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This is why I would NEVER leave a disc in my mail box to return. Most people aren't home, when mail is delivered, or they would not be able to watch the mail box continuously. I'd return at a post office or corner box, if I couldn't hand the discs DIRECTLY to the mail carrier. Don't leave anything you care about in your mail box. many houses have the mail box right by the street. That makes it easy for thieves to walk or drive by and lift the mail. Don't be a fool. Return in a post box.


we're lucky that we have a locked mailbox - and only a slot for dumping the outgoing mail - along with a real mailbox up the corner. Just putting it in a regular mailbox never makes me feel safe.


David Lepore said>>"...the reason we called the police is that we had witnessed her taking things from other homes..."

Geez...you don't have to justifiy it!...she's a crook & should be treated as one!

The PO is 4 blocks from us...we usually use the NF & BB mailings as an excause to walk our dog down there. If not, we drive...we never leave the disks in our mail box.


Just to give this a positive perspective, I'm sure there are millions of postal customers whose mail is never stolen. Since I moved from an apartment to a house with a mailbox on the street, I have experienced fewer problems with Netflix going missing. However, I have had one UPS package get stolen.

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