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Let's see - Netflix has your name, address, credit card number. Seems to me they certainly find out your sex and age just from your name and address, let alone whatever else they can find out about you from your credit card number.

If I ever see this dialog box, I'll be clicking the little "x" in the right upper corner.


"The more we know, the better we serve."

What they really mean is the more they know the more money they can make selling the information.

patti tilman

I cannot get into my file. I do believe I forgot my password so I would like it to be sonny.

patti tilman

I just contacted you by phone and I was given a new password and I still cannot get into my account. Help me access this or I have to cancel.

Nancy Jepsen

Plese change my address from 5828 1st St Apt 112 Auburndale,WI54412to 6283 Pine rd Arpin,WI 54410 startin Nov.1 2008 Nancy Jepsen


I can't sign in to my account. I forgot my password. you say you will send it to me but i don't get anything from you... How do i get into my account?

jackie prater

they say u can watch instant 2 ur pc but in reality the movies u can watch are a very small percetage of the overall quantity of movies they offer

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