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What is the highest number of DVD's ever sent to one customer under the 3 out plan?

I'm not interested in any question that illicits a subjective answer or a projection. This reflects my basic sense about Netflix management.


One of my favorite questions was when the reporter asked G.W. Bush if he had made any mistakes.

I would ask him about the Chavez case and throttling and whether he wished there had been more transparency for their high-volume renters. If he had it to do over again, what would he have done differently?


Do you really need frivolous law-suits about "business model patents" or are you just too much of a coward to compete in the market???


What about asking him what the deal with the NetFlix Rolling Roadshow. I'd really like to go and check it out, but there's really very little info on it.


I would ask what it's like growing up with the name Reed Hastings.

PodFlix, I went to one of the 2005 Rolling Roadshow screenings. It was a blast. Netflix might not have a lot of info on this, but head over to the Rolling Road show site -- www.rollingroadshow.com -- and you'll find anything you want to know.


Is he going to hire you to be their professional blogger?


1.How does he think Netflix will be able to compete if VOD takes off?
2 Are there plans to export Netflix to other coutries.
3. Can he give a hint when the Chavez lawsuit will finally be settled?


No, I'm not interviewing (I don't want to live in California).

I figured this would be a good way for you to get your questions in front of the Netflix CEO.

I would like to see Reed Hastings start a blog.

- Mike K


The Chavez suit IS settled.

Most of my questions I don't think he could/would answer.

What does he think about picking up production rights for cancelled TV shows with cult followings (such as a Firefly)? Perhaps not now, but in the long term.

What does he think about the long-term commercialization prospects of user-generated content (a la YouTube)? Will it remain tough to monetize?

Does he read HackingNetflix? ;)

What would have to happen in order to make game renting online viable?

Why doesn't Netflix increase the amount of content on their site related to Movies (make it more IMDB-like)?

Why doesn't Netflix create a 'In Theaters' tab which functions much like Yahoo Movies, and describes new releases, shows trailers, and sells tickets or allows one to add the film to their queue, all while integrating with Cinematch?

Is there a Sith Lord?


Why doesn't he give a viewer the option to know if a title on their queue is longer than 2 days away before it ships?


I want to know the growth rates in rentals of the following catagories: 1. The top 1000 movies (or any denomination they think captures the mainstream) and 2. All the rest or the long tail of movies.

Dave Zatz

I second the question on what would it take and/or will there ever be game rentals? GameFly has a good selection and the site is decent, but the shipping is way toooo slooooow.

Also, does he have nightmares about Amazon joining the mail-order DVD rental business? ;)


1. What do you think of the beta site for the new version of Blockbuster Online? How do you think it compares to the old version of the Blockbuster site? How about compared to the current Netflix site?
2. How popular are the new $5.99/month plans?
3. Have you considered expanding into international markets?


If you were the CEO of Blockbuster, what would you do?


how much does the company save when a customer returns 2 DVDs in the same envelope.


Ask them why they have such a TERRIBLE search engine on their site. It often pulls up all kinds of entries, many of which have not the slightest relevance to the initial search term.



How will the failure of Net Neutrality change your business model?

In the future will there be more competition among internet broadband providers? Now there seem to be only 2 or 3 and in some areas only one.

By the way you have a great service!


In his experience, what does he find to be the best/most effective day of the week to return Netflix DVDs on?


> How will the failure of Net Neutrality change your business model?

Interesting that you should ask, he just co-wrote an op-ed.


Sadly, he takes the wrong side. ;)


> If you were the CEO of Blockbuster, what would you do?

Since Reed prolly won't answer, here's mine:

Sell all foreign assets and Game Crazy stores, pay down debt, continue funding BB Online heavily.

Oh and fire myself for incompetence.

This is a good start (BB pulling out of UK):

No coincidence that Citigroup is banking this sale, and they have been the strongest advocates for the above strategy.


I'm doing a presntation on entrepreneurs, and you were on the list. Could you answer my question?

Have you had any failures connected with your business?

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