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I for one opted out of this ridiculous class action suit. For 17.99 a month I can watch at a minimum 20 dvd's a month (more during the summer and I have no classes to worry about). Considering the Sci-Fi series I watch that can cost over 100 dollars a season Netflix is a superb deal. Sure I'm a heavy user, especially of tv disks, sure Netflix doesn't give me first shot at heavy use items, but man I still get a deal. Netflix has to make a couple bucks too, so I've got no qualms getting knocked back a few days on hot disks. Maybe thats just me but for under 20 buxx a month Netflix gives me a hell of a deal regardless of their policy of pushing me back on super popular items. For that I opted out, I'll not contribute to the costs of this lawsuit being passed onto the happy consumers of Netflix. Which is where you know the costs will eventually fall.


"For 17.99 a month I can watch at a minimum 20 dvd's a month (more during the summer and I have no classes to worry about)"

I find this hard to believe. I got 14-17 per month from Netflix. Blockbuster has given me 20-24 a month, if I stayed on top of them. I nave never been able to gte that many discs from Netflix's "unlimited" plan, because they throttled my returns and delayed sending out new discs. 14-15 was the usual limit.


I can get up to 36 discs a month if I return the discs the same day I get them. It's 9 a week... or three discs three times a week.

Get 3 on Tuesday, mail Tuesday by 5:30, get new discs by Thursday, mail Thursday by 5:30, get new discs on Saturday, mail Saturday by 5:30, and get 3 on Tuesday... Repeat.

Of course, it takes me a few days to watch the movies so I can return them the same day.

Sometimes I get the movies on Monday, watch one that night, mail it on Tuesday, get a new one on Wednesday. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, I watch another film and mail it in. It's replacement comes on Thursday. The other film I also watch over Monday and Tuesday, so I have the replacement by Thursday. The other three films all get returned by Thursday/Friday, so I get new films by Monday again. At this pace, I could get 24 a month easy (6/week).

Of course, I live a few miles from a Dist. Center. I'm sure that helps.

So it is possible to get more than 14-17 movies a month... and in fact it's not that hard to get 24 a month.

I know from experience.

And I have better luck with Netflix than Blockbuster. Sometimes BB sends me discs from far, far away and it takes forever for them to get here. Frustrating. Both companies provide a great service overall, though.

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