to completely erase old info so I can watch this movie to the end?

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