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I enjoy my subscription very much. I've attemtped to lure others to Netflix.com by forwarding e-mails and even sending a few Gift Certificates to mainly family members...Do you plan in the not so distant future to offer discounts to current subscribers that actively increase Netflix membership by getting new subscriber's to sign up?

When selecting DVD's online thru Netflix would it be possible to add an online trailer for ALL films? Currently, only a select few DVD's offer this option to view the trailer before having DVD shipped.

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Yes... why doesn't Netflix list the WRITERS of the movies on their website? This seems slightly discriminatory against screenwriters like myself, and more importantly, lots of people like to watch all the movies that are written by their favorite screenwriters! This is a gigantic omission from the Netflix website, especially considering that Blockbuster Online not only lists the writers of all of their movies, but Blockbuster also lists the FULL CAST & CREW for each one of their movies? How can Blockbuster provide such complete & efficient information, while Netflix omits about 95% of what Blockbuster lists for each film? First & foremost is the screenwriter, but the entire cast & crew is important as well.

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Love the "two-cents mini review" feature on the website where we can write mini-reviews for all of our friends. It's even better that we can view all of the mini-reviews written by any one of our friends at-a-glance. HOWEVER -- we can NOT view all of our OWN mini-reviews at a glance! We can view all of our own STAR RATINGS at a glance, but we can not view all of our own MINI-REVIEWS at a glance! This is a sorely missing part of the Netflix website... so we can review all of our mini-reviews all in one place. We can actually see our friends' mini-reviews in one place, but not our own!

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Why isn't Netflix more upfront about throttling? It's infuriating to not have Netflix receive a movie on any particular day, and then we have to make a guess as to whether it's the postal service's fault or whether Netflix is throttling us. It would be so much more honest & refreshing if we just got an email from Netflix saying that they received our movie but have to delay our next shipment because we've rented too much this month already.


One simple question: Do they have plans to add Saturday processing to the mix?
Particulary in big cities (I live in Chicago) and it would be great if they accepted and shipped movies on Saturday.


There are no plans for Saturday or Sunday processing/receiving of movies. The warehouses will remained closed on weekends and holidays.


How about any plans on renting video games? Perhaps they could buy out Gamefly and start out with an established user base.


The NetFlix set top box sound really exciting.

When can I get it? What's the video quality going to be? Will it be DVD quality? How will they handle bandwidth (some type of built in bit torrent client)? What kind of licensing nightmare will NetFlix have to go through in order to rent multiple copies of the same movie at the same time over set top? Once the movie isn't popular, what do you do with licenses? etc...


Netflix IS open on some holidays, but not weekends.


What's in your queue?


1.) When will customers be given better capabilities to manage movie queues? Is there a reason drag & drop queue capabilities can't be implemented?

-After the latest Netflix webpage overhaul, the ability to drag & drop organize our first 10 queued movies disappeared. I emailed customer support to ask whether this was an oversight, but did not receive a reply.

The ability to drag and drop the first 10 movies, occured on the page that shows up after adding a new movie to your queue. Granted, the ability to drag and drop *in* our queues would have been a better solution, but I was greatful to at least have had the tidbit capability to move my first 10 movies around.

-Also, we can press a simple arrow icon to move movies up to the #1 position in our queue, but we can't do the same to move movies to the bottom of our queues. Is there a reason for that?

Please - please - please bring back the ability to drag & drop. A little something, was better than nothing.

2.) I've referred countless friends and family members to Netflix. Do you have plans to offer discount incentives to customers who refer new customers to you?

Giri Cherukuri

A suggestion: How about dropboxes at Netflix distribution centers and/or high traffic urban areas? I know it defeats the whole purpose of the convenience of returning movies by mail. But for some people who drive/walk by those locations everyday, it could cut a day off of turnaround time and it would save Netflix some postage.


What are his thoughts on being named to the Top 10 People Who Don't Matter in Business 2.0?


Isn't it wrong for a DC to receive DVDs and at least not process them so they're in the system so we don't think they've been lost in the mail?


"How can Blockbuster provide such complete & efficient information, while Netflix omits about 95% of what Blockbuster lists for each film?"

BB has partnered with All Movie Guide (AMG), probably the 2nd best movie database, after IMDB. Netflix apparently just gets info off the box when they add things. Their data is often wrong, like saying DVDs have DTS when they don't. Or saying they're 16x9 enhanced when they're not. Both will often different versions than you request or they show. I'd like to see them fix their errors, esp when people go to the trouble of reporting them. They never did in my experience.


yeah, ask about the credits, ommiting the writers is kind of messed up.


Why doesn't Netflix let you SORT reviews by various criteria? High/Low, New/Old, Random, star rating, most/least helpful, most/least prolific user, most/least helpful user, user most/least like me, longest/shortest review, etc. This would be easy to do, and it's lame that they don't do it. It's a hassle finding negative reviews to crap like Batman Begins. Meanwhile, finding good reviews for certain challenging films is often a hassle. Morons on Netflix often pan Citizen Kane. Netflix's site seems to be geared towards a "majority rules" attitude about reviews, instead of a custom user experience. They need to let us SORT reviews like Amazon and IMDB, at least. Preferably, add some options to distinguish themselves. It's highly useful to be able to SORT reviews by various criteria. Right now, most reviews quickly get buried. That's BS.


when will we see a netflix branded credit card?


Another question: why doesn't netflix have a lot of DVDs that Blockbuster does? Examples: "Best of Blur", "Pal Joey", "Santa Claus The Movie", "Charade: Criterion", "1984", "Akira (DTS)", "Backdraft", "Barfly", "Wild Things: UR", "Conan The Barbarian", "Cosmos - Carl Sagan" 7-disc, "Casablanca: SE", "Cleopatra" (1963), "Ghost in the Shell: SE", "Mallrats: 10th", "Clerks: 10th", "Memento: LE", "Mummy Returns: 16x9", "Pitch Black: UR", "Vampire Hunter D: Blood Lust", "Wicked City", "The Frighteners: Director's Cut", "True Romance: SE", "Das Boot: Uncut" (4h53m), etc.


Netflix IS open on some holidays, but not weekends.

Customer service is opened on some holidays and weekends, NOT the warehouses.


No, they will send and receive discs on some holidays. I've had movies delivered the next day when they were sent on a Monday holiday. But they don't do anything on weekends.

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